CVS: Free Schick and Skintimate Shaving Products

It looks like there is an unadvertised offer or Skintimate and Schick Products at CVS: buy any select product and get a $4 Extra Care Bucks back.  Among the products included are the shaving gels and those are priced starting at $3.89.  It also looks like the tag advertising this offer says the limit is 100.  I haven’t heard of anyone maxing that out yet, but you know there is someone out there testing that theory and clearing out all the shelves.

Sarcasm aside, I do want to warn you that I think the high limit may be a glitch.  I would also not be surprised if it turns out that the deal is not $4 Extra Care Bucks when you buy any but something more like $4 Extra Care Bucks when you spend a certain amount of $$.  What I am trying to say is that this deal may be modified by CVS corporate sooner rather than later.

Thanks Maven of Savin!

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  • WStudemeyer

    I can tell you that I purchased 10 of the Skintimate at $3.79 each and received a $40 ExtraBucks Rewards! Net purchase was 55 cents!
    My mother purchased 4 Skintimates at $3.79 each and 2 Schick Shaving Gels at $4.19 each and used 4 $2.00 off coupons for the Skintimates. She received $24.00 in ExtraBucks Rewards. Some of the Skintimate cans have the $2.00 off coupons attached. It is a very sweet deal with or without the coupon!!

    • casey

      hi were do yall live bc im in louisiana and they say they r not having the sale….. thanks

      • casey

        some of the stores r not putting the sticks up. the womens one worked for me but the mens didnt….lol but my mom was able to do booth…. lol

    • Nicole Mecca

      I also bought some of these today and when I tried to use the 25% off coupon, the cashier told me that if i did, the ECB’s would not print! I am so mad right now cuz thats $3 she made me lose!

      • Michelle

        The deal with the 25% off coupons from CVS now are that they state that they are not valid on sale items.I just tried to use one myself and it was a no go!

        • Shelly

          At my CVS (Norcal) since it was unadvertised (my guess) I was able to use the 25% and it worked. Also my friend works their and her employee discount of 30% worked too and it’s not supposed to on sale items.

  • Shelly

    I purchased 15 of them and used (15) $.55/1 coupon and had 25% off coupon (email) and $4 ECB from another transaction. They had different scents, but I purchased raspberry which were priced at $3.59. I paid $32.05 (including tax) and got back $60ECB. I placed an order for 32 more with the manager. Whenever my family comes up to visit (sister, mother, sister-in-law) they go through my stockpile and go “free shopping” as they call it.

    • Jill

      (Possibly a dumb ?):
      Is it better to split these into separate transactions or pay the full amount and get the ECB’s for another time?

      • Shelly

        If you don’t split the transactions then you’re going to get the ECBs back as one total ECB. Say you buy 10 (x4ECB) = $40. You’re going to have to spend the entire $40 on your next transaction before it expires. It doesn’t get split like $4ECB, $4ECB, etc. Unless you do separate. Hope that makes sense.

  • Monica

    Worked for me! I didn’t have much cash to start with so I had buy the Skintimate shave creams individually, plus a small filler item to cover the overage and roll my ECBs back into my next transaction. I had 7 of the 1/8 SS $.55/1 Skintimate so I wound up with 7 items and some Easter and Valentine’s candy and Jell-O pudding mixes that I needed anyway. The shave cream made my beauty club $5 ECBS print out too, so double happy! Thanks for the sweet deal!

  • Thanks for the deal.
    Can anybody guide me to better understand this notion “$4 Extra Care Bucks back”. I’m new to CSV couponing, so I might need a little help. Can you buy more for free with these ExtraBucks Rewards?

    • Hi Jessica,
      Yes, you could turn around and spend the Extra Care Bucks from the first transaction and buy more shaving gel.


  • Jill

    Thanks, Shelly! Makes complete sense.
    To CVS I go…

  • joe

    just picked up 7 skintimate and it worked

  • ania

    so I went to 3 different cvs’s and they were all sold out – none of the three had the deal marked….so the question(may seem kind of dumb) how do you go and ask for a raincheck on something that isn’t listed – has anyone tried? I had asked the cvs employees if they knew of an unadvertised deal on those and they really didn’t want to discuss – but I did comment that there must have been a deal otherwise they would not have been sold out!?!?!?! please help – how to ask politely for a raincheck????

    • Monica

      I had a problem with a raincheck once where the cashier had written the wrong offer code. The manager wouldn’t accept it because it would have given me a high value item for free, so he thought the offer didn’t exist. I was polite, especially because I shop there so often, but I was a little disgruntled BECAUSE I shop there often and I felt like he was suggesting I was trying to pull something over!
      I did an internet search for the offer and was able to find a scan of the original advertisement ( in your case you could print out a picture of the tag on the shelf and the blog post showing the dates of the sale). I returned to the store, showed the same manager the ad, and he forced the register to honor the raincheck. You could try using a printout to show that there is a sale and ask for a raincheck.

      • Maureen

        whenever i get a raincheck i cut out the ad picture (with the offer code) and staple it to my raincheck that way i never worry if they’ve written something wrong. since the rainchecks never expire i’ve had a few for a long time.