At My Door Today: Free Pair of Jeans

Woot!  Check out what FedEx just brought to my door:  My free pair of Lee Jeans.  If you missed this deal let me give you some background info.  This was from a giveaway Lee Jeans conducted on Facebook.  Lee Jeans changed the rules of the giveaway two days after it started.  So to make it up to those who had already entered it, Lee Jeans offered a free pair of jeans to anyone who had entered the giveaway on those two first days.  Since I am always bringing you the hottest freebies, I blogged about it on the first day and a lot of you got a chance to claim this freebie.

I would love to know how many of you followed up to claim the free pair of jeans. And if you doubted they would come here’s proof that they will.

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  • Birgitte

    I did! I am still waiting for them but I got the confirmation email about a month ago so they should be here soon.

  • Vicky

    I responded per your blog and they emailed me to say I get a free pair. Thanks!!!!!

  • Tara

    That’s awesome! I didn’t think they would come. Hope I get mine!

  • Traci

    I was one of the original submitters- received several emails but
    still no jeans!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    I got my confirmation email so i’m just waiting for them to arrive!

  • Hilary

    I wrote to them twice asking if I was getting a pair and they never responded. Oh well…I guess it will just be a nice surprise if they ever show up!

  • Celeste

    I think I actually won a pair if I understood the email and subsequent posts on here correctly. I received my free pair before Christmas–I know I wore them to my friend’s party on Dec. 19!!

  • Cindi

    I got mine yesterday! LOVE em!

  • Christy

    Oooh… hope I get mine today!! I did get the e-mails back stating I would get a pair. THANKS for keeping us all informed!

  • Beth

    Can’t wait to get home from work and see if mine are there!!

  • Kathryn

    I responded after the two days and just entered for the remainder of the contest and won a pair too! Thanks. I received my pair a few weeks ago.

  • chelpa

    i’m waiting for mt free lee jeans to arrive. got the email saying i had them coming…yeah!! thanks again mercedes!!1

  • Loraleigh

    I got an email saying I’d get some but haven’t seen them yet.

  • Stephanie Kirk

    Still waiting for mine also! I hope they fit!

  • kathryn compa

    Yeah i actually won a pair and did not have to claim anything ,i guess because they came already and i love them!!,free jeans rock!!! & everyone thinks i’m super savvy ,i am of course,lol ,but it helps the have the sense to pick you friends well ,thxs,anyhoo,btw i don’t remember who led me too them but dollars to donuts it was you!!!;0)Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you !! ~misskathymae/twitter

  • I got my free pair yesterday and was so excited. But they didn’t send the right size and they are about 8 inches too long. Oh well, it will make a good donation I guess.

  • Laura

    I got a confirmation e-mail, but now that I’ve done some more research, I think I signed up for the wrong size. I guess we’ll see when they get here–I just wish I’d put more time into finding out what their sizing was like before I signed up! But it was such a great freebie, I wanted to jump all over it. 🙂

  • Waiting for mine to come.

  • Aimee

    I signed up in the first few days, too, after you posted the information. You’ve raised my hopes that they might arrive soon! Thanks for the information – they look cute in the picture!

  • Amy

    I got an email telling me I’d get them. Hope they come soon!

  • Susan Laura

    I got mine today, too! And miracle of miracles, they fit well and I like them very much. Good job, Lee Jeans. This may actually turn out to be a successful marketing campaign after all.

  • Holly

    I’m waiting for mine to show up. I think I signed up for a pair for hubby – would be a great Valentine’s present for him1

  • achara

    Congrats to all who got the free jean…I missed this one!

  • Ashley B

    I won! I received mine a couple weeks ago!!!!

  • angela

    I should be receiving mine as well. Can’t wait.

  • Amanda C

    I got a confirmation e-mail about a month ago. I hope mine get here soon!

  • Tammy C

    I won on the very last day of the giveaway, and I received my free pair yesterday. They are AWESOME!

  • Robin

    I didn’t sign up before they changed the rules, but I did end up being one of the daily winners, which was very cool. I got my jeans back in December and love them!

  • Lindy

    I was an original submitter and won on the first day. I got my jeans with ONE week of the contest!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MJ

    I got mine yesterday too!

  • Got mine this afternoon!!!!!!!!

  • couponlady

    got a confirmation email a few weeks ago saying my jeans were on there way, but have yet to receive them


    I’m just waiting on my readers to let me know who all got them. However… I am STILL waiting on the free Snuggie… grrr anyone else?

    • Heather

      haha.. yeah, I’m still waiting on a free lip gloss set from forever ago. I’ve pretty much given up on that one.

  • Karen

    I got my jeans too! and my hubby said they wouldn’t really come…HA! Oh yeah, and I can’t beleive the tag says these jeans retail for $42!! I thought Lee jeans were less than that and sold at walmart?

  • sara t

    i also was in the first couple days and claimed mine. they sent me a email awhile ago saying i was one of them chosen ones. they haven’t arrived yet but i hope soon..

  • Marilyn

    I signed up and got a email about a month ago cant wait for the jeans to come. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Susan

    GOT MY JEANS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eunice B

    i got a pair for my husband! thanks lee! 🙂

  • I got my jeans! Woot!

  • Renee S.

    Mine arrived on the 27th. I love them! Now just waiting on my hubby’s pair…