Crocs Shoes $10 at Big Lots


I know a few of you guys have taken advantage of the Crocs deals I have been sharing.  I understand it’s the summer and a lot of us are still looking for summer shoes for our children or ourselves.  I know I still am for my toddler.  I just found out that the weekly Big Lots ad is advertising Crocs on sale for $10 each.  OK, they are not disclosing the brand but if you look at the picture you can see the Crocs logo on the shoes.

So, if you are still looking for these types of shoes this may be a good alternative to explore.  I hope they have toddler sizes.

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  • I just got back from my Big Lots and there wasn’t much left. Got a pair for the baby…well, he’s 15 months and walking. They’re the croclings with the stretchy stuff so they stay on well. I’m real happy with those. And I got a plain red pair for my daughter one size too big. Hoping she can make due with those for now until I can find her a smaller size. Otherwise she should be able to wear them next year. She has to wear shoes when she’s outside or her feet break out from the grass and sox and tennis shoes in the summer get so hot.

  • I went to mine & there was a end cap of adults, didn’t see any kids, only a few flip flops (got me a pair), but my store had them for $12! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Tassie

    I went to the one in Milford, OH and they were wipped out. There were about 10 pairs left on an end cap. They lady at the front said people were waiting when they opened.

  • Not many left at my store either, but did find some Minnie Janes in my size. The price tagged said $12 but they did ring up for the sale price of $10. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi ZM,

      I am glad you were able to find a pair for you. My store didnt have very many either and no toddler sizes qhich is what I wanted.


  • Called my parents who live about an hour from me to check their Big Lots for the right size for my daughter. Dad called tonight to say they had one pair and he got them. SOOOO excited. Thanks Mercedes for the posting. She’s worn the big ones the last 2 days and no breakouts.

  • Victoria Feger

    I went today to La Verne, CA and they had tons! I got the primas (ballet flats) in an 8 for myself, and the fur-lined clogs for my daughter (17 months) I had to get her a 6, as that was the lowest size they had, but there were lots of styles/colors/sizes out here! Thanks!