CVS: More Free Photo Books (New Link to Buy One Get One Free Coupon)

If you did not have a chance to print the buy one get one free Kodak Photo Book coupon that was available on earlier, I have great news for you!  you can print this same coupon directly from the Kodak Website.  With this coupon you will be able to do this following deal at CVS starting on 12/26:

Kodak Photo Books on sale buy one get one free
Use buy one get one free coupon
Two FREE photo books after coupon

You can print the coupon twice to get four free photo books.

Thanks Katy Couponers!

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  • Tracey

    Thanks Mercedes! I hope you have a great Christmas!

  • tina

    its keeps telling me ive printed my limit already and i haven’t printed any.. does that mean it’s out?

  • mary

    Yeah, I’m getting the same message. Tried 2 computers, it must be out of prints.

  • Tristan

    How does this work? I have never bought a photo book at CVS before. Do you go in and make it in the store or do you make it online and then go pay in the store or what? Thanks for your help!

  • Tristan, books typically have to be made in the store to get the sale price (not usually valid online)

    • Tristan

      So do I just go in with a sd card or csd with pics on it and make it and then pay at that time… or when it comes in? I just want to make sure that I am not goign to have a problem with the coupons before I order 4 books… has anyone ever done this before?

      • Tristan, How did it go making your book?


  • Looks like the coupon is back up, I was able to print one tonight.

  • Sarah

    on the cvs page it has: Buy 1 Express photo book get 1 free, offer valid thru 1/3/11 code: Newyearbook

    i have never done photo deals at cvs before…. but also when i signed up today it said i got 25 free prints 🙂

  • Tristan

    I didn’t get to do it yet Mercedes. The photo machine was borken at my store. They gave me a raincheck but I am nervous about making them as I have never done it before and I am worried when I get done someone will give me the line… “oh you can’t combine that coupon with this sale…” Even though we all know you can. Not like an item where I can just put it back on the shelf. Did anyone do this deal?