Costco Members | FREE Venus Embrace or Venus Spa Breeze Razor


Costco members can head over and request  a FREE Venus Embrace or Venus Spa Breeze Razor.  You will need to enter your customer id and password for your account.

Choose between one Venus Embrace handle with 5-blade razor cartridge or one Venus Spa Breeze handle with 3-blade razor cartridge and lathering shave gel bars.

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  • Elizabeth

    I’m having trouble with the link. I need a start sampling id? I created a acct and it still didn’t work.

    • Barb

      I’m having problems with the Costco website. When I try to checkout, it gives me an error message.

      • Mercedes

        They are getting so slammed right now that I would try back in a bit. I don’t think you can just request it with a account..I thought it was a paid membership??

        • Barb

          I have a paid Costco membership, but maybe you’re right about them being slammed right now. I didn’t think you could have a account without a paid membership, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know if it’s free shipping for this deal or if you have to pay shipping?

        • AC

          It shows below after I click the Get A Sample link…

          You were redirected to this screen because the product you tried to access is in test mode. To access a test project, you must first enter your customer id and password.

          After you login, you will be redirected back to your product landing page.

          You wll not see this screen once the item has been activated.

          • Barb

            I just went back after my session had timed out, after I’d received several error messages, and it now says the product is out of stock.

  • Penny Bachle

    Can’t figure out how to get this. What ID do you use? It’s not the id and password but your paid membership card doesn’t have a password. Not sure what to use.

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