Degree Deodorant Printable Coupons = Free at Target

Target offers a $2/2 Degree Deodorant printable coupons.  This is a store coupon that has no size restrictions.  So grab a couple of the trial size Degree deodorants that sell for around 97 cents each (price varies by store) and get them FREE.

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  • Lindsay

    Today, I tried to use the Target coupon for $2 off Degree For Men, when you buy two (and of course, I picked up two travel sizes at $0.97 each). However, when I got to the register, the coupon scanned incorrectly and added over $6 to my total and the scanner said it was a bar code for watermelon seeds. Has anybody else had this issue? I went to customer service and tried my second coupon and it likewise scanned for watermelon seeds, and not a discount for men’s deodorant. I’m just curious if I got a bum printable coupon or if there is a bad bar code on all of the coupons. For what it’s worth, I did notice that the bar codes were different this week when I printed my Target coupons; there were fewer lines and they were fatter and bolder type. To rule out a bad scan, the cashiers also tried to input the numeric code and that also charged $6+ for seeds. Anybody else have a problem?


    • fali

      Well I didnt have as bad problem as u did but I couldnt use my coupon too. When i tried to use it, the scanner was not detecting it automatically, so the cashier called manager coz she didnt want to put it manually or something and the manager said i cant use that coupon because it says that it’s exceeding the merchandise value (deo was $ .97 and coupon was for $ 1). Also she said the coupon shows the full size of deo , so i cant use it on travel size. She was talking in a way that i was trying to do some kinda cheating with this coupon. I felt really bad but i thought it happens once in a while. So I tried to use it again later on the same day and same embarrassment again. So decided not to use it now. I also couldnt use the $1 coupon for Coppertone waterbabies sunscreen trail size and banana boat trial size… so I give up.