Buy One Get One Free Movie Tickets from Tropicana

Planning a trip to the movies?  Well, if you are a Tropicana Juicy Rewards member today only you can score buy one get one free movie tickets through Fandango ($15 value).  All you need is two little points to redeem this reward.  If you have been buying this juice you will find codes worth points on the packaging.  If you are new, you can get your account started by signing up, taking the survey and also adding the following code FBOOK-TROPI. That should give you the two points you need to redeem this reward.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Edited to ad:  Make sure to check on if there is a participating movie theater by you.

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  • Christine

    FYI- the code is FBOOK-TROPI

  • Andrea

    Got it!!! Thanks!!! (And thank you Christine for the code update! :D!!!)

  • Tina

    Code has expired. 🙁

  • JLR

    Make sure you check Fandango for participating theaters before giving up your points. There’s no participating theaters in my area. 🙁

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  • erika

    thanks i just did mine, i think this one isnt goin to last the day, when i logged in the cup was pretty full, by the time i logeed out about 10 minutes later the cup was half way.

  • Kim

    Same as JLR. Went through the whole process and there isn’t a theater in my area. Bummer.

  • Tina

    I just pulled the point codes from two cartons in my fridge.

    c49k9 ry9p7
    ljxlc wvj4w

    I hope they work for you

    • Jenna

      They are one time use codes. Only you can enter them. Thanks tho!

  • Sheila

    I checked to first to make sure there were theaters in my area and got a list of local theaters. Then I clicked the link to the offer through Tropicana and put in my zip code, and it said there are no local theaters… Crazy.

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  • Jen

    I clicked on the Fandango link to see if there were any theaters in my area, Kentucky, and they’re having their own promo of B1G1 without any tropicana points.

  • Shannon

    Thanks for the heads up! I was able to get one.

  • pennyscents

    When you initially go to, and put in your zip code it will bring up all of the theaters in your area. You have to click the Fandago Ticketing Theaters tab to see if there is a participating theater in your area.

  • LindseyRochele

    I’ve been trying to get mine for almost 20 minutes. The site is so slow and it isn’t working. Hopefully I can get it before date night tonight!!!

  • Thanks! My husband and I have a gift certificate to our movie theater, and it’s Fandango qualified! Yea for free movie tickets!