Buy an Arctic Zone Lunchbox for $80 in Coupon Savings

If you are lucky, you might be able to find these Arctic Zone Lunchboxes that have been found at Walmart with $80 worth of coupons inside of them. The lunchbox is only $6.96 and it’ a great deal especially if you find one with the coupon booklet. Inside are coupons for Scotch and Post-It products, food coupons and online coupon codes. If you swing by your local Walmart and find one of these lunchboxes, post a comment.

Thanks, Moms By Heart!

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  • Misty

    I saw these in Livermore, CA last night

  • Erin G.

    Saw them at my wal-mart today. There are 2 sizes of these lunch boxes, the one shown above for $6.96, and a smaller verson for $3.96. Both claimed to have the $80 in coupons…I tried to check them out inside but it didn’t appear to be anything too great…if anyone buys one hopefully you can post the exact contents!

  • Jody

    I bought one but I’m not sure that I would agree that it has $80 worth of coupons inside. I don’t know how they calculated that. I did check several of the lunch bags to make sure I was getting the full coupons. Anyway, it’s a nice little back with a tupperware included for a sandwich. I wanted to buy this anyway so the coupons are just a bonus for me. But listed below is what I got:

    Save $1.00 on Scotch Pup-Up Tape
    Save $1.00 on any package of Scothc Restickaple Shapes, Strips or Tabs
    Save $1.00 on any one Post-it Super Sticky Pack
    Save $1.00 on any one Scotch Brand Scissors
    Save $1.00 on any one package of Scotch Fasteners
    Save $5.00 on any one Sctch Thermal Laminator
    Save $0.50 on one roll of Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape
    Save $1.00 on of the purchase of any two Langers Juices
    Save $1.00 on any one bottle of L’il Critters Calcium Bears, Immune C or Omega-3 Gummy Fish
    Save $1.00 on any one bottle of Vitafusion Multi Vites or Power C (150 ct)
    Save $1.00 on any two Dole Fruit Bowls, Gels or Parfaits
    Save $1.00 on any two La Tortilla factory Tortillas or Wraps
    Save $1.00 on any two packages of Yoplait Yogurt incl. Gogurt, Trix, Splitz
    Save 79% on a full year of Family Circle magazine and pay only $5.99 for a full year
    Save 50% ($40 value) Saving and Fun for your friends and family at
    (I don’t know what that last thing is yet but I’m going to check it out.)

    I added it up and I guess if you save $23.50 on the Family Circle full year subscription then there are $80 worth of savings with this lunch bag. There you go!

  • Alicia

    Just make sure if your buying this only for the coupons then you get them. I tried to buy a box of pampers the other day that were marked with $30 in savings inside. When I picked up the box it had been cut open and the coupons were gone. I contacted P&G and made a suggestion.

  • Amarylin Neill

    Hey, I just bought one of those last week. It was great. It had not only coupons for Scotch and POst it. It also had coupons for food items and kids vitamins. Thanks