Buy One Get One Free Special K Cereal Coupon

Some of you had problems printing the buy one get one free Special K Cereal coupon I shared earlier.  Here is how to get this coupon which by the way makes for a good deal at Rite Aid this week.  BUT, it will also be on sale buy one get one free next week so you can get two boxes free after coupon (or four if you print the coupon twice by hitting the back button).  Follow these instructions to get this coupon:

Head over to Special K and click on the big red heart that says get started.
2. Click start your plan.
3. Pick any plan
4. Select a start date.
5. Click the red save box on the right.
6. Create new account (if you log into your existing account or if you are already logged in, it just sends you in circles and you’ll never get a coupon.)
7. After creating the account you get access to the link to print.

Kind of a lot of steps but hey, free cereal!

Thanks My frugal Adventures!

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  • Kristen

    How do I create a new account if I’m still signed in? I was told on another site not to log out…?

    • Kristen,
      These are the steps that worked for me. I signed out and then created a new account.


      • heather

        Worked for me this time! THANKS

  • MelissaJones

    Does not work when I get to the log in page it gives an error messgae

  • Emily O.

    Thanks! It worked for me following the steps you outlined. I couldn’t figure out how to print it yesterday, so I’m really thankful for your post!

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  • Kristin

    Got them! When you say that it will be BOGO next week, do you mean at Rite Aid? Thanks Mercedes!

  • Trixi

    I, too, was wondering where it will be B1G1 free……

  • Sue

    Mercedes, Thank you, thank you…for printing out the steps to get the Special K coupon. It worked! I was going crazy trying to get the coupon. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into helping us find the best deals. Do you know if Rite Aid has any of the $5 off $25 coupons around.? They’ve helped me save alot in the past. Thanks again!

    • Thanks you Sue!!
      I think Rite Aid has gotten a bit stingy about those $/$$ coupons. I have not seen them around as often as in the past. I think the only one available is good on beauty items on adperk.


  • I also have to say I went around in a circle the other day and never got the coupon. Will try again in a bit.

    • Yeah, you have to register again to get to print it. The going around in a loop thing happened to me too.


  • kristi

    Didnt work, said no coupons for this campaign. Does anyone know any coupons for the chocolate Special K??