CVS: Reach Flossers Moneymaker

There is an extra care bucks deal on Reach Flossers this week at CVS.  This is an unadvertised deal but that it is hopefully tagged at your local store.  Here is the deal:

Reach Access Flossers $2.99, Get $2.99 ECB Limit 2
Use $1/1 coupon from the 3/7  or 5/16 RP inserts or $1/1 printable
FREE plus $1 Money-maker

Don’t forget to check the rest of the deals at CVS here.  Has anyone gotten lucky finding the Oral B Vitality toothbrushes?  My store didn’t have them on Sunday but I am hoping to swing by there later tonight to see if they do now.  Don’t forget that you can get a raincheck if they are not in stock.

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  • anna

    My home store and the stores in the area surrounding my workplace do not have them either. Bummer! I have been told they will be in stock on Friday, so my fingers are crossed.

    My question is: If I get a raincheck for the toothbrush and they don’t get them back in stock before the sale is done, will I still be able to get the $13 ECB at a later date? I’m thinking no, but I wanted to make sure!

    • Ashli

      You can definitely get your ECB’s at a later date! I have had to do it many times with rainchecks. They ring up something at the sale price and then go back in and print your ECB’s. They don’t print at the bottom of the receipt but they will definitely issue them! I think they can print ECB’s for whatever amount they want….one time the cashier didn’t ring a coupon for a free bottle of aspirin or something, so she issued ECB’s for the amount that should have been deducted.

      • Sandra

        Ya, but this is an unlisted deal I believe, so they can’t write it.

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  • sheri grennille

    The raincheck should list the sale price,the ecb amount and the offer number. i cut out the offer and staple to the raincheck to help as well.


    i take rainchecks many times this will work just make sure they put promo number , because without it you do not receive ECB

  • shopper

    My store refused to give me a raincheck. Is this normal? Should I try another store?

    • That is not normal. If they are out of stock on an item they should issue a raincheck. There would be two reasons why not to issue a raincheck:

      1. Seasonal item – usually we will issue these but stress that seasonal items are not guaranteed to be back in stock and might never be carried again.
      2. Special item that the AD states ‘no rainchecks’

      I would go back and ask for a raincheck and if they don’t give you one get a hold of corporate. It’s a new item and as far as I know will be regularly carried.

    • Sandra

      if it is for the floss thing than yes because I BELIEVE it is a secret deal meaning it is not in the ad. You have to be able to find it in the ad then they should write you the raincheck.

  • Julie Beezhold

    The manager at my CVS said you will get ECB’s even if sale is over.

  • Good luck finding them even after your CVS get their truck. My CVS got their truck this week and none on the truck.

  • Michelle
    my store said I can pick out another toothbrush and they used the coupon and gave me a 13.00 manual ECB

    • jen

      This happen to me too, so I was able to get the “dual action” instead of “floss action”

  • Debbie

    The flossers are not tagged at our local CVS…..and it scanned as $3.19. I didn’t ask if it’ll produce an ECB.

  • Melissa D

    my cvs had the older models….they just forced an ecb….same price

  • Sandra

    My 1 store had the reach access flosser refills (4.99), which I have seen at another type of store, but not the holder, which I didn’t see at that other store either. Maybe its a new design? THe picture doesn’t look like the packaging of the flosser refills, which is black…Maybe its the company having trouble putting the product out…

  • NGP

    Just got back from CVS, twice this week for the oral products. This is what I found out:
    1. Oral B toothbrushes are not available. The ads are printed upto 6 months in advance and they are not carrying the. My CVS Manager told me that there are tons of emails floating around, internally, and no one has them in stock. What she is doing is giving me a comprable Oral B toothbrush and honoring the ECB and I will still be able to use the coupon in this weeks paper. She is awesome!
    2. I didn’t find the flossers and she didn’t even know about them! 🙁 ANd as someone mentioned before, I found the refills, but not the actual flosser.
    Hope that helps!