Cheap Digital Cameras at Walgreens through 8/30

Erin, left a comment about this deal but it is so sweet it needs the spotlight.

Polaroid Cameras i534 and i737 are on clearance at Walgreens for 59.99 and 65.99 respectively.
What’s so good about that you ask? Well, both of them qualify for a $40 Easysaver rebate for up to $80 if you buy one of each. If you use your $10 off 40 coupon, you can end up spending $15.99 for the i737. The regular price for that camera was 149.99. That’s 90% off!!

Do you need an “expensive” holiday present for someone in particular? This is the way to do it! But run, this deal ends tomorrow since the rebate is for August not September.

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