Dominicks, Randalls and Safeway: Free Smithfield Bacon


Safeway, Dominicks and Randall’s have Smithfield bacon on sale this week  2/$6 with preferred card (check page 3 of your own ad).  Use this $3/1 printable coupon you will have access to when you register with Smithfield to get it free.

Now I am hearing that Dominicks is not the most coupon friendly place, so you may want to stop by Walmart with the Dominick’s ad and have them price match the item.


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  • Mercedes,
    At my Walmart the bacon was $2.58 regular price and they gave me the overage on the coupon! Better than free.

  • Sharon

    What’s better than bacon? FREE bacon! 🙂

  • I’ve never had a problem using coupons at Dominick’s, but they do act a bit snobish when I hand over my pile. Kind of like “oh…you’re one of those.” Doesn’t bother me. I still get my deals.

  • Tom Thumb (Dallas) is also in this grocery group and also has the Smithfield Bacon on sale for $3. Conversation excerpt from my friend Carrie at Tom Thumb this week:
    Register: BEEP
    Cashier: We can’t take this coupon.
    Carrie: Why not? I bought the item.
    Cashier: Well, this coupon would make it free.
    Carrie: And?

    They did not let her use the coupon.

  • Laurie

    hmmm… my walmart said they cannot pricematch AND use a coupon on the same item. so others of you HAVE??? maybe i just had a snotty cashier. i’ll try again!

  • Sarah

    I’m having problems at Dominicks. That is they only store around me that sells this bacon (at least I haven’t seen it anywhere else). I went on Sunday, when they had the 2/$6 (making them free with my two coupons) and the cashier said that they cannot accept this b/c it is a fake coupon! I printed it out just like everyone else did! Then she goes on to tell me that they (dominicks) no longer accept coupons for greater than half of the regular priced item. (the bacon was normally $5.25 or something so they won’t accept a coupon for more than $2.50). Any suggestions or anyone else have this problem??

  • Norma

    I tried using this at my local Randall’s yesterday, and they politely informed me that they cannot accept a coupon for over 50% of an items value, so I just got the 2 bacons for $6.00. I’ll use the coupon somewhere else.

  • Tara

    The Safeway store policy is that it will not accept Printable coupons for more then 50% of the products value. So in this case, since they are on sale for 2/$6, using 2 $3 off coupons would make the item free and thus they would not accept it. I called Safeway corporate and was referred to their coupon policy below. This was new information to me, so I hope its helpful to you too.