CVS Money Trashers

CVS is educating consumers right now and has just launched an awareness campaign to stress the value of Extra Care Bucks. It looks like there are a lot of people out there that throw away their ECB’s *gulp.* CVS wants people to stop doing that! (me too!)

Stop by the CVS Facebook page and checkout some of the fun videos CVS has to educate consumers.

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  • Amy

    I totally love CVS and my ECBS, but I think these videos are ridiculous, and poorly acted…sorry!

  • shaily

    well.. i think that the reason way we are not putting care to the extra bucks is because CVS makes it hard for us to take care of there deal in a good way because of all their limitations. personally for me is a Husserl to go to CVS for so little and i don’t bother went i can go to other store and have a successful day of shopping …for me the solution’s is less limitations and that the extra buck could be used with another card …that is the opinion that me and my friend have about CVS

  • gary b

    well i think the cvs extra buck program is very generous and easy to use. Much better than the register rewards from walgreens.

  • Angela

    I for one also love the ecb program. Our Walgreens makes using RRs so complicated and they expire too quickly. I love that ecbs aren’t counted as coupons like RRs are. I cringe at the thought of people throwing them away. But I’m not suprised.

  • dani

    Agreed, ECBs are easy to use and super helpful. Love the program!

  • Tracey

    Absolutely agreed-ECBs are wonderful and the program is super simple.

  • Sharon

    Ok…why do they want them to spend ECB’s? Maybe they think it will bring people in to spend more. I would think they would hope people forgot about them, or let them expire.
    Too funny.

  • Lori

    I see people come out of CVS and go straight to the trash and throw away ECBs every time I’m at CVS. Can’t understand why you would put money in the trash???

  • well they give crappy coupons most of the time, what i do its that i leave it by the machine so the next person benefits

    • Cheri

      You can only use the coupon with the card it was issued on, so others are not able to benefit from what you leave. ;o(

      I don’t like how the ECB’s have a limit of 1 or 2 per household. At least at Walgreens, you can get multiples then use the RR’s for something with RR’s the next week…..

  • cheyenne

    CVS has GREAT coupons..and extra bucks! So easy to use and so few limitations!!
    The scanning machine is giving out $2 on Starburst/skittles (on sale for 2.50–and part f the gas rewards!!!) I am getting a new one EVERY DAY!!! I will be getting the cheapest gas rewards card EVER!!!