Common Sense with Money Turned Three!

Yesterday morning was ver anti-climatic. I knew my 3-year anniversary of blogging was coming up so I looked at my blog archives and it turns the anniversary of my first post had actually come and gone.

Many things have happened since the start of this blog: we have added to children to our family, we have moved homes, my husband changed jobs and more. Yet one thing remains constant: our desire to save money so we can achieve our financial goals. Saving money is a lifestyle for our family. The one thing we have learned is that it’s important to do this with a purpose. Having a goal helps you stay the course. You will also find that with time these goals change. When we first started our main goal was to save money so we could survive on one income. Our goals have since progressed to saving money so we can save for our future and the future of our children, among others.

After three years I still call myself lucky to be able to share with others my passion. And while I spend a lot of time during the day doing this, it is still fun for me to do it so in any sense ever considered a chore. My goal is and has always been to help save YOU money as well. While not all of the deals that I share apply to everyone that reads this blog, I consider myself successful if at least one of you finds the information you find here useful.

While I may be late to my own anniversary celebration that doesn’t miss I should skip it entirely. So to celebrate and to thank you for your loyal readership I will be having a giveaway bash this coming Tuesday. I have a few goodies I want to share with you.

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  • Ana

    Congrats! I love your blog and read it a few times everyday! Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  • Catherine

    Congratulations on the anniversary – and thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! I’ve found so many great deals through your blog and learned so much. Here’s to many more years and many more dollars saved!

  • Carrie

    you’ve helped us save! i was able to save up enough for 10 weeks of maternity leave. my daughter is 3 1/2 weeks old and we are still on track. hopefully, with more savings, i’ll be able to take more time off. :o) or at least go back only 2 days a week instead of full-time. so, thank you for your hard work on behalf of my new little girl, who joins 2 big brothers and a big sister at home!

  • CJ

    Happy anniversary and thanks for all of the great information!

  • Happy Anniversary! You and your blog have been so helpful and encouraging as I strive to save our family money! Thank you for your dedication to this blog! I know the hours it takes to make a blog like this possible!

  • Barbara A

    Congratulations and thank you for helping me save so much money. I really appreciate all the work that must go in to having this site.


    Thank you so much for your hard work to help all us save a lot of money

  • Congratulations on your Blogoversary!! I really appreciate all the tips from bloggers like you on how to save money. I am addicted to reading blogs now! I just wish my husband would get on board already!!

    Have a great day and continued success for years to come!!

  • Maria

    Congratulations Mercedes!!! Thank you so much, we appreciate all you do!!!! God Bless You & your beautiful family!!!

  • Congratulations! You’ve helped a lot of people, Mercedes, and are great at sharing deals! Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  • Ilona

    Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary! I love your blog and the blog has helped me to save a lot of money for the family. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  • lisette


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Common Sense with Money! Glad to have such a wonderful blog to read!!


  • Happy Anniversary! I have followed you for two and a half of those three years and I cannot begin to tell you how much money you have saved our family. Your blog is the one I point all of my friends to because I feel I know you and I definitely trust you! Thanks for bringing hot deals and store match ups and for always taking the high ground, providing ethical deals for all of us!

  • Hannah

    Happy Anniversary to my favorite money saving blog! Thanks for all you do : )

  • NGP

    Happy Anniversary to you! And THANK YOU for all of your encouragement, dedication and effort…your blog means so much toSO many people! I hope you do something nice for yourself…you deserve it!

  • sharon k

    Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for all the time you spend to help us all save.

  • Sandy L

    Congrats on 3 years. I love your blog. Helps us all save money.

  • Betty

    Cheers to many more years of saving money and helping others! Thanks so much for everything you do for us 😀

  • AC

    Happy 3 years old birthday!!!

  • sue

    congrats and many more to come!

    happy birthday!


    FELICIDADES!!! MERCEDES I really appreciate all the work you do, I have been using your blog for over a year now and I simply love it, it has been a blessing for my family!!! I have it on my phone so I can check out the deals any time anywere , I actually log on several times a day to get all the deals lol
    I just love it, its simple and it has all the great deals!!!! I think its the best blog out there. I always refer it to my friends. I have been using it to save SO MUCH money for my family and now Im getting ready for a new baby ahead of time since I will be pretty much liketly on bed rest for entire pregnancy!!! cant wait ha! well I want to save as much as possible so my hubby will not have to spend that much when I cant shop arround (you know he loves me couponing but its not really his passion ) lol Hope there is more years to come. Congrats again!!! and thanks for your hard work. !!!!

  • Congrats CSWM! I love your blog!

  • Kristina L.

    Congrats Mercedes on Turning 3!!! I love your site and like so many other readers I tell everyone I know about your blog. It’s the first place I go to each morning when I turn on the computer and it’s the last one I check before turning it off. You have inspired me to start a blog of my own and it’s amazing that you do all by yourself. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and you aren’t the only one that missed the day. I think I hit 4 years at some point in September, but didn’t even think about it until reading your post.

  • shuchi

    thanks for being there and helping me save tons of money.

    Happy 3rd and many more!

  • Congratulations my friend! Continued success!

  • kitchy

    Congratulations Mercedes…you are truly a blessings to all of us.

  • jen

    Thanks so much for your blog! I love it!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  • Happy anniversary! Thanks for all your hard work and helping me save so much money! You’re blog is the BEST!!

    • Oops, *YOUR* blog

  • Christine

    Congratulations, & thanks for all your hard work! I enjoying reading your blog, & read it almost daily.

  • Lisa

    Congratulations, my friend, on your three year anniversary! You and your blog hold a special place in my heart! Thanks for all you do! Miss you!

  • meher

    love ya .don’t know what i would do without your blog. 🙂 same here about”we have added two children to our family, we have moved homes, my husband changed jobs and more. Yet one thing remains constant” Thank You so much for all the hard work U put in for Us

  • Nic

    Congratulations on turning 3!

    I am one of those that doesn’t need a lot of the deals I see out there since I am a single gal with no kids but what I do use saves me money which is good for anybody. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us all.

  • Sarah B

    Happy anniversary! 🙂 I’m here about everyday, and I appreciate all your hard work and all the $$$ you’ve helped me save 🙂

  • Nancy V.

    Happy Anniversary Mercedes and THANK YOU for sharing with us!!!

  • Happy blogoversary! I look forward to reading for many more years!

  • Maureen

    Congratulations on your anniversary–I really enjoy reading your blog.

  • cham

    Congrats on the achievement ! We so much enjoy and learn things from here 🙂

  • Stephanie P

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, this is my # 1 blog. I’ve followed you daily since seeing you on the TMJ4 news segment in January 2009. Thank you so much for turning me into a couponer and for everything else that you share with us!

  • LL

    Congratulations! My boyfriend and I still can’t believe how selfless you are, sharing all this with us. Clipping coupons alone takes me forever– I can’t imagine having to compile all these different deals together. We really appreciate what you’re doing and been having a blast bonding over our savings!

  • Happy 3rd Anniversary Mercedes! It’s hard work but you are helping out many people. Thanks for all the deals. I love your blog, it is one of my very favorites! Here’s to 3 more years to come!! 🙂