CVS: Unlimited Free Revlon Lipstick + Get Free Nail Polish Too!

I have great news!!  The Revlon Lipstick Extra Care Bucks offer this week seems to be unlimited!  This is being reported at several deal forums.  This is very unheard of for CVS nowadays. PLUS you can also get FREE Nail polish if you got a regional coupon for free nail polish when you buy lipstick.  Here is the deal:

Buy one Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick $6.99
Buy one Revlon Nail Polish
Use $2/1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
Plus use Buy any Revlon Lipstick and get a FREE Revlon Nail Enamel coupon from 9/12 SS insert
Get both FREE after coupons and Extra Care Bucks

If you have not gotten a chance to do this deal I would do it sooner rather than later in case the original limit of 6 is imposed.  Always make sure to check your receipt after purchase to see if it says “Offer Limit Reached” or not.

Thanks Clipper Girl!

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  • jessica

    Just an FYI, I tried to do this deal Sunday and the Super Lustrous was not working and they would not force it to work. It was ringing up regular price of $7.99 and not printing ECB. They said there were two types of tubes and you had to buy the old one for it to work.

  • Ashli

    I bought 6 Revlon items (4 lipsticks and 2 mascaras) on Sunday and my receipt showed the offer limit was reached…has it changed since then?

  • Sandra

    I went in yesterday and I couldnt find the offer limit on my receipt – I bought 3.

  • erin

    Our CVS has Revelon booklets with a $1 off coupon inside them-right there with the Revlon makeup. I have not yet tried this deal as I am not much of a make-up person but still considering since it is free….

  • Benz1968

    How much in ecb’s do you get back ?

  • Sarah W

    It worked for me with those lipsticks on Monday so they must have fixed the deal. Did all 6 and did the nailpolishes. 🙂 I have 4 more polish q’s so guess I’ll go back and get 4 more!

  • lisa

    i used the coupon for the free charm with this.

    2 tubes of lipstick
    2 bottles of nail polish
    1 charm

    did this twice, cuz i had 2 cvs coupons for this.
    both went through without a hitch.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Mey

    I have already purchased 14 (10 lipsticks and 8 mascara). The bonus packs of mascara was also triggering the ECB. So I 4 extra mascara! They will be going in my little gift basket for friends birthday this month!

  • Francine Aldridge

    Hey, I was wondering if you found your Xtra laundry q in 6/13 ss because I didn’t see a 6/10 ss and the q in 6/13 ss expired. Do u know of another one? Thanks

  • nilu

    where do I find this revlon coupon in the face book???

  • benz1968

    I don’t think its there anymore.

  • Kelly

    No longer available! I wish they would warn you before they rip them away! Always kick myself for waiting just one day too late…

  • jody

    Got 6 mascaras(for me) and 4 lipsticks for friends $1.o5 each and 4 free w/revlon coupon yippie. My friends love me

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