Deals from My Inbox: Chick Fil A, Target, Kohls, Kmart and My Points

Just want to share a few deals shared by readers.  Thanks to each one of you who email me about money saving opportunities for me to share with the rest of my readers:

  • Carrie, and I have seen this reported else where, shares that Target Toy clearance hit 75% off yesterday.  It ‘s not to late to hope to find items at your tore. As a matter of fact I will try to visit mine later.
  • Carrie also shares that her local Chick Fil-A in Kansas City, MO is giving away breakfast item daily from 6:30 to 10:30 all through January.  You can read more about this on their Facebook Page.
  • Julie shares that she got an email from MyPoints that you can earn points when you buy three Conagra items at your local Walmart.  The brands include:  Egg beaters, Pam, Hunts sauce, ROTEL, healthy choice microwaveable soup, peter pan and Healthy choice Cafe Steamers, among others. The offer ends 1/29/10.  To receive your Points, you must purchase these items at any Walmart store, save your receipt and fax it to (415) 738-5940.  Please include the same name and email address (Your My Points Registered email) as well as your MyPoints account information on your fax. Your Points will be credited within 30 days of completing the transaction.
  • Nikki shares that you can use the coupon code KCSAVE30 to get 30% off at when you use your Kohls Charge card.  This code is good through 1/19.
  • Bethany Shares that Kmart is offering a Rewards Card.  You earn 1 penny for every dollar spend PLUS get the change to win prizes.  She just got it and has already won two prizes:  a bottle of nail polish remover as well as a free greeting card. If you are a frequent Kmart shopper it is definitely worth signing up for.

Those are some pretty good deals and thank you everyone for taking the time to share them with me so I can pass the word along.

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