CVS: Big Bags of Nestle Candy 65% Off


Still looking for a good Halloween Candy deal?  Here’s a good candy deal you can get this week at CVS:

$10 when you buy two Wonka Mix-Ups (24 oz.) Bags $5.00 ea.
$10 when you buy two Nestle (24 oz.) Bags $5.00 ea.
Less $4 when you use two $2.00/1 printable Wonka coupons
Less $4 when you use two $2.00/1 printable Nestle coupons
Pay $12 out of pocket and get $5.00 in ECB’s back (This deal is Limit 1)
That’s like paying $1.75 per huge bag of candy.

Thanks Coupon Gal!

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  • Mandy

    This deal is at least ‘limit 2’. After I did this deal today (although my 24 oz. bags were $5.99 each), instead of saying ‘Offer limit reached’ on the bottom of my receipt, it said ‘amount toward this reward 23.96, amount needed to earn reward 20.00’. I’m going back tomorrow.

  • Me too! I noticed my receipt didn’t say offer limit reached either. I just might head back as well… especially now that I can get free air fresheners too with the CVS coupons released. Thanks!

  • ACTUALLY… could you do the Glade Sense and Spray (that is free after coupons, see for details) and pair the flu quiz $5/$25 coupon? Or am I missing something there? Then you are paying $7 and getting $5 back???!!!

  • Courtney,

    the $5 CVS coupon is no longer available.


  • Lisa

    I was thinking of throwing in another bag of Wonka Mixups and using the $5/$25 flu quiz coupon. That would make the other bag free and get another $2 off of the first four. Only $1.50/bag!!!

  • $2.00 Nestle & Wonka coupon reset.

    I was able print 4 more coupons last night!

  • Is anyone finding the $5 24 oz bags of candy? I’m just not seeing them at CVS.

  • esther

    same here, the wonka bags are at least 6.99 and i can’t find any of the nestle 24 oz bags either. I went to 2 diff cvs but no luck!

  • Juanita

    My Wonka bags were $5.99 each and I did find a larger Nestle bag, it was one big bag that showed like it had 3 smaller bags inside of it and they were Nestle, Butterfinger, and Baby Ruth candy bars. It was priced at $8.99 at my store. So you could use 3 coupons on two Wonka bags and 1 Nestle.

    Total 20.97
    – 6.00 Coupons
    – 5.00 EB
    = 9.97 for the 3 bags. I usually some sort of CVS coupon every other weekend, which might make this scenario worth it. By the way, this is still cheaper than WM’s price.

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  • Melissa

    There doesn’t appear to be either of these coupons available anymore…anyone else having a problem?