BREAKING NEWS: Kmart Double Coupons Back on 5/3!


I can’t believe this, but I just checked my Kmart circular for next week online and there staring me on the face was the announcement that Kmart will be doubling coupons again next week.  This time, for my store at least, it will only be doubling coupons up to $0.75.  So, how do you find out if your store is included?  It is simple. All you need to do is enter your zip code on this page and you should be able to see the super doubles advertised on the front page of the sales circular for your area.

I can’t believe the event is back already and with such short notice.  I will be swinging by my store this evening to scope out deals with the new inserts that have come out since the last event.  I will also update my coupon match ups with the  sales advertised for next week.  Is your store participating? Is your store doubling up to $2 or just up to $0.75?  I hope it is again, because if they have restocked it would be a good opportunity to use the coupons you didn’t get to use last time.

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  • Kristal

    No doubles or triples for us in Virginia. They have not done it for quite a while here. I wish they would bring it back.

  • Carrie

    Kmart in NW Ind does not double couons at all; I even have trouble using coupons printed directly from Kmart’s website and emails.

  • Liz

    I just typed in my zip code it is says Super Triples up to .75 and Super Doubles .76-$2.00.

    • OMG Liz that’s awesome! I hope my store does this once at least.


  • My store (ND) will be doing the doubles up to $.75 – I think I’ll pass on shopping there next week though. I hope they’ll do the double up to $2 soon 🙂 I like that deal the best!!

  • Megan J

    I am in shock! My store (Indianapolis) will be doing TRIPLE coupons up to $0.75 and doubles up to $2! We’ve never had triples before. This is so exciting! Thanks for the heads up, Mercedes.

  • I was so disappointed with my nearest K-Mart (1/2 hour away) after the last promotion last week, I doubt I will ever go back again. The store did not honor the ad and only did doubles up to $2 instead of tripling and and then doubling up to $4. It was one of the few times that I took advantage of thes survey on the bottom of the receipt to let them know of my experience!

  • Alicia

    I signed up for the online newletter from K-Mart and it stated I would receive a $5.00 off printable coupon. However, when I click on the link to open my coupon, it states the webpage can NOT be found.

  • Heather

    Stores in WA don’t participate. It’s a bummer.

  • I have two stores here in PA that are about 1/2 hour in opposite directions, one is doing doubles up to .75 and the other is tripling up to .75 and doubling up to $2.00! I know which store I will be visiting!

  • Alison

    I just learned the ad for us is a misprint, in our favor! There will be another week of doubles up to $2 🙂 The ad had said 75 cents. I will have to look through my binder to see if there is anything I need to go back for.

  • No doubles for us in West. Ky 🙁 But I did print out their coupon for a B1G1 free surge strip that I need today anyway.

  • Zene

    Does anyone know the scoop about doubles in WA? Ive been waiting and waiting!! This week’s ads and next weeks ads dont have the double announcement in them. HELP!!

  • Zene

    Still no doubles for WA this week 🙁 Any for next week?

    • I don’t think so Zene, nothing has been announced yet.


  • Zene

    Any new news for the long awaited doublers?

    • Hi Zene,

      not yet, supposedly the week of June 6th.