Daily Money Tip: Email Companies for Freebies and High Value Coupons

Love to get freebies in the mail?  If that is the case, investing a few minutes a day emailing manufacturers may result in freebies and high value coupons.

Have you found a product you love and can’t stop raving about it?  Email the company about your love for that product and they may reward your loyalty with freebies and coupons.  If you recently have had a bad experience with a product, take the time to contact companies and share your experience.  In the past I have gotten good responses and received coupons for free products by doing this.

Tracie at Penny Pinchin Mom has a list of companies she has contacted and the result she got from the email she sent.  She also shares tips on how to send effective feedback. You can check out her list and use it as a reference point if you want to take the time to start doing this for freebies and coupons.

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  • m

    I too have had success with contacting companies with compliments and complaints.

    People should note that you *should not* come out and ask for a sample or coupons. It’s tacky, and from what I’ve heard the companies are less likely to send you anything.

    • S lilac

      I have never had a problem with this. You don’t always have to manipulate to get what you want… honesty often does the trick just fine. I do tend to put a sentence or two in about liking a product, wanting to try a product, or locating a specific product near me. I’ve actually gotten better results by being straight forward and asking, than just giving a compliment with expectation of something in return.

  • Kristen D.

    I emailed Hershey recently because I tried a new kind of candy from them and I think it caused me to have an allergic reaction. I was just emailing to let them know. They called me and talked with me a bit and I tried to give them every piece of info I could think of about the situation- they were SUPER nice on the phone and very apologetic.

    Next thing I know, I get a $10 rebate in the mail to reimburse me for purchase of the chocolate (which I got at CVS for free- I told the lady that LOL!) and for the medicine I had bought. <3. They are a super great company.

  • I have been pleasantly surprised at the coupons I receive from compliments! As a result, I decided to challenge myself to contact 250 companies this year and record what coupons I receive. You can read more about my Company Contact Challenge at http://www.joyfullythriving.com/2011/01/company-contacts-challenge/. I hope this helps someone else!

  • Kate Gaffney

    I just tried this for the first time after reading the blog yesterday. I sent Ziploc a comment about how I like their new Evlolve Sandwhich bags which are greener than normal bags. I got an email today saying how much they appreciated my input and told me to check the mail for coupons for Ziploc Evolve bags and Nature Source cleaning products!

    • That’s great Kate!

      Don’t give up and keep trying, you never know what companies may send you. Make sure to come back and share what they sent.


  • KimH

    Add Scotts to the list.. They were quite generous.