Carnation Evaporated Milk Giveaway

I recently had the honor of being asked to participate in a special campaign sponsored by Carnation Evaporated Milk and Divine Caroline.  Let me tell you that this is very timely, as I know right now, a lot (if not most) of you are stocking up on Carnation Evaporated Milk thanks to grocery store promotions and coupons currently available.  Therefore, I am very excited to be sharing this information, as well as providing  you with ideas and suggestions on how to use Carnation Evaporated milk.

What is Evaporated Milk?

If you didn’t know, evaporated milk is fresh milk that has undergone a special evaporation process to remove half of its water content.  This is why when you open a can of Carnation Evaporated Milk you will find its contents are creamier and richer than just plain milk.  In addition to this creamier consistency, the evaporation process has also concentrated the nutritional value of this milk.  A 1/2 cup of Carnation Evaporated Milk has twice the calcium and protein than a 1/2 cup of whole milk.  Plus, it has a third less of the fat that a 1/2 cup of half-and-half.

zucchinisoupCreamiest Soup Without the Guilt

I make the easiest and creamiest Zucchini Soup you can make. I shared that Zucchini recipe with you last year. Last year, for Thanksgiving, I adapted the recipe to use in season Butternut Squash. This recipe is very easy and GOOD for you. Add it to your holiday menu and I promise you everyone at your dinner table will be amazed when you tell them the recipe is virtually fat free:
Easy Butternut Squash Soup
In a large pot,add two tbs olive oil and a quarter onion diced. Cook until translucent. To this add 8 cups of cubed butternut squash and 4 cups of chicken broth. Bring to a simmer and let cook until the butternut squash is soft and cooked through. Turn this into puree in the food processor. Return this to the pot and add one can of fat free Carnation Evaporated Milk. This makes the soup “creamy” while being “waist” friendly. Add salt and pepper to taste and cooked until warm.

Save $0.50 on Carnation Evaporated Milk

You can save 50 cents on your next purchase of two cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk when you use the coupon found in the newspaper inserts from September 27th.  If you did not get the newspaper that day, you can still save 50 cents on two cans when you register with Nestle’s Very Best Baking website.  After you register for this website you will be able to access a printable coupon for 50 cents off your next purchase of two cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk.

Get Free Inspiration

It is that time of year when we’re all looking for a little more inspiration in the kitchen. You’ll find plenty of that in this Holiday Recipe Guide from Carnation Evaporated Milk, sponsor of this post.  You can have this FREE Holiday Recipe Guide mailed to you or you can choose to get  a free electronic copy when you download it.

One delicious idea is to substitute Carnation Evaporated Milk for regular milk in your go to recipes. It makes all kinds of dishes richer and creamier.

On to the Giveaway

To get even more ideas going on the many ways you can use Carnation Evaporated Milk to make delicious meals, I am giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card.  This would surely buy you a lot of Carnation Evaporated Milk.  There are four ways to enter this giveaway:

1)  Leave a comment sharing how YOU use Carnation Evaporated Milk on your every day cooking.

2)  Follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:  “RT @CommnSenseMoney Share ur favorite recipe using Carnation Evaporated Milk andenter for a chance to win $100 Visa GC”

3) Become a Facebook Fan of Common Sense with Money and share this with your own Facebook Friends  “Share your favorite recipe using Carnation Evaporated Milk and enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa GC”

4)  Share about this giveaway with your own blog readers.  Remember to leave me a separate comment sharing the link to your post.

This way you can earn up to four entries. Just please remember to come back and leave me a separate comment for each additional action you have taken (leave comment, share on Twitter, share on Facebook, etc).

If you are reading this entry via email updates or via RSS reader please CLICK HERE to visit my blog to enter. Emailing me is not a valid entry for this giveaway. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States only. Please enter only if you are 18 years or older.  This giveaway ends on 11/16 at 9PM CST.  At that time I will close the giveaway and select a winner randomly.

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  • Nadia @ ABC Frugality

    I use it in all sorts of recipes for that great creamy taste!

  • Christy

    I just used Carnation Evaporated Milk for the first time last week. I used it in a delicious mashed potato recipe.

  • Katie

    I have found that carnation evaporated milk makes a delicious addition to homemade chicken noodle soup!

  • Marcia S

    I use evaporated milk for my potato’s, cream soup, mac and cheese, and just about anything that calls for milk that gets cooked!

  • Jen

    I use it for pies, makes a delicious difference!

  • I use it when making things like lemon squares.

  • I use it to make cinnamon French toast for breakfast for house guests! The milk gives the French toast a heartier and creamier taste. I top it off with a little honey or fresh strawberries! Hummm!

  • I became a Facebook Fan of Common Sense with Money! Happy to see you on FB! 🙂

  • I use evaporateed milk in my mac and cheese to make it extra creamy.

  • sally

    I add evaporated milk to oatmeal in the morning – really good.

  • Sarah

    I use evap milk for quiche and in other recipes that call for fresh milk if I’m running low.

  • Sandy

    I use it for pie, quiches, and fudge.

  • Amber

    I became a fan on facebook.

  • Amber

    I use evaporated milk in my pumpkin pies every year (this was my Nana’s secret to great pies)!

  • Mary

    I use them in all my pies! It makes them so creamy.

  • Danielle Pontow

    I love using Carnation Evaporated Milk when I make my pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. I would not use another brand.

  • Mandy

    I use evaporated milk in all of my cooking and baking in place of milk. It really saves a lot of money by saving regular milk just for drinking!

  • jeni r

    i use it for fantasy fudge. it is the best

  • Kathy K

    I use it for making pancakes.

  • Nicole

    I have only used it to make pies.

  • Jana

    I use evaporated milk whenever I need a little extra milk to cook with. If I’m short on regular milk, I use it until I can get to the store. It’s a great thing to have on hand.

  • I don’t if it’s considered my every day cooking, but it’s wonderful in homemade hot chocolate!

  • Aimee

    I use evaporated milk in a yummy cheesy potato soup that my family loves. I didn’t realize that I could sub it for half and half. I may try that for a few recipes and see how it works.

  • Lisa

    evaporated milk in scrambled eggs is delicious! love to mix it in mashed potatoes, too!

  • Nikki D

    I like to use it in baking (brownies, bars…) I haven’t tried it yet for soups. But it sounds delicious!

  • Sarah

    I use evaporated milk in a tasty cream of broccoli soup. Healthy and delicious!

  • Sheila

    I’ve only used in in pies, but have been thinking I should use those cans in my cabinet up before I buy more. Thanks for the soup recipes and for every one’s suggestions =-)

  • I use this all the time in my potato soup. It creates a really great base to build on. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I’ve never cooked with evaporated milk! But, your recipes look so delicious that I am going to put it on my grocery list, thanks!

  • facebook fan, and I shared – Idaho Jill, thanks!

  • Carrie

    I add evaporated milk to my pumpkin/butternut squash puree I like to keep on hand in the freezer during the holidays. 1st I halve 1 butternut squash and quarter a small-medium sized pumpkin. Drizzle with a little maple syrup. Bake for about an hour on 350 degrees until the flesh is tender. Peel off skin & cut into cubes. Toss in a cuisinart or blender with a bit of honey, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice (or whatever you have on hand – cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, etc), a dash of salt, and some evaporated milk to make it creamier. Then I put 2 cups at a time in freezer bags. Great for desserts, breads, muffins – anything that calls for canned pumpkin!

  • Kate

    I use it for mashed potatoes and cream soups

  • Margie

    Mostly I use evaporated milk in baking…I recently made a German Chocolate cake using evaporated milk.

  • I use it evaporated milk for making my rainbow jello. It has one regular level and then a creamy level. It is so pretty and yummy!

  • Sheila

    Facebook fan and I shared the post =-)

  • I tweeted!

  • I use evaporated milk to make this really awesome dessert, using plain round thin waffle layers! It’s my mom’s recipe and it’s so goood!

  • Margie

    I tweeted! I’m MargieDianne.

  • Margaret

    I just bought two cans yesterday using that coupon! I’m excited to see what I can make besides pumpkin pie. The other entries have great ideas!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  • Audrey

    I use it in the butter sauce for our special Dwyer Family Cranberry pudding–decadent!!

    It’s also nice to have around when I’ve run out of reg milk, I’ll just add water to the evap milk and voila!

  • HI Mercedes! I use evap milk for coffee!

  • Sarah B.

    I use evaporated milk in my crockpot Mac and Cheese. It is a very good recipe. My kids love it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Susan

    I have heard it’s good in Mashed Potatoes

  • Erika

    I love using evaporated milk in a Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. It’s so creamy and delicious. And of course during Christmas what would fudge be without evaporated milk?? 🙂

  • I use it in Thanksgiving pies, but I love the ideas people have put here of adding to soups or eggs or mac n cheese! I’ve never heard of such a thing, so I’ll have to try it!

  • Terrie Swanson

    Hi, I love receiving your common sense with money emails and entering the giveaways. I would love to win a 100 gift card from visa to purchase some of that carnation evaporated milk. I love to use it in desserts like pumpkin pie and if you’ve never used it in macaroni and cheese, you have never tasted the true macaroni and cheese.

  • Jaimee

    I use it as the base in my cream soups- esp cheesy cream of potato with bacon. Makes a huge difference!

  • Marceline

    I use evaporated milk in my grandmother’s corn chowder recipe – not that I ever get close to duplicating hers! I also use it in the sugar-free pumpkin pie I make year-round for my mother. I hadn’t thought to use it in quiche, mashed potatoes, etc. Will have to try that!

  • I boil a can for 3 hours and it turns into the most delicious caramel you have ever had. Boiling the can is not recommended by the company and you have to careful but it’s well worth it.

  • Cindy Grossholz

    I use Carnation Evaporated Milk for pumpkin pies and for my fudge

  • Megan

    I use it in my baking. Yummy!

  • Shantel

    My mom does a lot of the holiday baking, but it goes into several recipies from desserts to main course dishes. My favorite is corn pudding. Yummy!

  • Faye

    I use Carnation evaporated milk to make the creamiest mashed potatoes, ever! I use it in my chowders and soups. It adds a sweetness, in addition to its being creamy, that milk just can’t match.

  • Faye

    I am a Facebook Fan!

  • Ellen C.
  • I love to use evaporated milk in potato soup!! YUM!
    email in profile

  • Diana

    I use it in some baking and in soups.

  • Ale

    my hubby does maj of cooking so this would be greatly helpful! He uses it for excellent potato soup; pb & fudgey fudge. My mil uses it for mac & cheese that is so creamy, yum!!
    It is also good for “smashed taters”;);)

  • Ale

    tweet @aleshsmom4

  • Derinda

    I use evaporated milk for everything! Soups, baking, as a creamy addition to dips and other recipes! I can stock up for baking since it is shelf stable!

  • Sarah

    I use it in my coffee.

  • How weird, I have never used evaporated milk until yesterday! I found a crockpot soup recipe that called for it! Weird that now your giving some away!! I would love to win it, the soup came out pretty good!

  • Laura

    I use it in coffee instead of cream.

  • Anne

    I use carnation in french toast as well as several dessert I make each month.

  • eunice b

    i use evaporated milk when I make my grandma’s macaroni salad…yum! 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  • eunice b
  • Catherine

    Glad to see all these new ideas for using evaporated milk – I’m making notes to try several! I always use it to give a little richness to macaroni & cheese, and have even used it as a lower-fat substitute it for cream in Alfredo sauce.

  • anne

    it’s the base of my favorite mac and cheese recipe!

  • loretha h

    i use carnation evap milk for dessert: (with finely crushed ice, add the evap milk, add some sweetened coconut, beans, jackfruit, bananas etc…. and viola! yummmm!

  • Ale

    FB fan ale ol, posted

  • Heather

    I love to make an tangy pasta with red and green peppers. The creamy sauce makes it almost like alfredo, but without the guilt.

  • Ale

    Google bkmk link posted on gblog
    Share your fave recipe using Carnation Evaporated Milk & enter to win a $100 Visa GC @

  • wendy

    I use it in my tuna casserole plus a can of cream of mushroom soup, tuna, sauted celery and mushroom with egg noodles and seasoned bread crumb topping. It’s my kids favorite meal! We make it every week : )

  • I use evaporated milk in my coffee! I also use it in recipes for creamy sauces, like alfredo sauce, and tend to use it quite a bit in my baking. Great giveaway 🙂

  • I became a Facebook Fan too!

  • maria

    its a baking staple at my house from fudge, to pumpkin pies!! I always stock up this time of year to hold me over when it is not on sale and no coupons

  • maureen

    I put it in a recipe that I am known for the Thanksgiving holidays called pumpkin crisp. It just makes it that much more creamy.

  • Courtney

    I like to use evaporated milk in recipes that call for cream. It’s an easy and healthy replacement!

  • Tara

    I use evaporated milk when I run out of fresh milk.

  • I use it for mashed potatoes – yummy!

  • Linda

    I use evaporated milk to “stretch” my milk!

  • Joanne V.

    I use this in my Holiday pies and everyday in our tea and coffee. Hope I win…Thanks

  • Joanne V.

    I became your fan on facebook.

  • Green Thumb

    I don’t use evaporated milk but based on these comments, I will be using it in the future.

  • Karen

    I’ve never used evaporated milk. . but I’d sure love to try it.

  • Karen

    I became a fan on facebook.

  • I use it for mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • michelle

    I make fudge at christmas with evaporated milk – yummy!
    I also use it in potato soup 🙂

  • I just used evaporated milk last week in some New England Fish Chowdah- Mmmm…

  • Nancy

    It’s good in soup – and for making hot chocolate!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Sarah A.

    I love to use evaporated milk in my baked potato soup. So good!

  • Our family’s very favorite noodle recipe uses evaporated milk! I’d make it every day if it wouldn’t be so bad on my waistline!

  • Posted on Facebook

  • Molly

    I use it for making milk shakes or malts. I personally can’t have milk so I rarely keep gallons in the house. But when my husband wants a shake it’s really quick to open a can. But I can go through them pretty quickly when we have company over! 🙂

  • I use it in my macaroni and chese. Nice and creamy!

  • Trisha

    I use carnation in my mashed potaots and my mac and cheese it sooo much better than reg. milk!

  • Lisa

    I use evaporated milk in my quiche recipe

  • I’m a fan on FB and I posted I posted the giveaway for all to see;)

  • Trisha
  • Sarah

    I use carnation milk in mashed potatoes and of course pumpkin pie. So, good! Thanks!

  • Trisha

    Facebook fan and posted!

  • I don’t use it very often but plan to for the holidays!

  • I am a facebook fan

  • Paula

    Pumpkin pies, rice pudding and on oatmeal! My kids like to have a little drink of it too when a can in open.

  • Ann

    I tweeted about this.

  • Ann

    I used it to make fudge.

  • Brandi H

    I use it for my pumpkin pies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Lisa

    Soups, desserts, emergency milk and you can even make your own sweetened condensed milk!

  • Whitney

    I use eveaporated milk in several recipies, but most often when i make Mac & Cheese, or mashed potatoes!

  • Whitney

    I use evaporated milk when I make macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.

  • Christina

    I’ve actually never used it, but would like to try it! Sounds like a great addition to a low fat recipe!

  • kat

    I use it for my cream of wheat and oatmeal, we eat these twice a week for breakfast. It makes these richer and tastier.

  • Karen

    I use Carnation evaporated milk for baking. And for baking, I don’t accept Carnation substitutes =).

  • Sara

    I use Carnation Evaporated milk when I make chicken curry instead of coconut milk– it’s a healthy alternative.

  • Dianne

    I make my DH very, very happy when I make potato soup with Carnation evaporated milk.

  • Joy

    I use it for cream soups, sausage gravy, pumpkin pies, waffle batter, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. In a pinch, I will use it in place of half and half for my coffee. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kristin

    Pumpkin pies! Creamer in coffee and mac and cheese!

  • Susanne L.

    I’m now a Facebook fan!

  • Susie

    The BEST holiday treat: Gingerbread and/or Pumpkin spice lattes:
    To assemble the latte, you just add 1-2 tablespoons of DIY latte syrup to ½ cup of hot evaporated milk, and top with a shot of strong coffee or expresso. I made decaf coffee in a French coffee press instead of using espresso, and the result is pretty amazing.(our favortie syrups are gingerbread and pumpkin spice) Can be served hot or iced. Just as tasty as your local coffee shop for a fraction of the price! find the latte syrup recipes here:

  • Heidi

    I use it in my pumpkin soup recipe. It’s very good.

  • bbee

    I use e.m. for soups, omelettes, and puddings.

  • Laura

    Besides cream soups, I use it to make the world’s most delicious fudge for Christmas every year. Secret recipe!

  • Maria145

    I actually do not use evaporated milk only when making pumpkin pie. But–from reading all the other comments–I should be using it more!

  • Kathi

    I use evaporated milk when making cheese grits! Yummy!

  • Bo

    I use it for my fantastic recipe for caramel dip. 1 can of Carnation, 1/2 c sugar, 1/2 corn syrup, and 1 tsp. vanilla. Stir in tall saucepan until hardball stage for caramel apples or until softball for caramel dip. This is always a hit, and the best part is that it is soooo easy. Awesome for all the apples now, but still great for pears and ice cream.

    Mercedes, thanks for all your hard work in making this website possible. I like your above board approach to couponing. 🙂

  • Tammie

    I use it whn I bake Hello Dollies for Christmas cookies. Yum!

  • Betty

    We use evaporated milk in everything that would normally call for fresh milk, as neither of us drink fresh milk we usually don’t have fresh around.
    You can also freeze it and when you defrost the consistency is pretty good.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Tammie

    I am a Facebook fan and shared with friends!

  • Marie

    I use evaporated milk for pumpkin pies and in coffee when we run out of regular milk. My husband likes the evaporated milk even better than regular milk.

  • Candace

    I use evaporated milk in my cooking whenever I’m out of regular milk or running low. I especially like it macaroni and cheese and other creamy sauces.

  • Elizabeth W

    I love using Carnation Evaporated Milk in my holiday baking… or as an add-in with reg milk when I am short on the real thing.

  • sandy

    use it for baking- for pies, for fudge,, making cocoa, adds flavor and texture

  • I love to put evaporated milk in my morning oatmeal. Delicious!

  • Trish

    I use Carnation Evaporated milk a lot! I use it anytime I want to make something creamier like soups and gravies. I also use it a lot in baking.

  • Trish

    I am also a facebook fan!

  • I like to use evaoprated milk when I make gravy. I also use in custard pies [pumkin is a custard pie by the way]

    You can also whip very cold evaporated milk with a little gelatin for stabilization for a low cal whipped ‘cream’

  • mary ellen

    I make a crustless pumpkin pie almost every week–healthy and delicious!

  • Dan S.

    I put it on top of cake as a topping.

  • Stephanie

    I have a recipe that uses it in potato soup. Makes it nice and creamy!

  • Amanda

    I use it in mac and cheese, potato casserole and soups. I also use it in my favorite cake recipes Mississippi Mud cake by Paula Dean.

  • Jodi

    Any baking recipes that call for milk or need to be creamier:)

  • I drink the milk sometimes. I love it’s taste. I do not like regular milk.

  • Kristen

    I have an egg and hashbrown casserole that the evaporated milk works amazingly well in.

  • jayne

    it’s nice to use in soup because it has a shelf life, unlike whipping cream. 🙂

  • erin w

    we’ve gotten a lot of carnation evaporated milk for free or cheap in the last couple of weeks and have been using it in Everything!

    so far, my favorites have been to use in in place of milk in kraft mac and cheese and homemade mashed potatoes. Theres also a great recipe on one of the labels, spicy jack mac and cheese or something along those lines. it’s so good!!

  • erin w

    ps, throw a little in scrambled eggs if you want to, that’s also very good!

  • jayne

    I’m a facebook fan and shared my ways of use.

  • Veronica Sanchez

    I love using evaporated milk in my homemade pumpkin pies.

  • Sue D

    I use it in pumpkin pie and I just made a mashed potato recipe that was very good.


    I use Carnation evaporated milk when I make cream soups. It makes such a difference vs. using regular milk.

  • tinap

    I use evaporated milk in my mashed potatoes instead of regular milk. They come out very creamy! I also have a great fudge receipe that I use only evaporated milk in.

  • Laura

    I use evaporated milk in pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, and to make homemade fudge for Christmas gifts!

  • Laura
  • Laura
  • Bonnie C.

    I love to use Carnation Milk in my cream of tomato soup!

  • Belinda Garcia

    HELLO MERCEDES: I grew up in Manila where evaporated milk is widely used rather than the gallons of milk we find here in the US! I used Carnation evaporated milk as standard to my pies…as what can I say — nothing will beat the tried and tested creaminess of Carnation! Yum!


  • Paula

    I use evaporated milk in baked french toast.

  • Jill

    I use it mostly for baking pies. I can’t wait try it in soups after seeing everyone’s comments.

  • Heather

    I use evaporated milk in potato soup! It makes it rich and tasty!

  • Amanda Newton

    I use evaporated milk when I make curry. With coupons it is cheaper than cococunt milk and the taste is very similar.

  • Wylene

    I use evaporated milk to make sugar free pumpkin pie for my hubby! I just follow the recipe on the Libby’s pumpkin and use Splenda in place of real sugar.

  • I use it in homemade macaroni and cheese!

  • Crystal

    I use it when making mashed potatoes. It makes them so much better!

  • Carol

    I use it for coffee too.

  • robin

    i use the fat free kind to make a healthy macaroni and cheese that tastes really rich.

  • scottsgal

    I use it in holiday cookies and pie recipes

  • Melanie

    I always use evaporated milk in my mashed potatoes….YUM!!

  • Just got a recipe for a pumpkin pasta sauce using evaporated milk, which is nifty because I would have only thought about it for baking before.

  • Julie

    I don’t know what took me so long to try this stuff. I’m still experimenting with evaporated milk in mashed potatoes and coffee. I’m going to have to try it in French toast.

  • sherry

    I use it in sauces ice cream , and especially pumpkin pie 🙂

  • Sharolyn

    I so far use it only for pies and velveta cheese and noodle casserole…I’ll have ot change that it looks like there is so much more!

  • Angela G

    I mostly use it in pies.

  • Robin D

    I use Carnation Evaporated Milk in pies, coffee, mashed potatoes, fudge and many other dishes that use regular milk.

  • I use Evaporated milk a lot – for macaroni & cheese, cream soups, mashed potatoes, and pretty soon pumpkin pie too!

  • Kimberly

    I used it just last week because I was low on milk and was making a big batch of Bisquits and Gravy. I used it in the gravy and it was so rich and creamy. Delicious!

  • Robin D

    tweeted Giveaway!

  • Robin D

    Fan of Common Sense with Money Facebook!

  • I use it in our coffee. It adds such a creamy texture.

  • Sarah Stine

    I use it in my fudge and also my mashed potatoes!

  • Tami W.

    I use evaporated milk to make the best ever homemade mac and cheese ever…..makes me want to go down and make some now…..

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

  • I use it in my mashed potatoes instead of regular milk!

  • Kristen

    I use it all the time for soups! Makes it so creamy.

  • Charlotte Harloff

    I haven’t used evaporated milk in a long time, but I can’t wait to try your butternut squash soup recipe, I just saw some squash on sale so I think it’s on the menu plan next week!

  • Kim

    Yummmy!! Thanks for the recipes.. I love soup.. and even better, I love creamy soups.

    I keep Carnation Evaporated Milk in my pantry all the time.. It was a staple in my mothers & my grandmothers pantries as well.. We’ve always used it in cooking anywhere it calls for milk.. and with this, everything is creamier.. I didnt realize less fat, & twice the protein & calcium though it makes sense after you say it.
    Of course, my favorite use for it is in pumpkin pie. 😉
    I plan to on making one soon! YAY! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.. and we do like to eat well.

  • I use evaporated milk in my Crock Pot Potato Soup–perfect in the wintertime!

  • Michelle

    I have a delicious cheesecake recipe that calls for it

  • Darcy

    I use evaporated milk whenever I make fudge. YUM! Thanks!

  • Ciel

    To make the yummiest hot cocoa! Mmmmmmmm.

  • Selena

    I use it in one of my fall favorites, potato soup. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jessie C.

    I like to use Carnation Evaporated Milk on my pastries, in coffee and hot cocoa as well.

  • Lindsey

    Evaporated has been a staple with my mother for many many years. We have used it for cream of wheat, oatmeals, pies, strawberry-banana smoothies, cheesecakes, and puddings.

  • Jessie C.

    @tcarolinep follower and tweet

  • Jessie C.

    Facebook fan@tcarolinep JessieKatie S. and shared on my wall with friends.

  • Michelle M

    Imagine my surprise when I see a Carnation giveaway (expecting it to be a free can of evaporated milk) and then BOOM it’s a huge Visa! Wow!

    I use evaporated milk in a delicious Italian Chicken crockpot meal that we serve over rice. Yum!

  • Jessie C.
  • Gina

    I use it to make broccoli sooup!

  • Kristina L.

    I use it in my coffee. It’s better then half and half.

  • Julie L

    I use it in my homemade macaroni and cheese

  • Shelly

    LOVE the Nestle web site – they always have such great coupons! I have a cupboard full of Carnation milk after the great Kroger deal the past couple of weeks. Of course, I’ll use it in my pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, but I also like it in mac and cheese and other boxed mixes that require milk. Makes it so much creamier. It’s also used in Thai iced tea – delicious!

  • Laurie

    I use evaporated milk in my homemade macaroni and cheese as well as fudge and pumpkin pies. Never thought to make cream soups w/ it (and use fat free)! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Ashley

    I use it for Thai iced tea! It’s awesome!

  • Beth

    I use it with oatmeal on cold wintry mornings, to make it a little more “special”.

    wordygirl at earthlink d0t net

  • amanda

    I use it as a healthier “cream” in Alfredo sauce.

  • Angel S.

    Mmmm – baking and soups. I’ll be looking for more ways as I get ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Krystyna

    I’ve only used it in desserts but the soap sounds yummy!

  • Valerie

    Actually, I am not much of a cook/baker, BUT, your Butternut Squash Soup recipe looks so good I think I am going to give it a try.

  • Nancy B

    I haven’t used evaporated milk before, but some of these ideas sound great!

  • Kristine

    I became a fan on facebook and I use it in place of milk in my soups!

  • Amy A.

    I use Carnation evaporated milk the most often in my soup, cornbread, and in desserts.

  • Fran K

    I use it in pies, soups and mashed potatoes.

  • Rebecca

    I love to use it to replace milk in recipes like soup! I am also planning to try it in tea and coffee!

  • Jenny

    I use it all the time in my soups. I just made a potato, vegetable soup and the evaporated milk made it so creamy!

  • Jenny

    I tweeted! Thanks.

  • Erin H.

    I like to use Carnation Evaporated Milk in my mashed potatoes – it makes them nice and creamy.

  • Love the taste of this in Magic Dream bars!

  • I use evaporated milk in general cooking whereever milk might be added … like mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, gravy, etc.

  • chelpa

    i use carnation evaporated milk in my creamy mac & cheese with crispy bacon on top. it is so good and rich, and the thin layer of bacon on top is awesome. my guilty pleasure….

  • Sandra

    I use it in my homemade pumpkin pie, and in homemade oven baked mac n cheese. Have used it for years! Good stuff!

  • Janet

    I’ve used it before when making biscuits and gravy.

  • andrea schwen

    I use evaporated milk in my macaroni and cheese and vegetable corn chowder soup.

  • Norma

    I use carnation evaporated milk in my coffee every morning. It makes wonderful coffee.

  • Jenny

    I’m a facebook fan and shared with my friends.

  • Elena

    We use it at home to make a dessert called flan. Mmmm very yummy can’t wit for the holidays to be here.

  • Karina

    My fiance uses it for different desserts recipes.

  • Faith

    I use it in my morning coffee, when mashing potatoes, and in pancake mix instead of water.

  • denise

    I use it in my impossible pumpkin pie.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  • Janet F

    I use it in a cookie reciped.

  • Joanna Morin

    I love evaporated milk and use it in all my cream-based soups and some yummy yummy desert recipes. Hope I win!

  • I use Evap milk in my coffee….OH YUMMY! and I also like it in mashed potatoes and pretty much wherever the recipe calls for cream. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    I use it in mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese – so yummy!! I’ll also be using it for holiday baking.

  • Carmen

    I have a tasty pumpkin pudding recipe that I use evaporated milk in, and it’s so good and perfect this time of year!

  • Molly

    I use it in soup and in rice pudding. YUMMY!

  • Carmen
  • Laura

    Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin pie! Yumm!!!

  • kasey

    I usually use it for things like a creamy soup, fudge, and certain pies. I’ll also use it in coffee sometimes as a little treat 🙂

  • Heather

    I use evaporated milk when I make potato soup.

  • Ashley B

    We use it in alfredo sauce and mashed potatos

  • Becca B

    Have used it in creamy clam chowder. MMMMMMMM

  • Jen Young

    I use evaporated milk pretty much every day. I just bought two cans of Carnation yesterday with the coupon from the paper! I use it most of the time in my hot tea & coffee as a creamer. I love the flavor it gives hot drinks!

  • Linda Hall

    I use it in any recipe that calls for milk.

  • This is good timing! I was able to Carnation Evaporated Milk cheap in the Ralphs Mega sale, so I used a can in a potato gratin recipe. It came out great! Thank you for the giveaway, Mercedes!

  • I also tweeted the giveaway.

  • And I blogged about the giveaway at Chief Family Officer 🙂

  • Amber

    I use evaporated milk for potato soup as well as other things

  • blue-eyes

    I use it for my favorite dessert, Better Than Sex Cake! Google it, it’s amazing!

  • Cfosh

    I use for all of my soups! Potato, tomato or any cream based soups!! Yummy!

  • Stacey

    I use it when making soup, or mashed potatoes!

  • Cathy

    I use it n pies, mashed potatoes, soups… lots of things. It makes whatever you use it in taste great.

  • claudia

    I use carnation evaporated milk to make Flan mexican dessert,

  • I use it in mashed potatos!

  • Leslie

    I use Carnation Evaporated Milk in a really yummy Crockpot Mac and Cheese!

  • rachel

    I use it every year when I make my grandma’s fudge recipe.

  • Lori S

    I use Carnation Evaporated Milk in mashed potatoes.


  • Barb

    I have only used it for baking. I never thought about its other uses. I’m going to try the butternut squash recipe tonight. Thanks!

  • Actually I use Carnation Milk in my coffee every morning. I grew up doing that and it just tastes better to me.

  • Katie Martin

    I use it in cooking and most of all in fudge. Yummy.

  • fan on Facebook and posted on my wall

  • We use evaporated milk in squash cassarole!

  • Kristi

    Right now all I use evaporated milk for is pumpkin pie. But I’m enjoying reading what other things I can make. Can’t wait to try something else out.

  • Renee S.

    I use it in my fudge.

  • Tamara B.

    I use evaporated milk in my twice baked potatoes and making creamy pasta sauces.

  • Tamara B.

    I am a fan on Facebook and shared the giveaway information.

  • Pam

    I shared your link on Facebook 🙂 and became a fan, i didn’t know you were on FB…YEAH!!

  • Pam

    I haven’t yet tried using Evaporated milk in recipes, but I cannot wait to try! I’m going to pick some up at the store today 🙂

  • I use Carnation’s Evaporated Milk in all my homemade cream type soups. It’s also good in smoothies instead of ‘fresh’ milk.

  • I use Carnation 2% Evaporated Milk in my homemade macaroni and cheese — recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. Yum!

  • SeungHee

    I hardly use evaporated milk except for making pies for Thanksgiving. But I’d like to learn to use them for everyday cooking. Thanks for some good tips on using it here. I have a funny story to share on using it for everyday use, though. I accidentally opened one can of evaporated milk thinking something else for cooking so I Uggg..ed and didn’t know what to do with it. Then my husband saw it and said he could use it really well. Well he did! He licked he fingers with full of it like Winnie-the-Pooh, dipped bread into it, and the next day finished it with spoons like a little boy. ha ha..!

  • Dolores

    I use evap milk mostly for baking and making homemade ice cream.

  • Deanna G.

    I use it to make pies!

  • Deanna G.

    I became a fan on Facebook as “Deanna Gentry” & I shared!

  • Chrissy

    I use evaporated milk when making soup!

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  • Kathryn

    I LOVE making soups and for holiday baking using evaporated milk!

  • Kathryn

    I like making soups and holiday baking!

  • Rebecca

    I use Carnation in fudge (at the holidays) and in mashed potatoes. Thanks Mercedes!

  • Lana

    Carnation Evaporated milk makes delicious creamy puddings. I make banana pudding for the homeless shelter once a month and I feel like using eveporated milk and lots of egg yolks gives those folks a nutritional boost, especially in the winter when they are out in the cold so much.

  • Elizabeth

    I have found that carnation evaporated milk makes a delicious batida de lechosa!

  • neljo

    I love making pies with carnation milk. thanks for all the tips on using Carnation Evaporated milk.

  • neljo

    i am following on twitter and faacebook

  • Mary Ward

    I used it to make some cookies! Yum!!

  • Lynn

    I use Carnation Evap. Milk in pumpkin pie, in cream soups, and in recipes where I am making baked goods and homemade breads that call for milk. It is great to keep some on hand in case you are running out of 2% milk and you need to conserve that and still be able to whip up a quick dish or casserole.

    I hope I win this Visa card!

  • Arina Polyakov

    I hop I’m not too late. I never used carnation milk before, but now since I got married, I’m planning on using it a lot 🙂

  • Lynn

    I follow you on twitter!

  • Lynn

    I get your daily emails!

  • Lynn

    I attended your electronic baby shower, chat blast event. Fun fun fun!

  • Lorianne

    I love using carnation ev. milk in mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and fudge!!

  • Lorianne

    I am now a facebook fan!

  • Ifey

    I use evaporated milk in my tea and oatmeal. It makes it creamy and has a great taste to it

  • Amber C

    I use it when I make fried chicken. Instead of dipping the chicken in egg, I dip it in evaporated milk and then roll it in bread crumbs.

  • Jennifer Small

    I use Evaporated Milk on our hommade Maccaroni and Cheese. Yummy!!

  • Gayla Smith

    I love using Carnation Evaporated Milk in all my Thanksgiving desserts.

  • sarah p

    I just used evaporated milk in a potato soup recipe, and it was really good! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • susan n

    In bread pudding and french toast – yummy

  • Julie

    I have a special recipe for homemade BBQ meatballs that is requested often by family and friends for special occasions. It was actually the first “real” meal my son wanted upon his return from Iraq.

  • Brandee

    I use it for pumpkin pie, and soups all the time.

  • Nicole

    I use evaporated milk when I make pancake or waffles.

  • Tomie

    I use it in mac n cheese and hot chocolate. It makes it so creamy and yummy.

  • debbie

    I use evaporated milk in my special coconut custard pie I make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My family loves it. I also put it in my pound cakes.


    Made Mini Oreo Cheesecake with Carnation’s Evaporated milk:

  • susan

    I use it mostly when a recipe calls for milk. I also use it in my tea.

  • shannon

    We use evap milk when making mac and cheese and also scrambled eggs. Just makes it taste SO much better!


  • Kathryn

    I have a bread recipe that is great with evaporated milk.

  • becky bossert

    My husband loves pumpkin pie, so I regularly use carnation evaporated milk for that

  • karean

    I keep it on hand to use in a pinch in any receipe or for when i want extra creamy tomato soup!

  • Amy

    I use evaporated milk in scalloped potatoes and pumpkin pies. I now have many more ideas after reading everyone’s comments!

  • samantha

    hi, i’m a fan on FB

  • samantha

    i use evaporated milk in all my baking and cooking, sometimes even in my coffee!!

  • samantha

    i tweeted!


  • Christi

    I use Carnation Evaporated Milk to make homemade ice cream. I also use it to make a wonderful queso. Both of which we eat a lot of in Texas!

  • Jill

    I use it to make desserts for the holidays.

  • I like to use it in the fudge I make for Christmas! It’s also great in mashed potatoes, which we eat all the time!

  • bucky

    I use it as the base for any cream soup. Yum. And of course if you want great coffee, use evaporated milk instead of cream.

  • Debbie

    I usually use evaporated milk in my desserts, but I’m going to try the yummy sounding soup recipe!

  • Anna

    I just became a fan on facebook and added your giveaway on my status right now.

  • Anna

    I tweeted about your giveaway and became a follower.

  • Anna

    The only way I’ve used Evaporated Milk is as a creamer for coffee…never thought about using it in soups!

  • Anna
  • Jennifer Bixby

    i used it in mashed potatoees ummm

  • Jennifer Bixby

    i am gonna try it in a soup

  • michelle

    I use it when I’m baking cakes and pies

  • michelle
  • michelle

    added you on facebook + left a comment about the contest on your wall. my name is in “Sara Lee”

  • I tweeted this today! I follow in Twitter.

  • RT on Twitter

  • Kati

    I retweeted! My twitter name is @katiauton.

  • Kati

    I joined you on facebook! Look forward to seeing all your info.! I used my status update to promo your contest! 🙂

  • Kati

    My favortie recipe to use Carnation Evaporated Milk is to use it in my homeade mac and cheese recipe. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

  • Great review. I think I’m going to start using CEM as a sub to cream. It’s worth a try and I love that it’s non-parishable!

  • Sandra

    I use it in my homemade macaroni and cheese, yum!

  • Jen

    I add it to soups and even mac and cheese to make them creamier.

  • Jen
  • renee

    creamed soups 🙂

  • Jessica Sorensen

    I use it in soups and for making carmels. But my favorite use is on Christmas, when we make a special “Sausage and Gravy” that has been passed down through generations.

  • Jessica

    I just became a Facebook fan!

  • Blogged

  • breabella

    Mac and Cheese. Be still my heart!

  • Corrie @ “Cents”able Momma

    I use evaporated milk when I make potato soup. Great giveaway..thanks!

  • Corrie @ “Cents”able Momma

    I just tweeted about the giveaway.

  • I use Carnation Evaporated Milk in everyday recipes to make food thick and creamy — especially potato soup 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Following on Twitter and Tweeted

  • Facebook fan and shared on Facebook

  • JenniferB

    I use carnation evaporated milk in my potato soup and chicken and dumplings-it makes the dishes taste so good

  • JenniferB

    following on twitter and tweeted

  • I am following you on twitter and i tweeted

  • Victoria

    I use carnation milk to make flan

  • Tina B.

    I always use Carnation Evaporated milk to make mashed potatoes
    and sausage gravy!

  • Tina B.
  • Tina B.

    Facebook fan and I shared.
    username: Tina Renee Barker

  • Carla Williams

    I follow on twitter and became a facebook fan.
    I use Carnation milk to make my white country gravy for chicken fried steak “yummy” and I use it to make my pies also “yummy” Thanksgiving coming up looks like it will be pumpkin pie!

  • Carla Williams

    I don’t know if I am supposed to leave my twitter name and link but here it is

  • DeeAnn S

    I use Carnation Evaporated milk every day as a creamer in my coffee. It adds a silky texture and slight sweetness that I love. It’s great in tuna casserole too!. Thanks.

  • Carol W.

    I have found that Carnation Evaporated milk is a nice addition when making macaroni and cheese.

  • Opal Baker

    I use Carnation in my cream gravy every morning,along with homemade biscuits.
    I tweeted as

  • I use carnation in my mashed potatos. It makes them so much better than regular milk. Hubby also uses it in his coffee every morning.

  • I follow you on Twitter as LMsMeeMaw and I tweeted –

  • Amy

    I use carnation when baking desserts. Very good!

  • Well, we don’t use it every day but do use it in soups and some baking.

  • I follow you on Twitter and here’s my tweet:

  • Jill

    Great in soups.

  • Tara

    I use Carnation evaporated milk in pies, macaroni and cheese and in soups. It is super yummy!

  • Laurie Murley
  • Laurie Murley

    i use carnation milk in my pies, fudge and gravies.

  • Carnation is amazing! I love their products!

    I use it in my pumpkin pie recipe… mashed potatoes…..and in much more baking!

  • Laurie Murley
  • celeste

    I use it in my Cream of Broccoli soup

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