Cheap Walgreens Brand Diapers after Rebate

This week Walgreens has their W Brand diapers on sale for $5.99.  Plus there is a rebate offer available: Buy $25 worth of Walgreens Brand Diapers and get a $10 Mail In Rebate. This rebate form prints at check out and it is limit of one per household. You can pay $1.99 per pack of diapers with the following deal:

Buy 5 Packages $5.99 each = $29.95
Use the $2 Infant Care Book Coupon (Will Deduct $10)
Pay $19.95 plus tax out of pocket
Then submit for the $10 Mail In rebate which prints at checkout
That’s like paying $1.99 per pack after coupon and rebate

This offer is not advertised in the weekly ad but it is advertised in the monthly coupon booklet (towards the end).

Thanks, Passion for Savings!

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  • Alicia

    these diaper are just like huggies snug and dry. I love them.

  • Elizabeth

    Great! I was just going to ask if anyone knew if they were like Huggies

  • Liz York

    We love these diapers…and we are generally Huggies snobs…but both my husband and I like them! Question…Do we know when the rebate is due by? Would it be a better deal to wait until they have a B1G1 sale? Anyone know when one is coming up?

  • ashley

    Where do u get the infant care book coupon???

  • irene

    This might sound strange, but I got some a few weeks ago for my geriatric dog. She wears them overnight with a hole cut out for her tail. These diapers are amazingly absorbent and the elastic bands fit snugly around her furry legs. If your baby doesn’t have a furry tail, the absorbency is still top notch!

  • Sarah J

    Do you think you can still get the rebate if you use the coupon? I know some places won’t give you the rebate if you use a coupon.

  • Allison

    Wish I could find that elusive Infant Care book! I’ve never seen one at my Walgreen’s. 🙁

    • Sarah J

      Last week I couldn’t find them either, and when I asked the cashier they didn’t know anything about them. I waited until later that evening when my favorite cashier was working and asked her and she pulled them out from behind the counter. 🙂

      If you have a trusted/favorite cashier, I would ask her.

  • heather

    ALLISON, email me your address to

    I too couldn’t find them and an awesome friend in texas sent me a few of them. I don’t care at all to mail you one of them!


  • ashley

    I can’t find the book either and I have 2 in diapers. I love these diapers. If anyone would mail me one I will be very very thankful!

  • Ashley

    Has anyone tried this yet? I tried to use one of these coupons a few weeks ago and it only took 2 dollars off even though I purchased two packages of diapers.

  • kelli

    I did the deal yesterday as it’s written above, and it worked perfectly! The rebate form is in the mail today. I love these diapers, too! Thanks!

  • heather

    Ashley, Allison has not gotten in touch with me. So please email me at the above email address with your name/address and I will get it out to you! I know the cost of diapers all too well as I have triplets. When they were born we had 4 in diapers…


    • Shanda

      Hi Heather, I too have been searching everywhere for this booklet…in fact I would call my store almost on a daily basis asking if they got any in…well they did and someone came in and cleared what they had.( thats what a cashier told me) anyway if you have an extra booklet I would be more than willing to send you money for the postage. My email is….if you don’t have anymore i completely understand. And I thought 2 in diapers was a lot….wow 4 is impressive 🙂

  • Ann

    Love these diapers! This evening I I used a raincheck from the BOGO sale on the diapers from a few weeks ago. What a GREAT deal!! Paid $14.00 for 11 packages of diapers. We have 2 in diapers now. Our newest son is only 1 month old. Hope there is another BOGO sale soon.