CVS: Big Bags of Nestle Candy 65% Off

nestlecandy 300x245 CVS: Big Bags of Nestle Candy 65% Off

Still looking for a good Halloween Candy deal?  Here’s a good candy deal you can get this week at CVS:

$10 when you buy two Wonka Mix-Ups (24 oz.) Bags $5.00 ea.
$10 when you buy two Nestle (24 oz.) Bags $5.00 ea.
Less $4 when you use two $2.00/1 printable Wonka coupons
Less $4 when you use two $2.00/1 printable Nestle coupons
Pay $12 out of pocket and get $5.00 in ECB’s back (This deal is Limit 1)
That’s like paying $1.75 per huge bag of candy.

Thanks Coupon Gal!


  1. Mandy says:

    This deal is at least ‘limit 2′. After I did this deal today (although my 24 oz. bags were $5.99 each), instead of saying ‘Offer limit reached’ on the bottom of my receipt, it said ‘amount toward this reward 23.96, amount needed to earn reward 20.00′. I’m going back tomorrow.

  2. Courtney says:

    Me too! I noticed my receipt didn’t say offer limit reached either. I just might head back as well… especially now that I can get free air fresheners too with the CVS coupons released. Thanks!

  3. Courtney says:

    ACTUALLY… could you do the Glade Sense and Spray (that is free after coupons, see for details) and pair the flu quiz $5/$25 coupon? Or am I missing something there? Then you are paying $7 and getting $5 back???!!!

  4. Mercedes says:


    the $5 CVS coupon is no longer available.


  5. Lisa says:

    I was thinking of throwing in another bag of Wonka Mixups and using the $5/$25 flu quiz coupon. That would make the other bag free and get another $2 off of the first four. Only $1.50/bag!!!

  6. Natasha says:

    $2.00 Nestle & Wonka coupon reset.

    I was able print 4 more coupons last night!

  7. Tracy says:

    Is anyone finding the $5 24 oz bags of candy? I’m just not seeing them at CVS.

  8. esther says:

    same here, the wonka bags are at least 6.99 and i can’t find any of the nestle 24 oz bags either. I went to 2 diff cvs but no luck!

  9. Juanita says:

    My Wonka bags were $5.99 each and I did find a larger Nestle bag, it was one big bag that showed like it had 3 smaller bags inside of it and they were Nestle, Butterfinger, and Baby Ruth candy bars. It was priced at $8.99 at my store. So you could use 3 coupons on two Wonka bags and 1 Nestle.

    Total 20.97
    – 6.00 Coupons
    – 5.00 EB
    = 9.97 for the 3 bags. I usually some sort of CVS coupon every other weekend, which might make this scenario worth it. By the way, this is still cheaper than WM’s price.

  10. Melissa says:

    There doesn’t appear to be either of these coupons available anymore…anyone else having a problem?


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