CVS Huggies Diaper Coupon | As low as $1.49 per Pack!

Need some diapers? There is a new $2/1 Huggies LIttle Movers Slip-On CVS coupon. Combine this coupon with a great deal at CVS starting Sunday August 14, 2011. Here is the deal scenario:

Huggies Little Mover Slip On (Regular Price $8.99)
Use $2/1 CVS Huggies Coupon
PLUS use $3/1 Huggies Slip On in upcoming 8/14/11 SS insert
Pay only $3.99 after coupons

However, these will also be part of the gas deal: Spend $30 get a $10 Gas Gift Card back next week.  So if you can print enough CVS coupons, you could do four separate transactions (only one like CVS coupon per transaction allowed) and get a $10 Gas Gift Card to boot.  That would make each pack about $1.49 after the gas gift card.  Pretty awesome deal if you ask me!

UPDATE:  Looks like to get the Gas Card you must do it all in one transaction.  it is still a really good deal though, check it out:

Buy 4 packs $8.99 each
Use four $3/1 Huggies Slip On in upcoming 8/14/11 SS insert
Use one $2/1 CVS huggies coupon
Pay $21.96 out of pocket and get back one $10 gas gift card

That’s like paying $2.99 per pack.

Thanks, For The Mommas!


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  • Michelle @ Money Saving Madness

    The gas card deal has to be done all in one transaction though. Bummer!

    • Mercedes

      Thanks Michelle! I was wondering how that one worked out. I have not done any gas card deals myself yet.
      Thanks for the clarification.


      • mary

        are you sure it has to be done in one transaction? b/c i remember buying things and on the bottom of my receipt it will say spent $$ and needs $$ for gas card… did the rules change?

    • Jessica B.

      The gas card deal does NOT have to be in one transaction. I have split it up a couple times and still got the card. The only hitch I notice is that the CVS coupons say “limit one coupon per customer per visit on specified items purchased.” So I’m pretty sure you’d have split this into four different transactions.

      • Jessica B.

        Replying to myself here. I see that you already mentioned in your post that there’s only one CVS coupon allowed per transaction. :) Sorry for not noticing the crossed out part of your post!

    • Sheri

      I’ve done the gas card promo in more than one trans. Unless, they changed the rules for this week, you can!

  • mary

    are you sure it has to be done in one transaction? b/c i remember buying things and on the bottom of my receipt it will say spent $$ and needs $$ for gas card… did the rules change?

  • lissette

    I dont think that they need to be in seperate transactions… last week when i did the Dove shampoo/treatment deal (my first Gas card promotion attempt) my CVS didnt have enough treatments (i needed ONE more!) SO i bought what i could there and drove to a different CVS down the street. no treatments there, so i finished getting to my $30 goal by stocking up on Ragu pasta sauce to get to the $30. And yup, i received by $10 gas card reward at the bottom of my receipt.

  • Candace

    I printed the CVS coupon and it states not to be combined with any other coupon. I guess this will be a YMMV thing, some cashiers may push it through, some may not. Also, regarding the $30 gas promotion, I thought you could combine several transactions because at the bottom of my receipts it I have a remaining $ amount left to go until. I get a gas card?

    • Melissa M

      You are NOT ALLOWED to use both should not be up to your manager it clearly states on the cvs coupon you can not use another coupon with it

  • Mandy

    it doesn’t have to all be in one transaction for the gas card. It will print when you get to $30. That was my experience a few weeks ago and how they always do money amount EB deals.

  • Mandy

    Thanks mercedes! there hasn’t been a deal this good in a long time. And I’m excited to try these.

  • Jeni

    The CVS in My Area (VA) You Do Not Have to Purchase $30 in 1 Transaction. At the Bottom of the Receipt it tells you how much you earned towards the gas reward and how much more you need to get the reward. Once you reach the $30 on that transaction your coupon for the gas card will print out.

  • Melissa M

    Please re post your match up…The CVS $2.00 off coupon states that you can not use another coupon with you can NOT use both coupons