Copps/Pick N Save Shoppers: Double Double Daze 4/21

WI readers, check your local ad (or call your store), it seems next Monday you will have double double daze coupons and will be able to double 10 coupons with one $25 purchase. Sweet! I hope there is lots of good deals.

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  • Andrea

    I just emailed Pick N Save and they told me that they weren’t aware of any double daze deals on Monday’s in the near future. I normally go to the Saukville WI store. I’ll keep an eye out and if I find out different I’ll post again!


  • OMG Please say that it is true since they didn’t do one for last month. Hopefully it is for all Pick N Save, Copps, and Rainbows.

    • Tammy

      The double double daze is on wed next week. It was already posted at my store.

  • Thanks Tammy…We don’t get our ads until Sat. I might have to call our Rainbow Foods to see if they are participating.

  • Carrie

    Do you mean next Wednesday?

  • Kathy

    So is the double double for ALL stores or just the ones in Minnesota? I am in Wisconsin closer to the Milwaukee area and I haven’t received an ad for next week yet.

  • I’m in Waukesha and my ad says Double Doubles

  • Mark

    It appears Milwaukee area stores have the Double Double Daze, but other WI stores may not. I am in the Johnson Creek area and the flier from Oconomowoc shows Double Double Daze, but fliers from Watertown and Fort Atkinson only have Double Daze. Guess where I will shop on Wednesday???