Dr. OZ Giveaways Today: over 12,000 Winners

Dr. Oz through his TV show, has teamed up with several companies to offer a TON of giveaways that go live today.  The prizes are pretty good too.  All of them go live today at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT. Here are the giveaways going live and the website where they are going live later.

$50 Target Gift Card (5,000 winners)

Schiff MegaRed (5,000 winners, $29.99 value)

24-Hr Fitness Free 90-day Membership (1,000 winners)

Skechers Shape-Ups Shoes (800 winners, $110 value)

Pearle Vision Free Eye Exam (500 winners)

Holiday Inn Free Night’s Stay (300 winners)

The good news is that the giveaways are on different sites so not everyone will be flocking to the same site.  Although I suspect that the sites will be hammered anyways.  I think I am going to try for the Target Gift card and the Skechers.  Make sure to let me know if you get lucky!  Thanks Freebies 4 Mom!

UPDATE:  if you signed up for the Free Schiff Megared check your email.  I just got an email saying that my early entry would be voided and I need to enter at the official time of 2PM CST.

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  • The Schiff MegaRed form live? I was just able to complete the form for Schiff MegaRed and said my submit was successful!

    • Thanks Phoebie for letting me know! I signed up too.


  • Claudia N

    Thank you , I got mine

  • Kim T.

    Got one!

  • Tracie D

    Got one…that was easy!

  • Tami

    That was way too easy!!! Thanks!

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  • Leah C.

    Thanks for the heads up !!

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  • Margaret Jude

    I just signed up for my Schiff Megared!

  • Sarah B

    I want that Target gift card real bad 🙂

  • Rachel

    ahhh. where is the form?! i dont see it.

  • Krista

    It now says

    COME BACK Tuesday, November 2nd
    at 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

  • wanda bitz

    I was unable to get the Schiff.

  • Veronica

    I signed up and all looked well. Have since received an email that said there was an error in the form accepting names prior to 3 pm EST and to come back at that time to request it available to the first 5,000.

  • Boo! Just received email rejecting the earlier acceptance.

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  • Tamara B.

    Thank-you for posting!

  • Heather

    Got one of the eye exams but the target site won’t even load.

    • Heather

      Every link now says “Oops, this page appears to be broken”

  • Leanne

    It’s 3:00!!!

  • Rnadi

    None of the sites are working for me.

  • Rebekah

    Tried hitting by using a laptop & desktop and couldn’t get ANY of the sites to load – even though started both exactly at 2 p.m. Bummer!

  • Sue Z

    Ooh, I got a free night at Holiday Inn. I’m still trying for the Target and The Skechers!

  • meghan

    webpage won’t load. Must be getting hammered right now

  • heather

    None are working for me either!

  • Laura Meola

    I love Dr. Oz

  • Stephanie

    It’s 3:05 and the Target site still keeps telling me to come back at 3!

  • Every time I type in my info for Holiday Inn it says Sorry the servers crashed…or something like that ! GRRR!

    • Rnadi

      Same here. It kept saying that after I put my information in and then just now said they are all gone.

  • Sue Z

    Says the Skechers are all gone now!

  • *Amanda

    I got thru the Holiday Inn but it said you have to already be a member of their “club”. Which I am not. 🙁

    • Sue Z

      Join the club. I did! Doesn’t cost anything and you get the free night!

    • Celena

      That field has an asterisk, *, meaning it’s an optional field. Made me do a double take too. But at the bottom it said *Optional

    • DF

      I thought that too, but the box that asks for your membership number is optional. (There is a * next to it)

      • Sharon

        If you read the fine print, HI is loading 25,000 points on your membership card. No number no points. I don’t have one.

  • only got the coupon for pearl vision… 🙁 shoes are gone and target won’t load..

  • Joe

    the website is so slow and after that they say I was not one of the first to enter! SCAM!

  • *Amanda

    I got thru the Holiday Inn but it said you have to already be a member of their “club”. Which I am not. 🙁 And The sketchers are all gone

  • Leanne

    The Holiday Inn ones are gone…

  • kristi

    24 hr fitness is gone…entered holiday inn, service unavailable…no luck on sketchers or target…

  • Tara M

    None of the sites are going through! Figures!

  • megan

    i was right on at 3 and signed up for the holiday inn free night then it says there was an error and by the time the page worked again it said they were all gone. Target still says to come back at 3pm =(

    • Kim

      I got the same message after I completed my form!!

  • LC

    I was able to put all my info in for the sneakers but when i hit submit it timed out on me…grr!!

    • Karen

      same for me!! 🙁

  • heather

    Shape Ups say sorry you were not in the top 800! Holiday Inn says come back!

  • Kory

    Bummer. I didn’t get anything and I started right on time. All of the pages were overloaded and the Target page still says to come back later when it actually loads. Did anyone get a Target card?

  • Leanne

    Glad I’m not the only one having problems with Target!

  • Maybe Target isn’t up at all…I got the 3pm message too!


      On the page scroll all the way down and go to the website. Thats where the form is

  • Tara

    What a waste of time!

  • Heather

    I don’t even get the message at Target. Just says the page appears to be broken. I don’t know how anyone could have possible gotten through, I was on there 1 minute early and it wouldn’t load even then.

  • AngelaRS1973

    The Target one directs you to another site (it’s at the bottom of the page). I get the message that it’s busy and to try later.

  • Kat

    The Target one won’t load, and the Sketchers one doesn’t have a place to enter. I know the servers must be getting hammered, but I started right at 3, and the tech nerds should have known to expect heavy traffic! Bummed out. 🙁

  • richgirljj

    I tried and failed… the Target site didn’t even work for me… kept telling me to come back at 3… that was at 3:03, 3:05, 3:10 and 3:13…
    everything else gone… oh well.

    • Sharon

      you have to click on another link, but it won’t load either.

  • dawn

    Target page says, Please try again later. Due to overwhelming demand, the registration page is currently busy! When? This always happens!

  • carol

    Woohoo my entry made it to Sketchers! Now we have to wait until Nov 9th…ugh.

  • Joe

    It is all a scam! no one won anything…they must have changed their minds…ridiculous!

  • Cathy D

    I filled out the Skechers form about 5 times in the last 15 minutes… it kept giving me a “system error” and then finally told me I wasn’t one of the first 800! UGH!! When are promotional sites going to realize they will be hit hard for things like this and actually prepare??

    • Rei

      That’s what happened to me 🙁

    • LC

      Happened to me too..what a scam!

  • jamie

    I got a free eye exam…..good thing is that we don’t have vision insurance so I am thankful for that. I would have really liked a gift card to make Christmas a little more enjoyable for my son….but maybe I will get lucky another time! Thanks for letting us know about this!

  • Alison

    At 2:16pm after trying both webpages non stop since 2pm the first target webpage finally popped up a registration form for me. I was able to submit it. Now to see if I made it in in time.

  • Sally

    Says Dr. O wants me to have a Healthy Breakfast..Come Back?

  • Kristi

    I got the 24 hour fitness. Wow can’t wait to use it.

  • bb

    I got the eye exam. Which I will need. I do think Sketchers was rigged. Since when I refreshed right at 3 pm it said all were gone. I to missed the Holiday Inn and Target will not load. In fact it was 2 min. before 3:00 PM and it stopped loading.

    I will be happy with the eye exam. As I have no vision insurance and this will pay for the exam I need.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sue Z

    I imagine the Target one is gone by now. Well, that was fun trying….

  • Cathy D

    The Target page still says to come back at 3…

  • I’m going to go back to my coupon clipping…. and get free stuff that way. 🙂 Cheers everyone! Thanks for the heads up anyway!

  • JOE


  • Kathy

    Tried every site and couldn’t get anything!! 🙁

  • MiscMayzee

    I got to the form for the Target card, filled it out and hit submit. No type of confirmation page will load though. It keeps timing out.

    • Linda

      I got to that page and hit submit and it gave me an error message I hit the refresh button at the top and it gave me a message that i would be notified by 11/9/10 by email if I was one of the first 5000 entries. Hope this helps

  • Sarah B

    I would have thought I’m the only dork trying the target page 26 mins later, but it’s still busy lol

  • Granny 1

    I was in on the Holiday hotel room but it just saying in I was filling it out wrong How can you fill something out wrong when you follow all instructions It just coming back up saying to fill it out again I think it was just a scam Holiday want you to go to their site to register I wont try Holiday again

  • Rhoda

    I was on at 3pm EST, and was able to get only the Schiff offer. The rest were hammered and gone immediately since Dr. Oz advertised it so well yesterday on his show!

    • gina

      so do you know for sure if the taget ones are gone?

  • gina

    There is a link to click on the bottom of the target page, but the server is busy. I am still trying, the other ones say that the prizes are gone, so I am assuming they are not gone just yet. Did anyone get a target card yet?

  • Carmila

    The email address you entered has already been registered.

    I hope that means that through all that ‘submit’ over and over to get it to go through awhile ago it did *crosses fingers*

  • bb

    Good Luck on the target one. I have to head to work. Can’t be late.

  • Fawn

    All say they are gone, except the Target and Megared ones……target one says to check back at 3pm ET and the Megared site won’t even load :/

  • renee

    none of the pages worked at the beginning, finally i got some of them worked, but everything is gone.

  • dawn

    I got the target one submitted at 3:32 but I am guessing that will be too late. Oh well, I tried! I should have gone for something less popular!!

  • Kim

    I already posted a message on Dr. Oz’s website complaining about the way in which these were handled. I got through right at 3pm to Holiday in, filled out the form, got the error message and couldn’t get back through. The sneakers I got a message at 3pm exactly that said they were already gone, and the Target gift card I got in after numerous tries only to not be able to fill in the form. It must have froze up. It was a total cluster… if you ask me.


    If you were one of the first 5,000 to sign up, you’ll be notified via e-mail by Nov. 9, 2010 and will receive your Target GiftCard® in the mail within 4-6 weeks

    This is what I got for the Target gc FOR MY SISTER!! HAHA

  • Maria S.

    My first choice was the Holiday Inn offer, I live in the hell ghetto so any night away is a decent time to spend with my son and get a good night sleep without being woken up by the ghetto. I was able to fill out my information the second time I tried to get on the page, and seemed to have made it for the free night. Then I get an email saying that I will get another email if I made it within the first 300, but I know after I hit enter when signing up, the message seemed pretty clear to me that I made it.
    Now I have a second message about big news from the holiday inn giveaway, that not only can I not get out of my spam folder to my regular inbox, but nothing appears in the main email.
    I’m just posting this in case anyone else got the same.
    Thank you for posting the chances to win, I wouldn’t have found out about it unless it was on the show, and that would have been too late to enter for anything.

  • Sharon

    The Holiday Inn Page keeps loading, you give your info and then they tell you sorry.

    I like Skechers better, at least they don’t waste your time.

  • Jan

    Fell for a scam again. Dr. Oz shame on you.

  • Kory

    I find it disappointing that the servers were not equipped to handle the heavy burden that they knew would come. When you set up great prizes that are all given away at a specific time you create a tsunami of people trying to connect. I don’t however think it was a scam even though I won nothing. There is a difference between poor planning and malicious intent. Just giving my opinion.

  • Tiffany

    I finally got somewhere on the Target form just to say they had all been given away. I’m trying to submit my Schiff but it keeps hanging up everytime I try to submit it.

  • Shelley

    Target gift card is officially gone.

  • I was never able to get the Target to load, kept getting come back. I filled out the HI and got a Thank you email, if you are a winner you will get a separate email. Too late on all the rest as well.

    I just knew I would get at least one prize, oh well

  • Erika

    Just to let people know I was FINALLY able to load the Target page and it is gone. Just thought I’d pass it along.

  • Sharon

    Just got the Sorry your weren’t one of the first 5k on the Target website. Don’t know how anyone got through to be one of the first 5k. Oh well, maybe next time.

  • Kay

    Well, I am glad to read the a few people were successful. You would think they would anticipate server overload with offers such as these. I either could not get through due to such or, by the time I was able, the offer was done. Schiff was exacerbating because every time I could get in and fill out the request form, it would crash upon submitting to excessive traffic. Quite a waste of time. Congrats to those who succeeded!

  • Dianna

    wow – at first glance i was so upset that I had missed all the action today – but after reading everyone’s posts, I am SO GLAD I was not around for all the stress!! So sorry that those of you that worked so hard missed out 🙁

  • Jessica

    I was excited that I was able to get the Holiday Inn, Target Gift Card and 24Hour Fitness but the one thing I really wanted was the Skechers. I shouldn’t complain I got three things.

    • Annon

      If the one you really wanted was the Sketchers, then you should have tried for that one first, and left the other offers for someone else to win that wouldn’t boo hoo about not winning something else.

  • Txdblwhammy

    I guess if you work and don’t get to read email until after work you are just out of luck… : /


    Yeah you shouldn’t. Most of us didn’t get anything.

    • Stephanie H

      Don’t be a hate-er on the ones who won! I won nothing either! So there.

      • Annon

        She’s not being a hater!
        She is just saying that the other person shouldn’t be complaing that they didn’t win the one they wanted, but won 3 others.


          I’m not hating. I did win. I’m not bragging about it, and not complaining that I won it for my sister and not myself either. I think it’s ridiculous that the adult women on here are throwing tantrums fit for a 2yr old. If you won 3 things don’t complain. I’ll give her my address to send me the Target gift card if she really wants to complain about it. Like I tell my 5yr old twins, you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!

          • Stephanie H

            Congratulations to all that won!!! And all that tried. It was fun, or I would not have done it! We all can not win!

  • Zoe

    I was able to get all six items, so how cool am I? Woo Hoo

    • Kathy

      That is really COOL!! 🙂 Looks like most of us didn’t get any at all. 🙁
      Care to share how you were able to get them all?!?!?

      • Stephanie H

        Zoe you must have a fast computer! Congratulations too for being so lucky and quick!

  • annon

    NOT! Pretty rude how you worded it, so here’s some back!
    Probably someone who has enough money and didn’t need any of the savings!
    Probably someone with a VERY active sellers account on Ebay.

    • Kathy

      annon … who are referring to with your comment? If it is me, I honestly didn’t feel that I was being rude. I was happy for the person if they were able to get all six offers and was simply curious as to how they did it, as most of us had such terrible problems with all of the sites.

      • Annon

        Thought I replied to Zoe.
        “so how cool am I” sounds very rude, like saying ha ha ha ha ha, in the elementary school yard.

        • Kathy

          Oh, okay … I understand

  • Beth

    Not only will I never watch Dr. Oz again, I will not shop at Target, buy Mega-Red or Skechers, have my eyes examined at Pearle, or stay at a Holiday Inn. WHAT A JOKE and you, Mercedes, should be embarrassed to have even put this on your website.

    • Guest

      Honestly, Beth, you should be embarrassed because you wrote such an awful comment attacking Mercedes just because you didn’t win. I teach my children to act better than this and they are under the age of three.

      • Stephanie H

        Wow Beth! Anger issues?

    • Annon

      12,000 chances to win, out of how many millions across the United States, and how many blogs that this was posted on, and all the other websites.
      Not very good chances of winning.
      At least it was posted and we had the chance to win.
      I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaing if you won!

  • Cathy D

    Whoa! I’m shocked at the petty, immature and overall just awful attitudes this is bringing out in some people!

    And, as far as Mercedes being embarrassed for posting this – shame on you for even suggesting that! She is in no way in control of how these things work out. She offers a free service to us letting us know about great deals on a daily basis. This was a legit promotion and because the servers weren’t prepared to handle it, how is that a bloggers fault?! You have the freedom to pick and choose which posts you want to read and which deals you want to participate in. If you wasted 30 min of your day (like I did too!) it’s no one’s fault but your own.


    I am not at all happy with the way this promotion was handled either but pouting and stomping my feet isn’t going accomplish anything other than making myself look foolish.

    • Kathy

      Very well stated, Cathy!! As disappointed as I am that I was unable to get anything either, I do not feel it’s right to complain as some have above. I am very appreciative of any offer on this blog that I am fortunate to benefit from, and it is no fault whatsoever of Mercedes for all the problems with this particular deal. I wish everyone would be kinder in their comments as well. We can all still vent our feelings of frustration without attacking anyone.

  • Amanda

    I was able to fill out the form for the shoes, and was able to submit it… But didnt get any emails or anything after…. Was anybody able to submit the form?

  • Guest

    Wow, I thought this was a great giveaway, tons of prizes and stuff and you have people complaining and getting mad?!?!?! Really??? Not everyone can be winners.

  • Me

    How did you all know that you won something? I did the Target one and it said that I would be notified by Nov. 9th if I won. Did you get an email stating they you had won the prize? Just curious!

  • Sue Z

    Here, here for the mature folks!!!

  • mylia

    I was able to fill out the Skechers Shape-Ups and I got a Congratulations page right after, BUT I never received and email back. Same with anyone else?

    I was also able to fill out the Holiday Inn one and received an email saying I’ll be notified by the 9th of Nov.

  • Denise

    Thanks for letting me know about the giveaways! I won a pair of skechers. I actually got on the website before 3 (around 2:57) and was able to sign up. When I submitted my info, it told me that I would be notified by the 9th of November. Last night (Nov. 5th), I received an email stating that I had won. I went on the website and ordered my shoes. My husband thought I was crazy since I got so excited about winning the shoes. Thanks again for letting me know!

    • Denise,

      That is awesome news!! of course you should be excited! Those shoes are expensive and you got them FREE!


  • Linda

    I received an email confirmation today about the target gift card!

    “As one of the first 5000 people to register for the Dr. Oz and Target healthy breakfast promotion, you will receive a $50 Target Giftcard. Look for your Target GiftCard in the mail within the next 4-6 weeks”.

    I’m so excited! I never win anything! Woooo hoooo 🙂

    • Tricia

      WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Thank you!!!!!!! I never received an email, BUT a $50 Target gift card arrived in my mailbox today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

      • That is awesome Tricia! So happy for you.


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