Burt’s Bees Grab Bags: 25 Items for $20 with Free Shipping

burtbeesgrabbagHere’s a really great deal on Burt’s Bees products.  I know these grab bags are very popular but I had never looked into them until a friend shared what’s in them with me.  I am not a big fan of Burt Bee’s mostly because I have never really tried them.  So I decided to take the plunge and order one of these because there’s a ton of products included so it looked like a good deal.  Here’s what you can get for $20 plus tax and free shipping:

  • 8 Regular-Sized Products Including:
  • Lip Shimmer Merlot
  • Lip Gloss “Pucker Berry”
  • Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Lip Gloss “Zesty Red”,
  • All In One Wash (4 oz)
  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar (3.5 oz)
  • 11 Mini-Sized Products Including:
  • Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath
  • Rosemary & Peppermint Soap,
  • Natural Skin Care for Men Soap
  • Peppermint Soap
  • Orange Essence Facial Cleanser
  • Peppermint Foot Lotion
  • Therapeutic Bath Crystals
  • 4 Special Gifts:
  • Yellow Cotton Bee Socks
  • Burt’s Bees Shower Cap
  • Lavender Eye Mask
  • Lip Balm Clip-On
  • Items may vary. All sales final. No returns or replacements.

But you can get all of this plus a free cuticle cream and free lip balm.  Add the grab bag to your cart.  Then use the following codes (must be all caps as they are case sensitive):

BURT20 (to get free shipping and 20% off)

WELCOME (to get a free lip balm)

FBFAN (to get the free cuticle dream)

Like I said I decided to take the plunge and order one.  I was able to stack all three codes and I am hoping I will get 25 items for $20 plus tax.  Talk about a steal!

Are you a Burt’s Bee’s fan?  Tell me, am I in for a treat?

Thanks Kingdom First Mom!

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  • Vicky

    I just ordered this for myself as a treat as I am all done with gifts for my family thanks to some of the deals you have mentioned on your site. I have spent less this year than last year and we have so much more. Thanks so much Mercedes!

  • This is an awesome deal! The codes need to be in All CAPS to work. I plan on splitting this up to add to gifts as a little something extra, keeping a few for myself! Love Burt’s Bees!

  • Lindsay

    Thanks! This finished up my shopping for my sister.

  • Ashleigh

    When I added the promo codes, the freebies were erased bc it was under $25. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Toni

    I am seeing that only one promo code works as well. Still a good deal and a very nice gift. I love Burt Bees 🙂 I will be tempted to keep it. Thanks so much for this. Have a safe and wonderful weekend~

  • Kathy Durkee

    I was able to get all 3 codes to work. Great to put in my teens stocking!

  • Lisa

    You will LOVE Burt’s Bees products! They are high-quality and they smell amazing! Enjoy, I just got my Grab Bag yesterday!

  • Laura

    I’m also having trouble using all three codes. The free cuticle dream and free lip balm disappeared from my cart when I added the BURT20 code for 20% off and free shipping. The code description shows at the bottom, but I’m not sure this means I’ll get the items since they’re not showing in my cart.

    • Laura,

      I added burt20 first, then welcome and then fbfan and that worked for me.


      • Laura


        I tried that order first. It didn’t work, so I deleted all the promo codes and tried different combinations. No matter what order they are entered, both the cuticle dream and the lip balm disappear from the product list in my cart if the BURT20 code is active. Did you see both items listed in your cart when you checked out?


      • Denise

        Thanks Mercedes, I purchased 2 of the grab bags for $40 and free shipping. What a deal. I think I’ll keep some and give some to my sisters, daughters and daughter-in-law. I did stack all three codes exactly as you said and it did work for me. Happy Holidays,Denise

        • Denise

          Just wanted to let everyone know that I ordered the 2 grab bags on Sunday and FedEx delivered them to my door ,today, Wednesday. How’s that for free shipping. The grab bags look great. Think I got a great deal. Actually thinking about going on and ordering 2 more for additional gifts. Thanks again Mercedes!

          • Oh! Then mine should be here today or tomorrow too. I also ordered on Sunday. Or did I post this Saturday? Anyhow should be here soon.

            Thanks for the update,


  • Jess

    I think the fixed this so only one promtional code applies??

  • Oh thank you, thank you!! I am going to use some of these items for my kids preschool teachers Christmas gift. What a great deal for $21.72!

    I also used all three coupon codes and they showed up in red on the order but not as a line item. It’s 7:24 pm here in the midwest and it looked like it worked on the order. We shall see!

    • Achara

      That’s what it showed on my order too April. I hope it works and get all 25 items. Thanks Mercedes! You always bring me the great deal of all.

  • Jennifer

    I entered the codes in that order also, but it did not show up in my product list…just listed the promotions at the bottom. We’ll see if I get the products or not. Even if I don’t…still a great deal!

  • yvonne

    please correct me if i’m wrong, we don’t need to add the free items (lip balm and cuticle cream) to the cart, just use the promo code and both should be included in the order automatically?

  • Missy

    Seemed to work for me as all three codes appeared on order confirmation. Such an amazing deal. Thank you!

  • Achara

    I went to my order history and I only see the following. Other two promotions I saw when I ordered before are not there. If anyone checked? Let me know if yours still there.

    You have entered promotion codes for the following promotions:
    Employees and Family – Free Shipping Over $25; Spend $25 or More, Get 20% Off Your Entire Order Plus Free Standard Ground Shipping.

  • couponingqueen7

    I too tried to add all three… first BURT20, the WELCOME, then FBFAN. Both welcome and FBFAN said invalid. Is this deal dead? My total right now is only 24.99… will I still get 20% off and free shipping?

    • karen

      It did that to me yesterday too with the codes. I just kept trying and they eventually all worked. The 20% off is for $25 or more so you’ll probably have to find a cheap item to get the discount.

    • Val

      The codes are not working for me either. They worked individually last Thursday, but not together. I asked customer service and they said the codes were not stackable at this time, but it looks like it worked anyways for some of you. And they reduced the price by one penny to $24.99 to avoid the BURT20 code! Solution? Buy 2, give to 2 friends or keep one for yourself 🙂

      *For those of you that were able to use all 3 codes, could you tell us in what order? And using what browser, Internet Explorer of Firefox? Thanks everyone!

  • Melissa

    When I click on the link. It takes me to the home page http://www.global.burtsbees.com. I didn’t see the grab bag, so I searched for it and still couldn’t find it. What am I doing wrong?

    • Greg
    • Robin

      I found that you had to change the location to the United States to find the grab bag – it changes the whole sight. Along the left side is “Other Ways to Shop” and then “Featured Specials.”

  • Greg

    This is on Burt’s Bees website so you should get the lip balm. I also entered FBFAN a couple of times and the second time got the message that I entered a duplicate code so the FBFAN must be in the record. The order must be at least $25 so now you have to purchase an additional item.

    Our Special Gifts – Just for You!

    Wrap up your holiday shopping and enjoy a little something extra, especially for you!

    Spend $25 get a free Replenishing Lip Balm ($3 value)
    Spend $50 get a free Tips N’ Toes Hands & Feet Kit ($8.50 value)
    Spend $75 get a free Head to Toe Starter Kit ($15 value)
    Spend $100 get a free Recycled Tote ($20 value>
    Order totals are before taxes and shipping. Your order must be placed before 11:00 p.m. E.S.T. on December 31, 2009 and there’s a limit of one free gift per order.

  • Jen

    Can’t find the grab bag anywhere on the website…is it too late, do you think?

  • as a lipbalm aficionado, I’ve never figured out the hype with Burt’s Bees. I don’t really care for the way it feels on my lips! But that is just me! 🙂

  • Robin

    I only got the BURT20 code to work, but was happy with that.

  • Achara

    I guess we won’t get other two free items. I got this email from Burts Bees consumer care.

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding your orders. If you added another promotion code, it cannot be combined with our other promo codes, such as FBFAN and WELCOME. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information:


  • Jennifer

    Has anyone gotten their shipping confirmation e-mail yet? I just got mine and the FedEx site states that my package weighs 0.2 lbs. I would think the box alone weighs more than that. I am worried that all I got was lip balm in mine. The website no longer states what is in the grab bag like it did when I ordered mine. Now it says that the 8 full size products may be lip balm. I will be very unhappy if that is all I receive. Anybody else noticed this? Thanks!

    • Denise

      Hi Jennifer….don’t think you need to worry. I received the 2 grab bags I ordered on Sunday this afternoon by FedEx. After I read your comment I went and found my shipping confirmation and it did say 0.2lbs. Think it’s just an error on their part. You should be good. Denise

      • Jennifer

        Thanks so much…glad to hear it won’t really be so small! 🙂 Thanks for the info Denise!

  • Amy

    I just received my Burt’s Bees Grab Bag and couldn’t be happier. I was planning on using it for myself, but when I saw it I knew it was the perfect gift to give to the Secret Santa name I pulled off of our church’s Giving Tree. My “giftee” is a Mom whose wish is for bath and beauty products. The Burt’s Bees Grab Bag is a cute, special gift to give…so good I went back on their website today and ordered three more. (Two for gifts…and one for me.)

    The BURT20 20% off plus free shipping promo code still worked, too!
    WELCOME and FBFAN codes no longer work.

  • christina oddy

    I also recieved my kit today, after an inventory, i discovered I did not receive the free cuticle cream or free lip balm. so only 23 products for $21 but still good stuff!

  • Toni

    I got mine today as well. Have not pulled it apart to see what is in there but hopefully much better than it looks and no free gifts..bummer. Not sure if I am going to keep it or give it as a gift yet. Hopefully it won’t be as disappointing inside as it seems to be outside. Just my opinion of course 🙂

  • Lori

    After typing in the code, it gives me free shipping, but not 20% off my order. It’s over $25.00. This is all through the steps up to confirm order.

    Anyone else??

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  • rebecca

    Just got mine too. I did not get:
    ◦All In One Wash (4 oz)
    ◦Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar (3.5 oz)

    What I did get that was not listed in your post above- almond milk beesmax hand creme (a small jar), lemon butter cuticle cream, small radiance body lotion, replenishing lip balm, lip shimmer in toffee, large size honey and grapeseed oil hand cream, and a very small sample of muscle mend and radiance eye cream. I think the cuticle cream and hand creme might be full size and might have been replacements for the two things above that were not in my bag. Not sure.