Alive Again: Britax Car Seats $50 Discount on Amazon


The discount is being applied to your purchase again.  Apparently they had some problems yesterday with the discount being automatic so Amazon pulled the offer.  But the discount is working again.

In the market for a car seat?  Then you may want to hear about this offer by Amazon.  Amazon is offering an immediate $50 discount at Checkout on Britax Car Seats from today June 21st through June 27th.  Right now, the cheapest is the Roundabout Bellamy for $110 after the $50 discount.  If you choose Super Saver Shipping then the shipping is free.

Just to give you a price comparison,Price Grabber reports the same car seats selling for $159 as the next cheapest price.  Even the Britax Marathon which seems to be a very popular and sought after car seat after the discount is selling for $229 and it ships for free too. That matches the lowest price offered by another store according to Price Grabber.  It wonder if it may pay off to wait and see this week to see if the price at Amazon goes down before the special discount period ends.  There’s a really gooddeal is on the Boulevard Madison, it is actually $70 off the regular $309 price.  So after the discount you get it for only $189.

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  • I can’t get this to work…there is no $50 discount in my cart up to the point where I would push “Place Order” (which I haven’t done…I want to be sure that $50 is taken off first!)

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Sara,

      You are right for some reason it is not working right now. What some people are doing are calling Amazon so they apply the discount and they do it right then and there. To do that, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “help”. On that new page on the right side bar you will see a “Contact Us” button. Click on that and actually select to have them call you at home. They will! and promptly! they should apply the discount right there and you should be able to see it applied.


  • We bought the Britax Marathon for our daughter five years ago. Currently my son is using it. We love the car seat. I would suggest not buying the denim cover as we did. I thought it would wear like iron but it has not. It shreds when we wash it and I’ve patched it three times. Right now it has a very hippie look to it since I’ve used different materials and iron on patches. It’s cute but I wouldn’t suggest the denim at all.
    New car seat covers are $60 and up.

  • D, L and K’s Mommy

    We also have a Britax Marathon in Denim. The carseat is wonderful and we have used it for 5 years but the denim faded after the first year and it also tore. We just retired our carseat and I was shocked to hear that Carseats have an expireration date!!!! Britax says that because they are in the direct sun that they have a 3 year expiration date. We used ours for 5 because I didnt know. I had to call about something else and I was told that they have a number on them of when they were manufactured and they “expire” after 3 years!!! So much for infant to 5 year like I was told when I bought the seat…just wanted to pass on the info.