Blast from the Past: Smurfs Toys

OK, I want you to indulge me a little bit here.  You know that the Smurfs movie was released this past weekend, right?  I have been noticing that these Smurfs Schleich toys are just flying of the “virtual Shelves” on Amazon.  Isn’t that funny?  I remember being little and wanting these so bad.  I think I might have had all of ONE.  So this is a great time to go in the attics and see what old toys may be lurking in there.

Anyway, if you have  a little one clamoring for some of these now, this Smurf Movie Set is a good value for the money as it includes six figures for $20.  Otherwise the singles are going for about $4-5 each or splurge with this Schleich Smurfette’s Cottage for $20.

If you know what I am talking about, how many of these did you collect in your childhood?

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  • Karen

    My husband has so many of these. Years ago he let our now 6 year old daughter start playing with them & she loves them just as much. It’s cute to watch the generations combine!

  • Jessica

    I had a smurf train set, I think it had 4 cars or so? that is all I remember.

  • Amanda

    I have a picture of me with PaPa Smurf, a smurf birthday cake, and a giat 6 ft stuffed PaPa Smurf lol Everything comes full circle even toys I guess.

  • Anna

    I only had two that I can remember smurfette and PaPa… they have the same thing in happy meals at McDonald’s right now…

  • Shauna

    I was a Smurfette girl!! I had her sleeping bag, beach towel and a stuffed doll along with various spiral notebooks, stickers, pencils, etc… I’m 33 and I still have the entire set of glasses that either McD’s or Hardees sold in storage. Seeing cartoons from my childhood “brought back” makes me feel a little old but I’m still glad to see them.

    Boo Gargamel!! 🙂

  • I had the full set of smurfs with a mushroom house my grandma made for me out of ceramic. I remember going to “town” and getting one figurine at a time for probably a year. We had to go to a specialty shop to find them.

    I have been thinking about those smurfs. I think they are in the attic still!

  • Natalie Wipf

    I have almost a full set of the originals and new releases. Plus the village, farm house and super smurfs. I am always on the hunt for ones I don’t have yet. I had lucked out one time and a lady from Canada sold me her collection for under $200!!
    If anyone has any they want to sell or trade please email me !!!!!