Domino’s Behind The Pizza Instant Win Game

Play the Domino’s Behind The Pizza Instant Win Game and you will have a chance to win a Free Chocolate Lava Cake, Free Cinnastix, a Buy One Get one Free Coupon or a $5 Domino’s Gift Card. Play the game, accumulate points and redeem for the prizes.

Thanks Couponing for 4!

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  • Christine

    Don’t waste your time doing this. I did it and got the end for the gift card won the game twice and it won’t let me claim my prize.

  • Andrea

    @Christine, maybe give them a call. I know that was a lot of work to get to the end!!! I listened to all the sales pitches, lol, and my son aced the final game for me! Heck of a group effort for $5 😀 (but it did work for me and gave us a code to enter to get the gift card. Already printed it up! )

  • Amy Schulze

    Check your SPAM… I found my code there!!! email address to search for: I hope this helps!

  • Jaime

    I opted for the BOGO instead….I think the average price of a pizza is $10.00 for a large, so I figured this was the better deal for a family of four. @christine, there was a bit of confusion, since it asked to post to your facebook wall first. It then went back to the screen that asked if you wanted to use it now or e-mail it (at least this is what happened for my BOGO). This was the second time it asked me this, but the second time it let me put my e-mail address in, and then it sent a code to my e-mail, but like Amy said, it winds up in the Spam!

  • Renee

    When I enter the activation code at, I keep getting a message that my activation code is not recognized. Anyone have this trouble? I emailed customer service at the link on the Dominos page.

    • XiaoXin

      Hi Renee, I have the same problem too. Did you get a reply from Dominos on this? Thanks.

      • Renee

        Yes, I heard back within 24hrs. Here is the reply:

        “Thank you for playing our Behind the Pizza online game. We are sorry you experienced a problem. Due to the technical difficulties you experienced with our game we are sending you a $5 replacement gift certificate. The certificate will be mailed to the address you provided to us when you filled out our “contact us” page. If it needs to be mailed to a different address, please use the link below to respond with the correct mailing address.”

        I read elsewhere that lots of people had trouble with the activation codes not being recognized.

  • bianca

    how do u unlock the next prize? i finished step 4 nut how do i move on?