Caregivers Marketplace Not Honoring their Rebate Program?


The Caregivers Marketplace is a rebate program that allows people to get back $0.75 per jumbo pack of Huggies diapers or Pull Ups they buy.  In the past I have mentioned this program very often when there’s been Huggies diaper deals.  I have gotten several emails and comments from readers wondering if the Caregivers Marketplace would still honor the rebate on the jumbo packs even though the size pack sizes have changed in the last few months.

Last night I got the most discouraging email from reader Jen:

You’ve probably already heard but in case you haven’t – Caregivers Marketplace is NOT at this time reimbursing for the new pack sizes for Huggies. They recently changed, for example size 3 went from 40 to 36 in the pack. This was my first experience with Caregivers Marketplace and I am EXTREMELY disappointed. I submitted for a $16.50 rebate and only got back $5.25! I called and found out the pack size change is the reason – because the counts that are listed on the rebate form are different now from what is available in stores and what I bought. The customer service rep explained to me that they’re working to try to resolve the problem but at this time there is nothing she could do for me and that they would not go back and reimburse me even after it gets worked out. Ugh! So I guess I would recommend not submitting anything to Caregivers until after this issue gets worked out, and hopefully it will.

Have you had the same experience as Jen?  Please leave a comment with your concerns under this post.  I will contact Caregivers Marketplace and share the comments.  Hopefully, we can get an answer soon on when this situation will be resolved so we can start submitting receipts again.  For now, if you have not submitted your receipts for this rebate it seems holding off for that is the thing to do.

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  • lora

    This is very sad to me. I am currently waiting for 2 rebates…first time submitting. I was a bit confused when filling out the form when the amounts didnt match up for the huggies but submitted it anyway. This situation is not the buyers fault and we should not be penalized because of it.

  • What a coincidence – I just received a rebate yesterday for half of the amount that I submitted. I was confused as to why I hadn’t met the requirements (they enclosed a letter that explained some of the possibilities, but none of them matched my situation). Now I’m sure it’s because of the package size changes. I can’t wait to see how this works out. I will definitely wait to submit anymore rebates. Thanks for the information – I really appreciate it (and all of your other hard work)

  • Alisha

    I received a check in the mail yesterday for the full amount I requested. Their form makes it very clear that you must buy specific products and they even provide the UPC code for you (in fact, they ask you to include the UPC code to make your rebate faster.) I just always make sure I buy the exact product they reimburse you for (ie – never buy the 36 count packages) and have never had a problem. I will continue to submit as I’ve never had problems.

    • HI Alisha,

      I understand your point. However, the old packages won’t be available for long as they are being phased out. They need to update the program so people can submit the rebate for the sizes now available in the market.


  • I too have had this happen twice now where I did not receive the full refund amount. I was unable to get through via telephone to Customer Service, so at least this post clears up my confusion. Boo! I will hold on to my receipts for now. Thanks for the advice.

  • This is VERY disappointing to me! I have always had great success with Caregiver’s Marketplace and am disappointed that they would stoop to this. How exactly does that fit with helping caregivers?

    Thanks Mercedes for doing this!

  • I had had this happen. I realized the last time i sent in receipts that the jumbo were not listed. Although O had a bunch I only sent in one of this size along with my newborn receipts which were still valid. I didn’t get reimbursed for the one I sent. I am holding on to those jumbos along with the Pure and Natural receipts which are also not beign taken yet. Hoping they will all be able to be submitted/resubmitted at a later time

  • Diana

    I got back my rebate for less than I had sent in with no explanation, so this must’ve been why. Thanks for clearing it up!

  • Modern Day Mom

    I had actually wondered about this and planned to contact customer service before I submitted my form. I had noticed that a few of my Huggies Snug & Dry Size 5 jumbo pack UPCs didn’t match those listed on the form, and realized that the packages I had bought only had 27 diapers in them instead of 30. I went back to CVS and found one 30-ct package hidden among the 27-ct packages, and the clerk was nice enough to exchange them for me. I’d still like to be able to submit the 27-ct packages that I’ve already used for reimbursement, though.

    I’ve also noticed that Huggies Supreme Natural Fit has changed names to Huggies Supreme Little Movers – with, of course, different UPCs. These aren’t on the Caregivers Marketplace list, either. Hopefully this will change as well.

    Looks like I’ll be stocking up on 30-ct Snug & Dry and Natural Fit diapers whenver I see them!

  • Hi everyone – this is Jennifer from Caregivers Marketplace. We want to thank you for talking about this issue! It’s these kinds of conversations that help us know how much you count on the program. We work with all of our manufacturer partners to be able to offer you the rebates you need the most. Obviously, every manufacturer changes their product line-up from time to time. Often there is lag time or even overlap between when the “old” products are phased out and the “new” products are phased in. While we do not have a definite answer to your questions today, please know that we are aware of it (thanks to you!) and we are working on it. We will always keep you informed, in advance if possible, whenever our line-up of eligible brands is changing. Thanks for your patience!

  • I got a rebate check back yesterday which was significantly less than I expected, along w/ a “love note” that I had purchased items that didn’t meet the size requirements, which I knew wasn’t correct.

    I guess I will just hold on to my receipts for a while until hopefully this is all worked out.

  • Holly

    I emailed Caregivers Marketplace a couple weeks ago concerning the new packaging and here was a response that I received:

    “Thank you for your inquiry. The Huggies Pure and Natural diapers are not part of the program at this time. We have contacted Kimberly-Clark regarding the product who is the manufacturer of Huggies and it will be looked into for year 2010. At the present time, the new Huggies Little Snugglers and Little Movers Diapers are not eligible. We are also working with the manufacturer to see if their new packaging will be included within the 2009 program and hope to have an answer soon. Please continue to check our website at for any new information or products that would be added to the program. In the meantime, please hold on to your receipts that have the Little Snugglers and Lil Movers diapers.”

    I’m planning on holding onto my receipts until the issue has been worked out.

  • Yes, same thing just happened to me – I got the check for a couple of dollars less than I was expecting, with a generic note saying some of my items didn’t qualify. I didn’t know what they were until I saw this post and remembered, sure enough, several of them were Little Movers. I do think it’s weird that they can’t honor those, since what they are honoring no longer exists and has been replaced by LMs. Oh well.

    As a side note, I actually didn’t want to save my reciepts any longer, as I was afraid the whole program would go out and then I’d be stuck. For example I was holding on to some formula UPCs to send in for a free can program offered by the maker, and when I sent them in, they did honor the deal BUT sent a letter saying that the program is being discontinued and I managed to get my submission in just in time! So, sometimes you do need to be careful of waiting too long…

  • I was just filling out a rebate form over the weekend when I noticed the same issue you’ve been talking about. I emailed Customer Service at Caregivers Marketplace and here was the response:

    Thank you for contacting the Caregivers Marketplace and bringing your concern regarding the Huggies packaging to our attention. We will process the Snug & Dry Diapers accordingly to the rules established by the trade partners participating in the program. Please submit all your receipts and any UPC codes. Once we receive your rebate, a decision will be made at that time.

    I think I will hold on to my receipts for the time being and see if this gets ironed out.


  • Lana

    yep. same problem here. so disappointing. not that I buy huggies solely because of these reimbursements, but we all know that every little bits helps these days.

  • starbucksgirl

    I just submitted the first time about 4 months ago and did not receive the full reimbursement. I was confused about this and decided that I wasn’t going to use them again as they did not indicate clearly why they didn’t reimburse me. I didn’t think that their program was worth the time. Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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    I was discouraged as this was the first time to utilize this program and I was shorted about $3. Now to the Caregivers company this may be nothing but to a mom that buys diapers OFTEN that $3 is a credit for almost a FREE pkg of diapers with some offers if not all FREE. I am willing to wait for changes but I feel maybe they should have had this updated on their website sooner than after we receive a shorted rebate. FRUSTRATING!!

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  • Kathy

    Just got email from Caregivers Marketplace
    Dear Caregivers Marketplace Member:

    Good news! New Huggies, GoodNites and Pull-Ups products have been added to the Caregivers Marketplace list of rebate-eligible brands. Rebate requests for these new products that are processed after 10/1/2009 will receive cash back on those products. We are not able to honor rebate requests for the new products that were processed before 10/1/2009. Discontinued Huggies, GoodNites and Pull-Ups products will also continue to be cash back eligible through 1/31/2010 as long as the receipt is from 2009.

    List of New Rebate-Eligible Products
    Product DescriptionUPC
    HUGGIES SPRM LTL/S 40 STEP 1036000557015
    HUGGIES SPRM LTL/S 36 STEP 2036000557022
    HUGGIES SPRM LTL/M 31 STEP 3036000557039
    HUGGIES SPRM LTL/M 27 STEP 4036000557046
    HUGGIES SPRM LTL/M 23 STEP 5036000557053
    HUGGIES SPRM LTL/M 20 STEP 6036000557060
    HUGGIES SNUG&DRY 50 STEP 1036000555011
    HUGGIES SNUG&DRY 42 STEP 2036000555028
    HUGGIES SNUG&DRY 36 STEP 3036000555035
    HUGGIES SNUG&DRY 31 STEP 4036000555042
    HUGGIES SNUG&DRY 27 STEP 5036000555059
    HUGGIES SNUG&DRY 23 STEP 6036000555066
    HUGGIES OVERNITE 31 STEP 3036000554038
    HUGGIES OVERNITE 27 STEP 4036000554045
    HUGGIES OVERNITE 23 STEP 5036000554052
    HUGGIES OVERNITE 20 STEP 6036000554069
    HUGGIES P/U LD BOY 26 2T-3T036000213270
    HUGGIES P/U LD GRL 26 2T-3T036000213287
    HUGGIES P/U LD BOY 23 3T-4T036000213294
    HUGGIES P/U LD GRL 23 3T-4T036000213300
    HUGGIES P/U LD BOY 19 4T-5T036000213317
    HUGGIES P/U LD GRL 19 4T-5T036000213324
    HUGGIES P/U CA BOY 26 2T-3T036000213218
    HUGGIES P/U CA GRL 26 2T-3T036000213225
    HUGGIES P/U CA BOY 23 3T-4T036000213232
    HUGGIES P/U CA GRL 23 3T-4T036000213249
    HUGGIES P/U CA BOY 19 4T-5T036000213256
    HUGGIES P/U CA GRL 19 4T-5T036000213263
    HUGGIES P/U N/T BOY 24 2T-3T036000213508
    HUGGIES P/U N/T GRL 24 2T-3T036000213515
    HUGGIES P/U N/T BOY 21 3T-4T036000213522
    HUGGIES P/U N/T GRL 21 3T-4T036000213539
    HUGGIES GOODNITES BOY 15 S/M036000217179
    HUGGIES GOODNITES GRL 15 S/M036000217186
    HUGGIES GOODNITES BOY 12 L/X036000217193
    HUGGIES GOODNITES GRL 12 L/X036000217209
    HUGGIES GOODNITES BOXR 10 L/X036000219135
    HUGGIES GOODNITES BOXR 13 S/M036000219128

    Thank you for continuing to use The Caregivers Marketplace cash back program. Please contact us at 800-888-0889 if you have any questions.


    The Caregivers Marketplace

    Hope It’ll help.

  • Kathy,
    Thank you for posting the list for posting the list of new eligible items. The new form will be up on our Web site soon. In the meantime, please use the Eligible Products list on our Web site to check UPCs. You can find it by clicking on the Eligible Products tab on the home page and searching by Brand.

    Jennifer J.
    Caregivers Marketplace