Did You Get a Free Pair of Nike Shoes?

This morning I received the following email from reader mommy2jands:

I got an email saying I won one of the Nike sneakers from Dr Oz’s giveaway!  Thank you so much for posting about it 🙂  I just ordered it online and it comes with free shipping.

Did anyone else get lucky?  I guess my submission did not go through because I did not get such email.

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  • tara goldstein

    I couldn’t get through … just got error messages and I was at the site right on time

  • jessica

    I got through to the form twice, but each time after filling out the form like a mad woman, it would go to an internet error sign. I was pretty bummed. They should have prepared to have such an over load of people. =(

  • CJ

    I filled out the request form but wasnt sure if it went through. No email yet for me 🙁

  • Norah

    That really makes me mad! I fill out the form and got error messages. I shot off two angry emails and never got a response back! Way to get some really bad publicity!

  • Tammy

    Yes I did! I received my email today and placed my order for a free $100 pair of shoes.

    • Rhonda

      What did ya buy? I look for shoes all the time? trying to find the right ones athletic 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  • melissa r

    I received my email! Thanks Dr.Oz!!

    I also read on another blog some guy entered & was confirmed for 9 pairs shoes!! I would think they would check into that first..



    • Lisette,
      I did not get a confirmation page. I got an error page which is why I wasn’t sure my submission went through.


  • Toby

    Got the email surprisingly today. So stoked!

  • krista

    boo 🙁 i didnt

  • Tiffany

    Where do you go to enter? I couldn’t find anything!

  • Bev

    I was at the computer ready and waiting but could not get any info WHERE to sign up. I even went to the Nike website. Spent 45 min (prior & after the said time) but got no where. 🙁

  • I also got know submission that I won a pair of nikes from Dr. OZ

  • Jeanne

    I’m still having trouble trying to figure out how and where to enter to win the free Nikes. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction?

    • Jeannae,
      The giveaway is over.


  • Jeanne

    I saw this post on Common Sense with Money also, and I even went to Facebook. I still cannot find out how to enter!! PLEASE HELP!!

  • Rebecca

    I did win a pair even though I didn’t think my submission went through- Not everyone who entered won Mercedes.


    I WON! I am so excited I got my husband some much needed shoes!

  • I’m still waiting to get my submission for a pair of nike sgoes. Carol Derry

  • Deb

    I won too! Just ordered a pair of $85 sneakers for my husband for FREE!!!
    Thanks for the link!

  • This ad is is getting old and me not getting a pair of nike is getting is 0ld.

    • Carol,
      did you try to enter this giveaway was available? If so, did you get a confirmation page that you have won a pair? Many if not post people didn’t. the Dr. Oz site was having problems that day.