Cheap or Free Bic Soleil Razors at Walgreens

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Bic Soleil razors are $5.99 at some Walgreens stores. Use the $3 off one manufacturer coupon from 11/2 inserts and the $3 off one Walgreens coupon in the Easysaver catalog and you get the razor for free. At my store these razors were 6.99. But 99 cents is still pretty cheap.
Thanks Allison!

Yesterday I stopped by my store and found Goody Ouchless brushes starting at $4.99 each. Use the $2 off one manufacturer coupon here and the $2 off one Walgreens coupon in the Easysaver catalog and you could pay only 99 cents per brush.

Happy savings!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks I need more razors and hair brushes they make good stocking stuffers!:)

  • Jenni

    From what I’ve heard on reviews, these razors are pretty rough on your legs, but maybe they’ll work for some.

  • Marin…

    I haven’t used the Bic Soleil razor with cartridges yet but I have used the disposable ones (they’re my razor of choice for traveling) and I really like it. Close shave, smooth legs!

  • HotMommy

    I had HUGE issue at my Walgreen’s. The cashier kept saying that the coupon in the Easysaver was only for Soleil cartridges. I had to have a manager called to the front to tell her I could use the Easysaver coupon for the razor 4-pack. Such a hassle, but at least I got the deal.

  • Anonymous

    My store would not allow me to use the mf q and the easy saver q to do this deal. Something about a new rule at WAGS as of 11/1. I’m going to have to check it out on HCW.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how you guys get these deals, as my walgreens in Elk river, mn. wouln’t let me use the manuf. coupon with there specials.

  • Anonymous

    Write corporate! I did and it is a corporate policy to accept both coupons . I have the e-mail and reference number printed off in my purse in case I get any trouble. The e- mail from corporate asked for the store that gave me trouble.