CVS: New Green Bag Tag Program


It’s great to see companies making efforts to be more green and I am happy to share that CVS is doing just that.  CVS has rolled out their new Green Bag Tag Program.  Buy a Green Bag Tag for $0.99 each and attach it to your own reusable bag.  Every time you choose to have your items bagged in your reusable bag, the cashier will scan the Green Bag Tag.  After the fourth time the card is scanned you will get $1 ECB back.  The fine print on the card states that “To earn Extra bucks for a transaction in store, your Extra care card, green bag tag, and reusable bag must be presented w/ purchase at checkout. Limit of one green tag use/scan per day per household. Every 4th purchase your ECB will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt as a $1 coupon good for your next purchase. Extra bucks can be used until the exp. date shown on the coupon.”

Sounds like a win-win program for every one.  I am happy to see this program roll out.  If you ever shopped at CVS you know you could walk out of there with tons of plastic bags.  It’s great to see CVS make an effort to make it attractive to their customers to bring in and use their own reusable bags.

Thanks Couponing to Disney for the heads up on this.

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  • jen

    i heard rumor of this, thanks for the details!

  • That’s a great new development–I’m glad to see it! Those of us who shop regularly at CVS to get the ECB deals will start racking up extra ECBs. Thanks for sharing!

  • Megan

    This is great news. Just wondering if you can buy more than one per extra care card? Any ideas?

    • priscilla chong

      Is the green bag tag available for purchase in honolulu?

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  • Neat, I’ll have to go to my CVS tomorrow. I didn’t really see much that I wanted to get in the ad, but now I’ll go. I posted a link from my blog to this. Thanks!

  • Megan

    What a great program! I always try to remember my reusable bags, but sometimes I forget. This will be a terrific incentive to be green 🙂 Thanks for the info, Mercedes!

  • kella

    I read about this, this morning and had to stop at CVS today and asked aobut it. They were very suprised that I new about it because they had just got the note about them and the manager had not even opened the box with them in it. But I bought the first one they opened. thanks for the head up …. its fun telling the manager things about there own company… they wonder where I get this magical information…shhhhh let keep it between you, me and the other million smart shopper.

  • Lisa

    I just found out last night that if you bring a reusable bag to Target, you get $.50 off your transactions! Even better than CVS but all incentives to cut back on plastic bags are good!

  • Lori Schmid

    Are these tags available at all CVS stores nationwide? I live in Lewis Center, Ohio (suburb of Columbus) and they had no idea what I was talking about when I went to my local CVS store looking for one.

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  • Jox

    Actually the Target rebate is 5¢, not 50¢. Still, it’s a rebate. Love the Green Bag Tag at CVS, though. Best deal in town!

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