DEAD: CVS: StyleScience Money Maker Deal (Updated with pictures)


Update: Deal is no longer working as of 6/19

I just learned from Southern Savers about this great money maker deal at CVS this week (ends 6/20).  There’s a weekly CVS Extra Care Bucks deals on Sunglasses.  Apparently the following products are also included in this deal:

  • Style Science Lens Cleaning Clothes that sell for $0.99 each (pack of 20 reportedly package is silver color)
  • Car Cleaning Cloths at $0.99 cents each
  • Style Science Glass Cases at $1.99

But two of the Lens Cleaning Clothes or Car Cleaning Cloths for $1.98 plus tax and get back $10 Extra Care Bucks!  Remember that this deal is limit one per card.  How sweet is that?!!  I think the best part is that you have a choice of three products reportedly working on the deal so hopefully your store will carry at least one of them or you can find any of them in stock.  Here are a few places people have found these by: near the sun glasses, near the reading glasses by pharmacy area or near the contact lens solution.

UPC # of products working on this deal:

Lens Cleaning Tissue:
UPC 8 8301900550 7 or UPC: 0 30048 47128 9
Lens Cleaning Tissue pre-moistened 20 tisues
UPC 0 30048 47129 6

Here are also some pictures to help you find them: Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic#3
Apparently there’s asecond brand “Sun Covers” also included.

Please let me know if you take advantage of this deal.  Sounds like a great one to take advantage of.  If I had a CVS I would be on my way there now 😉

Thanks Southern Savers!

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  • Tracyinks

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I just sat down to check my email (and this blog) and saw your post……….. off I ran to CVS and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2.12 OOP on my CVS gift card that I earned from SWEET DEAL, because they don’t have ANY sunglasses for less than 10.99

  • Gina

    I tried this deal with the lens cleaning clothes in Southern California and it worked!! I paid $2.15 oop and got $10 ECB. Woo Hoo!! I found them on the sunglasses rack with the eyeglass cases.

  • Jordan

    I drove to CVS as soon as I saw this deal. My husband asked, “Can’t you just go tomorrow?” I was like “not on a deal like this!! I bought two lens cleansing cloths and it worked. My total came to $2.14 but I used a $1.00 ECB so my total OOP was $1.06… and I got my $10 ECB!!! Unbelievable. I called my mom immediately and told her about the AMAZING deal. I found the cloths on the sunglasses display. This deal worked in northwest Florida.

  • Thanks, Mercedes & Gina – I’m in SoCal also so I appreciate that particular bit of info from Gina!

  • THANK YOU!! I ran out as soon as I saw this. I found them on an endcap hanging display back by the baby wipes. It’s a really small thin package. Thank you so much!

  • Valerie

    I just bought 2 packs of the lens cleaning tissue in the silver package (20 per pack for $0.99) and the deal did NOT work. The UPC code is: 8 83019 00550 7. I couldn’t find any of the other clothes. I might try another CVS tomorrow and see if they have any of the other ones. Hopefully they will and it will work. Thanks for posting about this and I’m glad it’s working for people. BTW, I am in the Minneapolis/St Paul MN area.

  • Tara

    I got it too in South Texas!!!

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  • Kathy

    I tried this deal tonite. I did not work for me. I believe the reason was because there wasn’t any bar code for the product. I bought the 20ct pre-moist lens cleaner in the silver package. On the package, there wasn’t a price or a bar code to scan. One of the cashier said to put it in as taxable item for 1.99/each. Needless to say, nothing came out.Would have been an awesome deal if it works.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Yeah, that’s the reason it didn’t work for you. the register needs to recognize that you bought the eligible products and it can only do that when the barcode is scanned.


  • Cassandra

    I could not find the Style Science cleansing wipes anywhere infact I didn’t even see that brand anywhere! But I forgot about the car wipes, are they a particular brand? I’ll check tomorrow 🙂

  • Ana

    Just got back from the store. I purchased two packages of wipes for $.99 each and got $10 back in rewards! I’m in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Molly

    So where are people finding them? Besides by the baby wipes?

  • Kristin

    It worked for me! I found two eyeglasses chains with similar UPCs, so total was $3.98 and I used a $4 ECB. I found them in the round display with the sunglasses.

    I’m in Pasadena, TX, outside of Houston.

  • Laura

    I searched both CVS stores in my area and could not find any of the 99-cent lens cleaners, chains, or sun cloths. Are these all StyleScience brands? Would anyone mind posting pictures and/or UPCs of the items you have found? I did find two StyleScience glasses cases priced @ $2.99 each (UPC 8 83019 03027 1) which worked and gave me a $10 ECB… $4 profit is not bad at all! … but I would like to try and find these cheaper items to use with my mom’s CVS card tomorrow.

  • Laura

    I’m in Texas (DFW) and I searched both CVS stores in my area but could not find the 99-cent lens cleaners, chains, or sun cloths anywhere. Are these all StyleScience brands? Would anyone mind posting pictures and/or UPCs of the items you have found? I did find two StyleScience cases priced @ $2.99 each (UPC 8 83019 03027 1) which worked and gave me the $10 ECB. $4 profit is not bad at all in my opinion, especially since I used ECBs from last week and paid nothing OOP, but I would like to try and find these cheaper items to use with my mom’s CVS card tomorrow.

    • I have added three photos to the main post.


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  • I just did it this morning in Duncanville, TX and it worked! I got 2 of the .99 lens cleaning tissue and got a $10.00 ECB. Woo Hoo!!

  • Tamara

    I was very surprised to see that my CVS had the .99 lens cleaning tissues and the puffs tissues on sale. I also got the toothbrushes that were on sale for the kiddos in Guatemala’s care package. Total paid was $11.45 and got $12.00 ECB… Great deals!!!

  • Kellee

    The CVS that’s near my job didn’t have any! I’m going to try the one near my house. I let you know if they have any or not! I really need these extra bucks because I was unable to print a $2.00 coupon for the Aveeno deal! I also need to stock up on some chips and salsa!

  • I can’t wait to try this at my CVS later today! Thank you so much for posting pics – that always helps me out when I’m looking for an unfamiliar product.

  • Andrea Reynolds

    Thanks so much for the tip!! Worked in SW Louisiana!! And our cashiers here were more than grateful to get in on the deal!!!

  • Couold not find any at my CVS cashiers said their store did not carry them. 🙁

  • Jean

    It worked for me Massachusetts. In fact, they only had one left. I asked the cashier to scan it twice. She did. I paid 2.08 OOP and got $10.00 in Extra Bucks!

  • Cindy

    I got mine this morning and it worked at the Knoxville,Tn CVS!!! I bought the StyleScience cloths,upc 883019005507 for 99 cents.

  • Dani

    I couldn’t find it at one store, but the second one I went to had the wipes. I got ’em and the ECB printed just fine. The lady looked at it with this mystified look on her face. Called my friend to tell her about the deal, and when she went in an hour later, they had put the wipes behind the counter and said that deal wasnt supposed to work like that. Geesh. I’m glad I got in on it tho!

  • Val B

    I got two of the StyleScience eyewear retainers @ 1.99 883019047163 code and it printed great for me!

  • Megan J

    A fellow deal-seeker found these as I was walking by and I told her, “I think we’re looking for the same thing!” We shared a smile – it felt like we were secret agents! – and we both left with our $10 in ECBs. I was able to get a bunch of other items as well, using the $4/20 CVS coupon I was e-mailed today (total “profit” $6.50!). So glad I waited to go to CVS this week! Also, the lens wipes will be a great stocking-stuffer for my dad who’s obsessed with keeping his glasses clean – ha!

  • Kellee

    I didn’t find them at any of the three stores that I went to today and yesterday! Oh well……….

  • Jen

    this deal is dead….corporate sent out an email that if the items purchased are under 5.99 each to not give out the ECBs that prints.

    hope you took advantage yesterday!

  • Kristen M

    I tried the .99 StyleScience lens cleaning tissues and it did NOT work for me today. Too bad.

  • Sunflower

    I just tried this deal in CVS in Florida (Broward County). It did NOT work. I bought in seperate transactions the Sun Cover lens cloths and also the Style Science cleaning cloths UPC 8 8301900550 7- didn’t work. Oh well. I did finally find them at the bottom of the eye glass rack but there were about 4 of them throughout the store.

  • Betty

    Our CVS is small and understocked for some things and is the only one around. They didn’t have any of those products. Kudos to those that got the deal.

  • Patty

    Did not work for me in Buffalo,NY Oh well…

  • MeghanM

    Dang! I didn’t know it was a dead deal until just now..I bought 2 of the cleansing cloths today and just got a $5 off $15 purchase but no ECB for $10..because the deal is dead! It’s okay, gotta be faster next time.

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