Deals Around the Web: Food Lion, Target, Ace Hardware and More


I have had a lot of deals emailed to me in the past couple of days, instead of flooding you with separate postings I am going to share them with you in one place.  So here we go:

Find out how to get free eggs at Food Lion this week over at Money Saving Madness.

  • KC Penny Pinching Mama shares how to get a free furnace filter from Ace Hardware.

Happy Savings!

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  • Heather

    Do you find the blinkie things at Target or at another store?

    • I have seen those blinkie machines at Kmart and my local grocery store and I know others are finding them at their grocery stores across the nation.


  • Kirsten

    I’ve been doing the Target Glade deal since Sunday, and I am loving it! First of all, if you did this same deal last year, the $2/1 coupon from inside the glass scented oil candle holders from that deal will work on this deal! Also, if you have a Cub Foods, check there for the Glade buy holder, get free refill coupons. My store has 2 blinkie boxes filled with those coupons.

  • jamie

    I really want to go try this, to help with the Christmas shopping- but I just have a feeling the shelves are going to be totally empty. And with my luck- my Target won’t even be participating. Sometimes good deals are depressing that way.

  • These are real money-savers!

    Thank You!

  • Heather

    Ok, so I went to K-Mart first to make sure I got the “Buy one glade oil holder, get refill free” coupons. Then, I managed to find 2 tins with the $1.50/1 coupon. So far, it was all working pretty good. My target also had signs up that advertised the deal in-store.

    BUT… when I got up to check out, she hesitated to take my FREE coupons and I had to convince her to take them. Then I only got 1 GC even though I should have gotten 2. I didn’t feel like pushing my luck, though, so I let that one go. After I submit for the $5/3 rebate from SC Johnson, I will come out just slightly ahead.

    I ended up paying: $2.50/1 x5 for the holders, then $0 for the refills after coupons. That ends up being $12.50, but then I got the $5 GC and , so total it ended up costing $4.50. I will get the $5 rebate, so it ended up being a $0.50 money maker for me, not the $10 money maker. Still, MAKING $0.50 to get 10 glade products isn’t a bad deal 😉

  • Lisa

    Would have loved to get in on this deal at my brand new Target (just opened 2 weeks ago!), but somebody went through and took out all of the coupons in the tins. 🙁

    • I am not surprised Lisa. This is why I hadn’t shared about this deal because I knew people have been taking those coupons from the tins for quite some time.


  • Kristina L.

    All of the coupons were out of the tins at my Target also.

  • James Duffy

    Hi I cant find your contact form. I was wondering how much advertising would cost on your site?

    Kind Regards,
    James Duffy

  • Penny

    I found Snuggle dryer sheets, 105 count, Almond Essence scent on Clearance for $3.07 at my Target. I had 4 $3.00 off coupons, so I got all four for .28 cents+tax! 🙂

  • Joleen

    I just got an email from Good Nites stating:

    For a limited time, you’ll receive a $5 Target GiftCard™* when you purchase two (2) GoodNites® Sleep Pants Mega Packs. OFFER VALID 10/25 – 10/31/2009 in store only.