Coke Rewards: Add 40 Points!

Add 40 points to your Coke Rewards account with the following codes:

  • 10096071476917
  • 10096122897198
  • 10095913378567
  • 10095827987467

Thanks My Shoppers Apprentice!

 *Update: It has been reported that you can enter these codes everyday thru 8/5 and get 40 points daily! Plus, under rewards catalog you can score free 20 oz product coupons for just 40 points!

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  • ruth alston

    awesome! thanks! they all worked for me

  • Debbie Peterson

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Vicky Bair

    I texted mine in and My Coke rewards said not valid – but they still might work for others

  • Vicky Bair

    They work on the website – not texting in – Thank you – McDonalds Spicy Bite coupon 40 points

  • Dale

    Thx, first 2 worked, second 2 said promotion over.

    • Sharon

      Same with me…
      Only first two worked.

  • marinadelray

    just tried, 7/31/12 @ 9:38, first two worked, but second two did not. 🙁
    but hey, i’ll take what i can get, thank you!

  • Sandy

    Thx, first 2 worked, second 2 said promotion over.

    I will try the 2nd two tomorrow!