Buy Cars and Incredibles on Blu-Ray and get 2 free movie tickets to see Cars 2

Today, both Cars and Incredibles were released on Blu-ray/DVD combo packs. Each of these Combo packs contain a movie ticket to see Cars 2 in theaters.  Toys R Us and Best Buy both are offering the same deal, but Best Buy prices are better!

Buy Cars on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack  $24.98
Buy Incredibles on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack $24.98
Get $10 off instantly for buying them both together
Use the $10 Incredibles printable coupon
Plus use the $8 Cars printable coupon
Pay $21.98
Receive (2) movie tickets to Cars 2 worth $8.50 ea
Final cost is ONLY $5.46 for both movies!

Thanks David and Couponing To Disney

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  • Rae

    Does anyone know if walmart will price match the $ 10 instantly promo if you buy both?

    • Rae

      I went to walmart and did the best buy deal with no problems. The cashier priced cars for 14.99, to give me the $ 10 off promo, and then price matched the incredibles at 24.99..then I gave him my manufacturer coupons….paid total of $ 21.98 plus tax and get the 2 free tickets to cars this summer! Yeah for great deals!

  • Stacy

    I went to get this deal at bestbuy today but they wouldn’t let me use the coupons because of the $10 off deal you get when you buy them both.

  • Tammy

    both me and my sister used the coupons at best buy with no problem.

  • K.C.

    Someone at Walmart told me I could show them the ad on my phone and it should work. I haven’t tried it yet because my phone was dead, but hopefully will try later.
    The coupons I saw were just to upgrade to bluray. Are there other coupons for the movies?

  • joanna

    My husband went to best buy and used those coupons with no problem also. Yay cheap blurays!!

  • Renee

    Too bad, I don’t have the incredibles DVD. If anyone has the dvd and don’t need the code, please let me know. Thanks.
    mysuperwife at gmail dot com

    • Renee

      I got them both today. totally about $22 out of pocket. redeemed 2 tickets at home.

  • Best Buy in Waterford, CT refused to combine coupons with $10.00 off promo. Called Best Buy customer relations regarding the matter, and was informed that a memo has been issued to all customer relations reps regarding this matter due to the high call volume that states stores are not supposed to accept the coupons in combination with the $10.00 off promo. He could not offer any valid rationale as to why. He said that the company viewed it as “double dipping” and has decided not to allow it.

    However, after arguing the point, he did agree to send me a $10 Gift Card to make up the difference (I had purchased the two using the coupons without the $10.00 promo.)

    Call to complain if you had the same difficulty. Customer Service number is 1-888-BestBuy, ask for customer relations department.

  • Renee

    I went to bestbuy to buy them with no problem, I’m in IL.

  • Wordlife

    I went to Best Buy(got to the store before 2pm) this past Tuesday and they were out of Cars blurays which totally baffled me. You figure they would have a bunch in stock. Anyways, I couldn’t get the $10 off because of no Cars Bluray and they told me I could purchase Incredibles blu ray pack for $24.99 and come back later on this week to see if Cars comes in but if it’s not in then I lose out on the sale and will be stuck with just the Incredibles disc.

    So I went on but they told me I would have to pay for shipping. I could do site to store but Cars wasn’t available for my Best buy locations over here(sold out).

    Then I went to which honored the $10 off. Unfortunately the two blu rays DID NOT have movie coupons for CARS 2.

    Finally, I went to and they told me via email that I could purchase both for $40 and that it comes with a CARS 2 movie coupon but that seemed to come only with The Incredibles blu ray pack. I emailed them twice if CARS blu ray pack came with the CARS 2 movie coupon but it seemed like my question was never answered.

    I’mma try contact them by phone.

    What an adventure! =)

    • Renee

      I got them today, I put two magic codes in which is from those 2 combo, on their site, click my dmr link, there are two links for two movies ticket. You have to click each link and use unique code to print the ticket coupon. So the ticket coupon is not on the disc or Cover. It’s from the magic code you entered. Hope it helps.

      • Wordlife

        Thanks for the reply Renee! Sorry but where can I find your dmr link?

        • Wordlife

          just came back from Mililani Walmart on Oahu, Hawaii. they told me they will not honor the $10 off like how Best Buy has it.

          • Renee

            Target does price match too. Do you have target there?


            Here is the link about My DMR. on the top of the page.

          • Wordlife

            oh okay i got your link thanks! yes, we do have target there but i’m not sure if i will be able to go to their store since i work today and tomorrow. thanks though!

            what i did was purchase both blu ray packs at $24.99 at walmart. i just printed out the $8 off coupon for cars off that disney website. i attempted to print the $10 incredibles one but it’s not working.

            so overall i’mma take my receipt and go back to walmart to see if i can get that $8 off and hopefully that $10 off too!

  • Wordlife

    Hey Renee i’m creating a new thread cuz I can’t reply to your recent comment! Anyhoot thanks for the link! Yes, we do have a TARGET here but I won’t be able to get there by the time the sale is up because I work.

    My Dad got me both blu-rays for $24.99 each at walmart. I just printed out the $10 off Incredibles and $8 off Cars so my Dad has to go back to walmart and see if he can get that $18 off the total.

    I hope so!

    Thanks everybody!

  • Annette

    Incredibles code- 786936279979

    Cars code- 786936271898


  • Renee

    People said that there were a better deal yesterday and today in TOY R US.
    buy one get one 40% off, in the end, you get 2 combos and 2 movie tickets for $17.
    I bought them before the deal.