CVS: Bonus Offers Deals Good 1/3-2/14


Every year CVS put bonus packages of certain products with bonus Extra CAre Bucks offers. Here’s the list of the items included in this year’s sale with coupon match ups:


Earn $6 ECB wyb 6ct. box of Soy Joy, $6
Free after ECBS

Earn $2 ECB wyb Cheez-It Double Pack, $6.00
Pay $4 after ECBs

$4 ECB wyb Cheerios (plain and Honey Nut), $7.99
Use $1/1 or $1/2 Honey Nut Cheerios printable coupons (IE Link) (FF Link)
Use $1/1 Cheerios printable coupon
Pay $2.99 after coupon and ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Kelloggโ€™s Special K, $7.99
Pay $5.99 after ECBs

Earn $3 ECB wyb Nature Valley, $6.99
Use$0.40/1 Nature Valley Printable coupon
Pay $3.59 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Ritz 12 oz 2 pack, $6
Pay $4 after ECBs

Earn $3 ECB wyb Fiber One cereal, $6.99
Use $0.75/1 Fiber one cereal printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Pay $3.24 after ECBs

Earn $1 ECB wyb 2 Wonka Gummie bags 2/$4
Use two $1/1 Wonka Gummies printable coupon
Pay $1 for two after coupons and ECBs

Earn $1 ECB wyb 2 bags Hershey dark chocolate , Reeses , York & Almond Joy pieces candy $3 each
Use $1/2 York Coupon from 1/3 inserts
Pay $4 for two bags after ECBs

Personal Care

Earn $4 ECB wyb Cottonelle 20-pack Toilet Paper $12.88, or Charmin 20-pack Toilet Paper, $12.99
Pay $8.99 per pack after ECBs

Earn $3 ECB wyb Cottonelle wipes, $5.98
Pay $2.98 each after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb J and J Head to Toe Wash, $4.49
Use $2/1 printable coupon (says Redeem at Walgreens on it)
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay as little as 49 cents after coupon and ECBs

Earn $1 ECB wyb Pert, $5.00
Pay $4 after ECbs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Colgate Total Advanced 2 pack, $6.99
Pay $4.99 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Irish Spring (8pk), $4.99
Pay $2.99 after ECbs

Earn $3 ECB wyb Kotex, $10.99
Pay $7.99 after ECBs

Earn $3 ECB wyb Excedrin 100+24 pack, $9.99
Use $1.50/1 coupon from 1/3 SS insert
Pay $5.49 after coupon and ECBs

Household Goods, Cleaning, Writing, etc.

Earn $3 ECB wyb Oust Air Sanizer, $3.99 Limit 3
Use BOGO Oust Surface Disinfectant & Air Sanitizer from SS 1/3/10
Free plus $2.01 in overage after coupon and ECBs Thanks SouthWest Coupon Clipper!

Earn $1 ECB wyb Clorox Wipes 2 pack, $4.99
Pay $3.99 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Dawn 2 pack, $6
Pay $4 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Windex 2 pack, $6.99
Pay $4.99 after ECBs

Earn $3 ECB wyb Glade Fabric Spray, $3.99
Pay $0.99 after ECBs
Submit for $5 SC Johnson Rebate

Earn $2 ECB wyb Scrubbing Bubbles gel, $6.99
Pay $4.99 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb Sharpie (16 pk), $8.49
Pay $6.49 after ECBs

CVS Brand Items

Earn $1 ECB wyb CVS brand 6-pk toothbrushes, $3.99
Pay $2.99 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb CVS Blackhead Scrub, $8.98
Pay $6.98 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb CVS Apricot Scrub, $6.98
Pay $4.98 after ECBS

Earn $3 ECB wyb CVS Firming Moisturizer, $15.98

Pay $12.98 after ECbs

Earn $3 ECB wyb CVS Enriched Lotion, $11.98
Pay $8.98 after ECBs

Earn $3 ECB wyb CVS Smoothing & Daily Lotion, $11.98
Pay $8.98 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb CVS Acne Treatment, $ 9.58
Pay $7.98 after ECBs

Earn $1 ECB wyb CVS Nail Polish Remover, $1.99
Pay $0.99 after ECBs

Earn $2 ECB wyb CVS Swabs 1000 ct, $6.98

Pay $4.98 after ECbs

Happy Savings!

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  • alyssa

    I’m not seeing the $2 Johnson and Johnson coupon. Is there a specific zip used?

    • Hi Alyssa,

      yes, try zip 75230.


  • Hi Mercedes!
    Did the Oust deal this morning. I think your calculation is off. It ends up being a money maker!
    2 Oust – $3.99 each
    -b1g1 from 1/3 SS (-3.99)
    Final Cost = $3.99 plus earn $6 in ECBs (Two $3 ECBs each) (limit 3)
    Final Cost after coupons and ECB = FREE plus $2.01 money maker!

    • Thanks! I didn’t know that the limit was more than 1.


      • Mercedes–

        I did the Oust deal this afternoon using the above scenario (so I bought 4 Oust and used 2 B1G1) and I got ECBs on ALL FOUR.

        Looking at my receipt, it DOES NOT say limit reached. So the limit for the Oust–despite saying 3 on the tagging– is currently more than four.

  • jen

    Agree with Southwest Coupon, it worked great for me! Any clue what the limits are? The soy joy sign said 3, but after I didnt that, my Limit wasnt reached at the bottom of my receipt…

    • Mandy

      The Soy Joy limit is 6.

      • Renee S.

        Mandy, did you get ECB’s on 6 boxes of Soy Joy? My store’s sign states a limit of 3. I’m in southern Calif.

  • Josie

    Do you know the limit on the Wonka Gummies? Thank you!

  • Kristan

    I did the 6 soy joys and I didnt receive an ECB. Could this be regional. I live in Louisiana

  • Carrie

    It’s a six count box, not 6 individual bars. Could that be the reason? I couldn’t even find the 6-count boxes today at the one CVS I went to (I’m in Dallas). I will check another tomorrow. I remember this deal from last year & it was awesome! I just hope I can find some….

  • Lisa

    I tried a few of the extra ECB deals today and two did not generate ECB’s. The CVS brand 6 pack of toothbrushes ($3.99) did not give ECBS nor did the CVS brand nail polish remover ($1.99).

    I did get the ECB’s for OUST and Charmin! Thanks for the heads up.

    Just wanted to let you know about these others. Where did you see the extra deals published? They weren’t tagged (yet the Oust deal worked) so I am just curious?

    Thanks again!

  • Renee S.

    Just wanted to remind everyone that Oust is an SC Johnson product, so it qualifies for the $5 rebate. The form says ANY SC Johnson product. Also note that you can submit up to 3 rebate forms, but they need to be submitted separately & each must have an original receipt(s), so you may want to split up your purchases.

    • Just to clarify Renee, the form DOES NOT say “any” S.C. Johnson product. It specifies that the three items must come from the following product lines: Ziploc, Glade, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Shout, Fantastik, Drano, Raid, Off, Saran, or Nature’s Source.

      Submitting the rebate for the Oust will not result in a $5.00 check.

      • Renee S.

        Here’s a link where it states, “Click here to download the special rebate form and get $5 back when you purchase any 3 SC Johnson products.”

        The rebate form itself is misleading because near the top it states, “ANY 3 SC Johnson Products, including…” and at the bottom it states, “Any THREE SC Johnson products from the list above.” Well, I’ve mailed mine off, so I’ll update everyone in 6-8 weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kari

    I bought 4 oust this afternoon and received 3 ECBS for each of them (total $12ECB) and my receipt does not indicate offer limit reached. Thanks for the reminder on the SC Johnson rebate Renee. I already submitted mine but will send this one off to my sister who’s a grad student on a fixed income and will be thrilled to get a couple $5 checks in the mail ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Jean

    Does anyone know if CVS will get reimbursed for the Johnson baby wash coupon that says redeemable only at Walgreens? I used it at CVS and it didn’t beep or anything but I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t screw them over. I kind of felt bad after because I wasn’t sure if they will get there money back for it.

    • Deanna

      I am in TX and I had heard that CVS takes coupons from other stores so I called and asked. They told me yes. I am fixing to use some today.

  • Renee S.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting ECB’s on more than 3 6ct. boxes of Soy Joy. My store’s sign states a limit of 3, so that’s what I bought. Just thinking it would be worth a trip tomorrow if I can get 3 more…:-)

    • Renee,

      Does your receipt indicate you’ve reached the limit? After three, mine DID NOT, so I continued buying one per transaction until it did (so that I wouldn’t end up buying one that I wouldn’t get ECBs for). My limit– in Virginia– was 6.

  • Renee S.

    No, it doesn’t say limit reached. I planned on doing just as you did, buy 1 at a time. Hope it works for me!

  • Renee S.

    I went back tonight & bought 3 more boxes of Soy Joy, so a total of 6. Now my receipt states limit reached.

  • will

    I got 2 boxes of soy joy and did the oust deal too. In two weeks of finding this site, I have gotten the soy joy, 2 ousts, 3 pack of soap, hand soap, and dish detergent (bought with overage from the oust deal)

    thanks mercedes.. !

  • Abby

    I also tried getting the $1 ECB on the fingernail polish remover and it didn’t print. Where are these deals posted so that I can go back for it the next time I’m in?

  • Julie

    I am looking to get started doing the CVS… any ideas where to get a “how to guide”? I have never even walked into the store before, but seems there are really good deals, and am now willing to travel the 15 minutes to get there. Thanks!!

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  • Carmila

    Where are these Soy Joy bar boxes located in the store? I have been to 4 CVS’s in South Florida, and they only had the single bars. I really love Soy Joy, so was sad to not find them. ๐Ÿ™ Any ideas on where to look?

  • ingrid

    mine were on an endcap at the back of the store near the pharmacy. a cashier should be able to help you.

    i got three boxes of soyjoy bars. my receipt still says i can get more and the cashier agreed that i could get more. i just didn’t because i had been there a while and my little girl was about to blow lol! i’m not going back for more cause we have enough to last till kingdom come since i’m the only one in the house that will eat them and my mom bought 6 boxes on her card for me too.

    so is the TP deal that great of a deal? we aren’t even close to running out of TP at home but i would buy it if it is a great deal…what do you think?

  • Renee S.

    Just wanted to update everyone regarding Oust and the SC Johnson $5 rebate. (See earlier comments.) I received my $5 rebate this week, so Oust DOES qualify.