BooksAMillion: Children’s Books Up to 82% Off


If children’s books are in your Holiday gift list, you may want to check on this deal.  BooksAMillion has a lot of children’s books heavily discounted.  You can get up to 82% off on some titles.  Save even more if you become a member of their Millionaire’s Club.  In addition you can get free shipping when you use the code BKLVFREE at check out. If you are a member of Ebates you can get 1.5% Cash Back or you can get 2% Cash Back from ShopAtHome. If you are not a member of either site and are planning on doing quite a bit of online shopping this holiday season, I highly recommend that you sign up for both of  back programs. BOTH offer a $5 sign on bonus when you become a member.

Thanks She Saved!

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  • Jen

    I’ve ordered some clearance books from them before and sometimes the books that are marked down really low are marked with a black permanent marker. I was disappointed in this because at the time my girls were little and still putting books in their mouths. I tried to sand it off but it didn’t work. I think if you dig on the website about clearance books there might be a mention of books marked as such. Just a note in case you’re buying for your own young children or giving these as gifts.

  • We love book from booksamillion, great shop. As a single parent that was *less* than good with money throughout my youth, teaching children about money is CRUCIAL, in my mind. I’m not going to blame parents, schools, etc, but quite simply, I clearly “didn’t get it”, and I am still paying for those mistakes a decade later! And quite frankly, I hate the position I got myself in, everytime I pay off my past debts… I could have used my time/money sooooo much better.

    A program was suggested to me by a friend, that teaches kids to be responsible with money, and puts them in control of their money. It’s a fun, interactive booklet + personal website that makes tracking their money fun – more importantly, the tugs on the pantleg going through the grocery checkout and the tantrums have all but disappeared! I guess that’s a little self centered of me… but any parent knows those situations all to well. For the record, I too used to do this to my parents, I was apparently horrible to bring into a store… oops!

    If anyone is interested, the program is designed by KidsWealth: (hope it’s OK to post URL, I put it in my comment description too).

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