Burt’s Bees: Natural Acne Solutions Sample


Get a  free sample of Burt’s Bee Natural Acne Solutions.  Just fill out this very short survey and submit your mailing information.


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  • Molly

    Way strange, 1st question, clicked every button and each of the 4 said “Sorry but you do not qualify for this product”

    • Hi Molly,

      Try again, I updated the link. But I think that if initially you chose the wrong answer it “saves” it.


  • Christy

    I just tried 3 different computers with 3 of the different ‘acne’ answers and each time got the ‘Sorry but you do not qualify for this product.’ Disappointing because I’d really like to get this product for my daughter to try.

  • rachel

    I got through and answered the questions within 2 minutes. Keep trying ladies!

  • Suzie Sheedy

    I’d like to get this for my daughter too. @ Rachel, what did you put down for your first answer?

  • Amber

    Just got the message No longer available!! Bummer!!

  • erin

    yeah, this is dead. i think yesterday, the questions were all answering with “do not qualify” because they were out of samples then too. if you have moderate acne you (logically) should have qualified, but that’s just my opinion

  • rachel

    Suzie – I had put down mild acne and my answer was accepted.

  • wkares

    After answering the question with different answers, I clicked to submit. It submitted but that’s it; wouldn’t go any further. I give it up. Not worth any more time for a FREE sample.

  • wkares

    Try this link. (Click on coupons/samples in upper right hand) http://burtsbees.com/acne/ It worked for me.

  • Sherry Barnes

    I just did it and it did not say whether i am getting it or not.
    but it went through.