Dead Now: Build a Bear: Bears and Outfits Starting at $3 plus Free Shipping


Update:  This code is not working anymore.

You can enjoy free economy shipping when you shop at Build A Bear today 12/12 only.  Plus you can also get $7 off your purchase of $10 or more when you use the code 94477 at checkout.  Build A Bear has bears for as cheap as $10.  Also you can get some of those cute yet expensive clothing and accessories for less with this code.  Some of the outfits start at $10.

Thanks Shannon and I am borrowing her Darth Vader bear because I thought it was the cutest bear.

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  • Thanks, I just blogged about it, what a deal!

  • jen

    Thanks for this deal! I am really excited, but just to give people heads up they are having lots of trouble on the website, I havent been able to get my order to go through yet, but the 7.00 did come off just fine. I have been on hold on speaker phone for 30 minutes already and … oh wait, they just answered! She said they have a problem on their end of things as well… I guess we just have to be patient.

    • jen

      ok, to follow up, i called and after a LONG wait she was able to put the order through. 3.18 for 2 shirts, I love it! Thanks Mercedes.

  • Heather B

    Anyone else getting through on this deal? I tried and keep getting error messages on the website, and when I call the number it says it’s “not a working number”. Seems like they are having problems. I’m sending an email to customer service and will see what happens. It’d be a nice deal to get an outfit for about $3!

  • holly

    I added a $12 bear to my cart and got all the way through to the point where I type in my visa number and add the code, and it has been slow but no errors…..until now. I put in the code and I’m either getting this code doesn’t apply to your cart, an error message, and I just received a message stating – NOTE: OUR $7 OFF $10 PROMOTION IS NOT VALID ON THE WEB.

    I wonder if they are accepting this code in stores?

    Anyhow I thought I’d let everyone know what messages I’ve gotten. Good luck 🙂

  • Andrea

    Well, whoever was able to get in on this deal, congrats! But what a bloomin’ waste of time and frustration for the rest of us. 🙁 BAB sure needs to get their act AND their site together! No piece of fluff or article of clothing was worth that mess. 🙁

  • Kim

    Kept getting error messages when I would hit apply code. Went ahead and hit place order. Order went through WITHOUT discount. Spent 45 minutes on hold before talking to customer service. They won’t honor the code. Cancelled my order. ARGGGGGGG!!!!!!

  • holly

    update – I have tried over and over and the promotion code still isn’t working for me. But I did call my local build a bear and they said that this code comes from a coupon. This coupon was given out to people who purchased something in Nov. They are going to go ahead and honor the code for me and have set aside the bear I was trying to get. Obviously, ymmv.