Crocs: Women’s Juneau $14.99 or less


My favorite brand of comfy shoes, Crocs, has Women’s Juneau style of shoe on sale this week for $14.99 down from $34.99.  Use the code CUSTOMERLOYALTY09 to get an additional 10% off and free shipping.  I think this would make a good fall shoe.  Just search for “Juneau” in the using the search bar.  I did just pick up a pair of browns blacks (I changed my mind) for $13.49.

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  • I just ordered some. This will be my first ever pair of crocs!

  • Amy R.

    Thanks for the post. I ordered a black pair too! My kids have crocs, but I have never owned any.

  • Don’t forget to order through Ebates and get 4% off!

  • Oh wait! I just checked and you get 5% off!

  • Thanks so much-got mine too…I have a crocs addiction 🙂

    • Michelle, me too!! I just love them and at this price I can indulge, lol. These would be my fourth pair.


  • Awesome deal! just ordered the brown pair. this will be my 3rd pair of crocs but first of this style. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Alright! I caved! Finally purchased my very first pair of crocs!

  • Elizabeth Valerio

    Hi! I used the code and got the 10% but no free shipping. Did I read that wrong?

  • Stephanie,

    I hope you love them as much as I love my crocs!


  • Hi Elizabeth,

    You may want to double check because I used the exact same code and I got both. How much were you charged for? or what order total do you show?


  • Tanya

    I just ordered mine, but am wondering if you’ve ever had any problems with the shoes fitting. (I’ve never ordered shoes online before!) Do you know if it is easy to return them if needed? I tried looking on the web page but didn’t find anything about it. Thanks for all your work on this website!

  • Elizabeth Valerio

    Mercedes, thanks for the speedy reply. Even though it said 4.99 for ground shipping, I proceeded with the order and it removed the shipping so I got my 3rd pair for 13.49! Woo-hoo! Thanks.

    • Hi Tanya,

      They fit true to size that’s what a Crocs rep told me. I am a 7 and buy 7s and fit me very well. They are easy to return and the CS is outstanding.


  • Sue

    Thanks for the heads up! Count me in as someone buying her first pair of crocs as well. I chose the black ones, I think they’ll be comfortable for work (kindergarten teacher)

  • michelle

    Thanks for the info. I got 3 pairs.
    1 juneau brown- 14.99
    1 kids crockling – $14.99 BUY 1 GET 1 50%off
    1 kids scutes – $7.49
    Total =$33.72 for 3 pairs of shoes… what a deal!

    Thanks again…

  • Jennifer

    I have a pair of regular Crocs and a pair of Crocs flip flops that fit fine, but I have a wide foot and sometimes have a hard time finding shoes that fit. Does anyone know if these fit like the regular Crocs or are they narrower? Thanks!

  • Could you get away with wearing these to work?

  • Lisa

    I must have missed the boat on this one as I now get an invalid promo code message when I tried to use CUSTOMERLOYALTY09. Oh well, next time 8-).

  • This promo code just worked for me. I ordered a black and a brown pair.

  • Sue

    I just tried it and it worked for me. This is my 1st pair of crocs so I hope I like them. I’m currently pregnant and due in March, so I figure a good pair of shoes this fall would be nice on my feet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Selena

    Thanks! I ordered a pair for my mom. She works at a high school, and can get away with being a bit more casual. Now she can be comfortable too! The promo code worked just as you said it would.

  • Allison

    Amazon has Crocs today for 11.49 — the Mammoth style! With free shipping! I bought a four pairs — one for each of us, myself included!

  • Rebecca

    I just ordered a black pair – yay — my first pair of Crocs! Couldn’t find a nice casual black pair of shoes last fall/winter so hopefully these will be just perfect!
    Promo code worked just like you said it would!
    THANKS for the great bargain tip!

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  • Heartland Hannah

    Awesome – thanks : ) Ordered mine today!

  • Carolyn

    My Crocs arrived today and I’m so pleased with the style, color(black), and comfort. This is my first pair. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn!

      I got mine yesterday too and I also got black. Just right for the fall.