CVS: 15 bags of FREE Chips

CVS has a HOT deal that is unadvertised! Just buy 3 Frito Lay bags of Chips and get $1 ECB! The smaller bags are on sale for 3 for $1! You can do this deal for a total of 5 times, making 15 bags FREE!

UPDATE:  These small 3/$1 bags may be a seasonal item at some CVS and may not be available at all stores.  You may also want to look for the very small bags of Frito Lay Sunflower seeds that also sell 3/$1.  The deal also works on those.

Thanks Good Deal Mama!

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  • Ann

    ugh… the only bags i can find at my cvs are scanning $1 each….

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  • dan

    what is 1$ ECB ? electronic coupon bonus? extreme cash back ? extreme couponing bonus ?

    • dan

      o nm, i figured it out, extra care bucks… to be used later I guess.

      you can tell I don’t shop at cvs too much.

  • My store only had the 99 cent size (a little bigger than the 3/1). But they are also generating $1 ECB per 3.

    Dan- ECB= Extra Care Buck. When you use your Extra Care card (store loyalty card) you earn these “bucks” that print off as “cash” to use on your next CVS purcase. HTH!

  • kara

    do you need to do this in 5 different transactions or can you do it all at once?

  • melissa

    5 different transactions maybe…. thats how it works at walgreens. but usually there is a can on ECBs like you cna only do it once with your CVS card then you cant get the same ECB again.

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  • Wow

    More false information from common sense with money.
    Every CVS in south east and central Ohio does not carry the small bags (I called 34 stores) of frito lay and there is NO sale on any bags of frito lay today or this week.

    Wish the people passing along info would get it right or at least post what part of the country this is happening, because it isn’t here in OHIO!

    • Jessica

      First off that was rude. Secondly, some in Columbus, Ohio do carry them. I just walked out of the Stringtown Road CVS. They are seasonal items for some CVS stores.

    • hi Wow,

      I will add to the post what Jessica added that this might be a seasonal item. I did see the 3/$1 bags so that’s why I know they do carry them. The deal also works with the small bags of frito lat sunflower snacks that are also 3/$1.


  • Kim

    I checked at my store and they didn’t have the small bags, only the 99 cent bags.

  • Christy

    Keep in mind that 15 bags is a lot per person so it would probably only take two or three shoppers to clear them out.

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  • denise

    I live in the Austin Texas area and I did not find this deal at our stores

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