Claim Your Photoworks Freebie Now!


Hurry up and claim you coupon code for a free clutch photo book, 25 cards or Calendar or a $25 credit to Photoworks now.  The offer is live now and going fast!  Just visit American Greetings and choose your gift and get your code.  This offer is only available today 12/1 and to the first 20K people to claim it.


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  • jen

    i got my code, made my 20 page book, but the code is only taking off the shipping. It says in my offers that I have a free 20 page clutch book (which i made sure 20 times that i made the right thing with the right pages…) Anyone else have this problem?

    • stephanie

      I made the 4 x 4 book, and I added extra pages planning to pay the difference like I did with the other free book they did. It took off the book and shipping, and was completely free. I don’t know if you could call customer service. This website is aggravating, but they have good specials and free items.

      • jen

        i first had too many pages and thought that is why it didnt work, so i went back and made sure i only had 20 but that wasnt the trick. i am “online” chatting with customer service, it is more like “waiting for 10 minutes at a time” than “chatting” but we’ll see what they say.

        • jen

          ok, CS was really nice and credited my account with a free book. she said they are having trouble with the free code (sounds like we all did not get a unique code). If you are having problems just call or use online chat, it actually was better than waiting on hold. She told me I would have to pay tax of 1.31 but when I got to the final screen my total was ZERO!!!
          Thanks M for always giving us these great deals!!!

  • D

    It said that it needed an email address but never had a space to give one? Will that affect my free calendar?

  • Laura

    I made my calendar last night. It worked great! The calendar looks wonderful. Thank you for the freebie! I love it!

  • Laura

    Jen —
    My mom had the same problem. Which book did you make? I think the code is only valid on the personalized clutch book — the black one with the baby on the cover. She changed her design to that one and the code went through fine.

  • Kathryn

    Thank you so much Mercedes! We always make calendars for christmas present and once again you found a great freebie! Thank you for your blog!!!

  • Jessi

    I made my calender around 7:30 this morning! Thank you 🙂

  • Angela W

    Just finished my calendar! I could not find the code initially, then I downloaded Firefox and when I went back through that browser it popped right up.

  • Laura

    I also had the problem with the clutch book and needed to make the personalized one and the code worked without any problem.

  • Casey

    I used the $25 off entire order but it only took off for the $18.95 item. I tried to do the chat but it took too long. I looked the coupon over and it defintely read $25 off entire order. Just a heads up, I still got a free pillowcase.

    • From what i understand the code will only cover free shipping for the three photo gifts. if you choose the $25 off then you still have to pay shipping even if the item you choose is less than $25.


  • Joy

    No problems here for ordering the 25 free holiday cards. My code worked and everything. My order confirm also had a 20% off code for future order. Hope quality is good.

  • Talia

    Quick question for clarification – you get the code today, but then it says it doesnt expire until 12/31/09. So, do we not have to make the item today? Do we have until 12/31/09 to make the item we choose as long as the 20,000 codes havent been redeemed yet?

  • gidget

    All codes are gone! 🙁

  • juanita

    I am wondering also if we have to rush and make our project today. Is it the first 20,000 who complete their project with a code or is it the first 20,000 people who sign up get a code and have until 12/31/09 to complete our project and still get it free?

    • Jo

      The understanding is that we have until 12/31/09 to make the project. However, I saw a website strongly encouraging people to get the project done in case they deny the code later. I don’t know why they would do that, but I’m not taking any chances.

    • Stephanie

      from what i read, people could give their code to a friend and it worked for the friend also, which would be 2 people using one code. I went ahead and ordered quickly b/c it could be after 20,000 codes are used it is over even though some people did not go on the site and get the code. You may not want to take a chance.

      • juanita

        Thanks for the input guys! I am trying to get mine done now. It took a long time to download my pictures to the site. I got my code this morning. Hopefully it will still work.

  • joan

    It appears that all codes are gone–DEAD!

  • Betty

    I signed up and got the code this morning. I finished the calendar sometime this afternoon (2ish maybe) and I’m on eastern time. Anyway, it took off everything, total 0.
    Love your blog and I now have 1st present for hubby, it’s so hard to figure out what to get him.