Candy Coupons Reset = More Cheap Halloween Candy


Thanks to Carol and Natasha for letting me know that the Nestle and Wonka candy coupons have been reset on  That means if you printed them in the past, you will be able to print them again.  If you are still looking for a candy deal, check out the CVS candy deal I shared with you yesterday.

$2.00/1 printable Wonka coupons

$2.00/1 printable Nestle coupons

Happy Savings!

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  • Thank you for the coupons, I have a huge list of coupons over here….
    if you or anyone would be interested .
    I was on your site earlier and I CANNOT remember if I left this link or not, so if I did just delete this post……..

  • Amber

    Anyone know how much the bags of candy are at Walmart or Target?

    • I second that, would love to know how much these are at Target or Walmart. I need to get candy for this weekend!


  • amy

    hey apperently the zipcode for my area doesn’t have the coupons.. can someone give me their zipcode that lets you get these coupons? thanks so so much

    • Amy, try zipcode 60712


  • amy

    either im blind.. or they have disappeared… can someone send me the direct link?

  • Karen

    I can’t seem to find them either, with my zip, a blank zip or the 60712.

  • Rose Atwater

    They’re not there for me either!

  • Joy

    Walmart has a flyer out right now on Halloween stuff. Go to their website and view their current flyer for prices. Ditto for Walgreens. Could be slightly different in different areas, so I recommend looking it up online.

  • Amber

    I can’t find it either! Any help??

  • Kristina L.

    I got mine through 75126 try it.

  • Kristina L.

    Nevermind it’s gone now at 75126

  • benz1968

    I used 10941 yesterday and printed a second set of coupons but now it is gone.

  • Hope these coupons still work. I’d love to share them with my readers!

  • Debbie

    i printed the coupons for the $2 off Nestle, 24 oz. but I can’t seem to find any bags bigger than 19.75oz.

  • Tatiana

    They have the big bags at target for $4

  • Karen

    I just checked again the the coupons were back out there for me (used 60712) – they were not there yesterday. yeah!