The Best of CVS Deals Week of 11/15-11/21


Here are the best deals at CVS for the week of November 15th through November 21st.Thanks to the Thrifty Mama for her help putting these deals together.

Don’t understand any of the lingo I used? Please check my FAQ page for help.

Weekly ECB Deals

Buy a $50 Dinner and a Movie or Tee Time Gift card Earn $10 ECBs Limit 2
Pay $40 for a $50 gift card after ECBs

Covergirl Buy Simply Ageless Foundation ($13) and Blush ($10) Earn 10 ECBs Limit 1
Use B1G1 Free coupon from the 11/1 PG insert
Use $1/1 coupon from the 11/1 RP insert
Pay $2 or $1 each after coupons and ECBs

Dry Idea or Right Guard $2.99 Earn 1 ECB Limit 1
Use $1/1 Right Guard printable coupon
Use $1/1 from the CVS $100 Flu Booklet (combine with the $1 Right Guard coupon)
FREE after coupons and ECBs

Duracell Batteries $2.99 Earn 1 ECBs Limit 1
Use coupon$1/1 from the 11/1 PG insert
Pay $0.99 after coupons and ECBs

Energizer Batteries ($5.99) Spend $15 Earn 5 ECBs Limit 1
Use$1/1 from the 10/4 SS insert or printable HERE

Deal Idea
Buy 3 @ $5.99 ea = $17.97
Use 3 $1/1 coupons
Pay $9.97 or $3.32 each after coupons and ECBs

Flu Remedies Spend $20 Earn 10 ECBs Limit 1

Deal Idea
Buy 2 Theraflu @ $6 ea
Buy 1 Boiron Homeopathic @ $9
Use $2 Boiron printable coupon
Use $2 Boiron from the CVS $100 Flu Booklet
Use 2 $2 Theraflu printable coupon
Use $3/2 Theraflu from the CVS $100 Flu Booklet
Pay $1 for 3 or .33 cents each after coupons and ECBs

Deal Idea 2
Buy two Boiron @ $9 ea
Buy one Robitussin @ $5
Use $2 Robitussin printable HERE
Use two $2 Boiron printable HERE
Use two $2 Boiron from the CVS $100 Flu Booklet (if you have 2)
Pay $3 for 3 or $1 each after coupons and ECBs!

Glade Spend $12 Earn 4 ECBs Limit 1

Deal Idea
Buy two Sense and Spray @ $6 ea = $12
Use two $4/1 coupons from the 10/18 SS insert
FREE after coupons and ECBs

General Mills Cereal 2/$6 Earn 2 ECBs Limit 1
Use $0.75/1 from the 11/1 SS insert or printables on and
Use $1/1 Total printable coupon (IE link) or (FF link) or coupons from 10/4, 10/18, 10/25 and 11/1 SS inserts
Pay as little as $1 a box after coupons and ECBs!
*Look for the boxes that have the free movie ticket offer on them.

Hellmann’s ($3), Lipton ($3), Ragu ($1.66) or Skippy ($1.66) Spend $10 Earn 3 ECBs Limit 1

Deal idea
Buy 3 Skippy and 3 Ragu
Use 3 .40/1 coupon Skippy from the 10/4 and 11/15 RP inserts
Use $1.25/3 coupon from the 11/15 RP insert
Pay $4.55 for 6 items or $0.76 cents each after coupons and ECBs

Suave Conditioner, Shampoo or Styler ($2 ea) Buy 3 Earn 2 ECBs Limit 1
Use B2G1 coupon from the 9/13 RP insert
Use $0.50/1 coupon from the 9/13 and 10/25 RP inserts

Deal Idea
Buy three products
Use two $0.50/1 coupons and one B2G1 free coupon
Pay $3 out of pocket and Earn 2 ECBs

Non ECB Deals

Colgate Total and Cavity Protection B1G1 Free
Use $1/1 coupon from the 11/8 SS insert (buy 2 use 2 coupons)
Use $1 CVS coupon from the CVS $100 Flu Booklet
FREE after coupons

Kleenex Facial Tissue $0.99
Use $0.50/3 coupon from the 11/1 SS insert
Use $1 off CVS coupon from the $100 CVS Flu Booklet
FREE after coupon

Lindsay Olives $1.99 B1G1 Free
Use $1/2 printable coupon
Pay $0.99 for two after coupon

Tone 2-pack Bar Soap $1.79
Use $1/1 printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Pay $0.79 after coupon

Happy Savings!

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  • Daniel

    on the glade can you use the $4 coupon along with the $3 coupons on cvs website to make this a moneymaker.

    • Hi Daniel,

      The coupon on the CVS website is also a manufacturer coupon, so you can’t combine with the $4 coupon which is also a manufacturer coupon. if you print it you will notice the numbers in the bar code begin with #5.


  • Becky

    I just got back from CVS. I got the Boiron and Theraflu, but didn’t get the ECB’s. At the bottom of my receipt, it shows that only the Boiron ($9) counted towards the $20 you need to spend to get the ECB’s. Anyone else have that problem?

  • Lisa

    Wow! I’m totally confused. I didn’t get an ad in this week’s Sunday paper (11/8). So, this morning, I finally went to CVS and picked up an ad. Everything that you mentioned in your post was in that ad. So, is my CVS passing out ads, early, if in fact, it’s dated 11/15-11/21? I no longer have the ad because I didn’t find anything I wanted to buy and I threw it out. Now, I wish I hadn’t! 😉

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  • Ashleigh

    Don’t know if the same things are on sale at all CVS’s but there were several lotions and facial products (cleansers, treatments, etc) that were 50% off. There was a couple of ROC products, which are expensive, 50% off plus there was an additional $3 off paperless coupon in the ad, so I got it for $4.50 (regularly approx. $18.00). There was also an Oil of Olay Definity cleanser 50% off and I had a $3 Oil of Olay coupon on top of that, so I got it for a whopping $2.50.

    So you might check and see if your CVS has some 50% off and/or clearance products. If they do, you can use coupons on top of those, or bonus bucks and CVS coupons.

    Everything I bought tonight was on sale and/or 50% off, excluding a Revlon tweezer. In addition, I had a CVS coupon and about 3 manufacture’s coupons ($3.00 Oil of Olay, $1.00 Loreal, $1.00 Jergen’s lotion) and the CVS paperless $3 coupon on ROC products (I bought two).

    With the Revlon tweezers, you get $7 CVS bucks for if you spend $15 on Revlon products. The tweezers were $15.99. So, I bought those, and used a “$5 off $15” coupon and then I used the $7 bucks to purchase the remainder of my items. With the $5 off, the $7 bucks, the $3 ROC cpns, and the manufacture’s coupons, I saved a total of $23. BUT, on top of that, I bought four items that were 50% off (the ROC product, some Jergen’s lotion, a Loreal cleanser, and an Oil of Olay cleanser) so I saved about $20 in those savings.

    It pays to be shrewd when it comes to saving money!!