Bonus Glade Expressions Moneymaker at Walgreens

The blogs have been a buzz with the Glade Expression Walgreens deal that started yesterday! I went to Walgreens and got the Glade Expressions using my $3 Coupon (no longer available) and to my surprise a bonus $1.00 RR printed!  This is an overlapping Register Reward so instead of just a $1.00 moneymaker, it turned into a $2.00 moneymaker! Here are the details:Walgreens Scenario Starting 8/19:

Buy (1) Glade Expression Fragrance Mist Starter Kit 7oz  – $2.99, Get back $1.00 RR
Use $3.00 off Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist (NLA)
FREE + $2.00 moneymaker after coupon and register rewards ( Weekly RR + *$1.00 Monthly (?) Bonus)

Please note that some readers have had trouble redeeming the $3.00 coupon with some stores saying they can’t reduce the coupon.  *Also, some reader have stated that some stores are keeping the extra reward. 🙁

This may be a mistake that has been corrected so proceed at your own risk.  I grabbed a few bottles with a $1.00/1 Hangtag coupon so even if you don’t have the high value coupon you can still turn it into a moneymaker! 

Be sure to check out all the best  Walgreens deals here.  Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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  • Honey

    I got 2 $1 rr. I am in Knoxville, TN.

    • James Melo

      Mine printed out two of them also but the manager only gave me one of them.

  • isabelle

    I tried to purchase one yesterday with the $3 coupon, but was told by the cashier that he could not adjust the coupon down. There was a line of people behind me and I didn’t have the patience to pull up the coupon policy on my phone. I’ve since printed it to keep with me and will try another store. I also sent an email to Walgreens letting them know the issue.

    • Shelbe

      I work for Walgreens, since the coupon is an internet coupon it is against corporate policy to hard key it. At my Walgreens we simply adjust the price of the product to $3 and the coupon runs
      When I was reading store emails it was unclear if the extra register reward was printing everywhere.

  • Darcy Carter

    Yesterday, I went to the Walgreens I normally go to and they without fail gave me a hard time. The Manager set a limit to how many I could get even though the paper did not specify a limit. And the cashier would not allow me to use the coupon because the coupon was a penny over. I just left that Walgreens and went to the next. The Cashier there not only changed the price of the coupon but she also didn’t set a limitation on how many I could get. I got the extra $1 RR as well. So I got 5 Glade Fresheners for free and made $10 extra.

  • Kara

    I only rec’d one RR today at 3 pm (I go to a Walgreens in the Milwaukee, WI area)