Coupon Organization: Binder, Box, Envelope, Accordeon and Couponizer Systems


I hope you enjoyed the previous post on coupon organization by Amy.  She shared general tips and ideas for organizing your coupons.  This time I want to provide you with practical examples of how other bloggers are organizing their coupons:

Binder Method:

In this post by Surviving the Stores, Rachel shares how she clips multiple inserts at once and also how she organizes her coupons using the Coupon Binder Method.

If you are more of a visual type, Stephanie at Couponing 101 has a short video log sharing in detail her coupon binder.

Shelly, the Coupon teacher, shares her coupon binder on this post.

Check out Nicole’s, from Being Frugal is Fab, shares her very stylish and cute binder with us in this post.

Marcy at Stretching a Bucks shares more ideas on coupon organization and her binder on this entry.

Envelope System:

Charlene from Frugal Advantures shares her envelopes-in-a-pouch system on this post.

Frugal Girl shares her envelopes-in-a-cute-basket system on this post.

Accordion System:

You can also visit Carrie at It’s Frugal Being Green to see how she makes the Coupon Accordion System work for her.

Coupon Box:

Carrie over at Springs Bargains gives you a tour of her coupon box.

If you are looking for categories to organize your coupons, Crystal, over at Money Saving Mom, shares the categories she uses to organize her coupons.  She also shares how she makes the coupon box system of coupon organization work for her.


Are you wondering what I make work for me?  I clip and put away my coupons using this system.  But I carry my coupons around using a Couponizer.  Writing this post made me realize that I have been using a Couponizer for a year now.  This is why the couponizer works for me:

  • I don’t carry too many coupons with me.  My stockpile is so well established that I do not carry multiples of tons of coupons with me.
  • Having a nice stockpile also allows me to be able to cherry pick a lot of the deals I take advantage of.  I also only shop about twice a week and I usually shop with a list.  Most of the time I only carry the coupons I need for that trip with me.
  • I am OK with missing on some clearance deals.  I am also lucky to leave in a small town and if I see a deal I “must” take advantage of I just drive home to get the coupon (usually not more than two miles away).

The Couponizer may not work for you if:

  • You are working of setting up a stockpile and usually carry a tons of different coupons and multiples of each.  In this case your coupons won’t fit in a Couponizer and a binder method may work better for you.
  • You clip most coupons in your inserts just in case you get lucky and find a nice clearance.

Personally, the Couponizer works for because it fits very inconspicuously inside my purse.  I don’t like to carry big and bulky things.  Gosh, I am even against carrying diaper bags and I have two in diapers!  A binder full of coupons was never an option for me.  A small accordion was also quickly outgrown as an option.

As you can see, the coupon binder seems like a very popular option.  But what’s most important is to find the option that works for you, and that will probably require some trial and error.  I have tried the accordion, binder and Couponizer.  At this time the Couponizer is working for me but as with anything else, that may change in the future.  Flexibility and the ability to recognize that something doesn’t work for you anymore are things to keep in mind as well.  I hope this round up on coupon organizational systems is useful to you.

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  • great round up. i think everyone can create a personalized solution that works best for them by incorporating different ideas they see other people using.

  • Lindy

    THANKS so much for this informative post!!!! I also like the links to other bloggers who use the systems they use. It will help me even BETTER the system (s) I use. I use the box (for all clipped q’s) & small accordian file system (to carry with me). I especially liked what you said about being OKAY when not having a coupon and coming across a deal. This one, at times, has been hard for me to adjust too. But I’m working on it because I notice when I try to catch them all I become overwhelmed. THANKS again for a great read and a wonderful blog!!!

  • Thanks for this…I am in the process of working on a coupon binder and love all the ideas I can get!

  • lynn

    i have a couponizer i love it, all my coupons are organized it;s an easy system, i carry the bag it comes in all the time so i am always ready when i see a deal. I even bought one for my mother in law and she loves it

  • Jenny

    Wow! I’m surprised you didn’t link to Hip2Saves post… she did a video all about the binder method. It’s awesome and very informative. You can check it out here:

  • I love seeing how others organize their coupons! I also use the Couponizer in addition to my binder. Great for small trips where I want to “fly under the radar.”

    Thanks for linking to my binder video!


  • Thanks for this helpful post. I may have to rethink my organization method.

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  • Pam Jordan

    I just started a coupon binder and I sent this info. to my married daughter. Thanks for all the sharing and help. I just lost my job so I need all the help I can get.

  • Pam Jordan

    Oh by the way where do you get The Healthy Savings Coupon Booklet?

  • Pam Jordan

    My favorite Huggies product are the diapers. They work the best and they are a great company. My brother just had their first baby and I shared with him just how great huggies are. Now that’s the only diaper they buy.

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  • karina

    Hi, can anyone tell me each category that’s in the couponizer?? I want to know before i buy it n can’t find it anywhere,please help..