DealPulp: Try ThreadUP for $1

Thread up is a used clothes swap place.  The way it works is you send a box of clothes and get another one back.  Right now you can try ThreadUP and get a box of gently used clothes ($15.95 value) for just $1 shipped.  This is an offer available to new ThreadUP users only.

This is a deal being offered by DealPulp for $6.  BUT if you are new to Dealpulp you get a $5 signup credit you can use towards this purchase.  I have to tell you something, my kids use plenty of hand me downs but I am a litle nervous about getting used clothes sight unseen.  but I guess for $1 it is worth a try?  It would be better if there are any of you who have used thread up and can share your experience in the comments..

Looks like this deal is popular and the site is getting slammed.

Thanks, Keeping Cents!

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  • Alan

    I signed up. There was no mention of $5 credit. I confirmed my account from my email. My credits are still at $0. Has anybody managed to receive the $5 credit. Thanks.

  • ANNE

    do you have to send a box to do this deal? or is it just try a box for this price?

    • I think you can just get the box.


  • Kate

    I didn’t get my dealpulp credit right away, but I thought $6 was a pretty good deal for this anyways. Then, when I signed up at, they gave me a code for a FREE box of clothes if I do it within 24 hours! Yippee skippy!

  • krista

    boo i must have missed the prior post about the credit from before.. but like kate said, 6 bucks is pretty good plus the extra code.. if mine doesnt post in an hr im just going to order it and then use the credit for a rainy day

  • Christina

    From what I’ve heard, you have to sign up using someone else’s referral link in order to get the credit. I referred my friend and they got the credit to their account right away. Here’s my referral link if anyone wants to try it:

  • I have several friends who have used ThreadUp it seems the experience is based on clothing size and gender. Example a boy in mid range of growth will get a box not so gently used and not such great pieces while a baby girl will likely get a nice box full.

    • Thanks for sharing Jenna.
      That sounds reasonable. I have a lot of problems finding gently used clothes for my boys. Girl clothes, no problem!


  • krista

    hey so i ordered this yesterday and it said it could take up to 48 hrs to deliver the code.. i just wondered if anyone got theirs yet.. usually those things dont take that long, but it might this time.. just wondered if anyone did yet 🙂

  • Christy

    I’ve checked both ThredUP and dealpulp, my $5 credit has not posted.