Don’t Forget Walgreens Diapers $2.50/pack this Week + Pampers Deal Idea

I just wanted to remind you that this week you can get Walgreens brand diapers for just $2.49 per pack with the following deal:

Walgreens diapers on sale buy one get one free
Use $2/1 W Brand Diapers Walgreens Infant Care Booklet
Pay $4.99 for two packs after coupon

Also, here is another idea!  If your store is out of Walgreens brand diapers, ask if they would substitute Pampers brand diapers for them.  My store has offered in the past and I have friends that have been offered the same.  If you do get your store to do this substitution you could get a super sweet then:

Pampers diapers buy one get one free (possible substitution if your store is out of Walgreens brand)
Use $2/1 W Brand Diapers Walgreens Infant Care Booklet will deduct $4
Use two $2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants 2/27/2011 PG Insert (exp 3/31/2011)
Pay $0.99 for two packs after coupons

My point is, it doesn’t hurt to ask!!  Also where do you find the Walgreens Infant Care booklet?  It is a question I get asked often.  At my store I found them in the same rack as the weekly sales flyers.  they were actually towards the back very hidden.  But also, ask the cashiers.  They may know where they are.

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  • Kim

    I wish my store had the Infant Care books so I could take advantage of this great deal. My cashiers have never heard of the coupon book.

  • Jill

    mine either, they thought i was crazy. they even call the manager and asked…nothing!

  • Lydia

    I must have the absolute worst Walgreens around. I went there earlier this week to do this deal and the coupon wouldn’t scan. So they had to put it in manually BUT they insisted that they couldn’t give me off more thank $2 total…even though I was buying 2 packs of diapers. I politely haggled with them explaining that I did the same deal a month ago and $4 came off but they wouldn’t budge. I called cooperate and they said that it should just be $2 then took my phone # and said the district manager would call me.

    Instead the local manager called and said that he can’t really tell me WHAT should happen unless I come by again. I tried to explain which coupon it was but he wasn’t interested in listening and instead went on and on about how there are SO many coupons and he can’t keep up with the policy and he’s never seen an area that is so into couponing (said with great disgust) etc. Sigh. I mean really, does it have to be that hard to get a good deal on diapers?! 🙂

    • Denise

      I just started using coupons two weeks ago and I completly understand! I had the same problem at my walgreens yesterday. I got a raincheck from last week because I bought the last 2 packs. Yesterday the checker charged me incorrectly my total was ten dollars for two packs ERRR.I paid for those cause i didnt want to cause a big fuss and then she rang up my other four packs wrong again.So I got the manager and he rang up the other four packs with two dollars off each. I had to really argue with them. That cashier was ringing it up at 8.99 one pack and 1 cent for the other so the coupons wouldn’t work for both packs. I almost got a raincheck for huggies wipes this week but i don’t know if i would have this problem again it was frustrating. I am going to exchange the first to packs I bought and the Almay Just because the first 2 packs cost the same as the other 4 packs!! Ill show them lol j/k 🙂

  • Kelly B.

    I bought 4 packs of training pants and used the infant care coupon, but it beeped. The manager looked at it and put it in manually as a manufacturer coupon -$2. I said shouldn’t it take it off each pack? The cashier said no, it’s not the same as the WG coupons in the regular coupon booklet. The coupon does say one per customer on it. So I ended up paying $16 for 4 packs. $4/pack isn’t nearly as good as I had hoped, but I’ll still take it. I hadn’t tried this brand before, but now that I have, I have to say that I really like them. They have the easy-open sides like the Huggies with the velcro that can be adjusted or reclosed as needed, and by just turned 3 year old can pull them down himself like the Pampers Easy-Ups, yet they have a nice snug fit and don’t sag like Pampers. I’m pretty pleased with them overall.

    • Avaline

      Hi Kelly, just wanted to let you know that we bought 2 packs of the Walgreens brand diapers using the same infant care coupon and they gave us $2 off per pack which (@$8.99/pack) came to $5 for two packs after the coupon. We were happy and told them we’ll be coming back for these. I like the quality too :). Just fyi. Thanks.

  • Kelly – the infant care coupons seem to only be good on diapers and not on pull ups.
    I like the Walgreens pullups too, $4 a pack is still a very good deal compared to Huggies and Pampers pullups.

  • Kristina L.

    I got the coupon book in the cometics counter. I think that the women in the comsmetic section seem to know more than most managers??????

  • Tiffany

    I went to Walgreens the last time they had this deal. I couldn’t find the Infant Care booklet, and I ran into a manager and asked her about it. She said they were locked up in her office because they “just didn’t know where to put them!” So alllllll those booklets, going unused. She brought me one and didn’t bring out the rest. It was kind of weird.