Drugstore Freebies 9/21-9/26

OK, I know there are freebies to be had at either Walgreens or CVS almost every week. But this week there are quite a few.

  • Loreal Revitalift serum: Free after 11.99 ecbs
  • Nivea Men Body Wash: Free after 4.99 ecbs
  • Adidas Deodorant for Men: Free after 4 ecbs and $1 coupon

At Walgreens

  • Reach Ultra Clean Toothbrush or Floss: Free after $5 Register Rewards when you buy two for $5
  • Crest Pro Health Mouthwash: Free after $4.99 Register Rewards

You can “roll” the RR from the Reach offer into the Crest Mouthwash as they are different offers. You will need a small filler to buy the mouthwash using the Reach register reward.

I forgot to mention: the nice thing about the freebies after register rewards at Walgreens is that there’s no card limiting that you only get one. You are only limited by what’s in stock (be nice to other shoppers) and management I suppose. But as long as you buy the number of qualifying items at a time your register reward should print at the end and you can get as many as you want.

Happy Freebing!

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  • Mama Koala

    Thanks for posting-I had not heard about the Walgreens deals yet. I know that there are Nivea Coupns and L’oreal Coupons out there that make the CVS deals even sweeter!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Mamakoala, there are also coupons for the brush toothbrushes so that makes it even sweeter as well.

  • Anonymous

    I am in the test market for CVS and the L’oreal deal was only Fri and Sat for us here in Columbus. I didn’t notice that and was planning to go on Sunday, so I missed out on that deal 🙁

    Barbara Stephens in GA

  • Anonymous

    was the mouthwash deal in the flier this week? i didn’t see it anywhere?

  • Mercedes

    Anon, it is not in the flyer but it is a month long deal (ends Sat.26)

  • Mercedes

    Hi Barbara, That Loreal Revitalift is one of the monthly freebies at Walgreens. sure you have to spend cash to get it unless you have funds in a gift card. But you get back what it cost you plus 10% extra if you get the funds in a gift card. For a while there my store was out of them but I was by it last wednesday and they had 700 come in! Hopefully other sreas are restocked as well.

  • Sandy

    Why do you need a filler with the RR? Is there some sort of rule?

    The RR rules are confusing…as well as the number of Q’s per item.

    I’m still learning…

  • Mercedes

    Hi Sandy:

    If you spend $5 to get the Reach products then you get a $5 Register reward back. if you want to use that to buy the mouthwash you will need a filler because the mouthwash only cost 4.49. Your RR is for $5 so it is over the price of what you want to buy. you need to buy something else to bring your total over $5 and you then can use your $5 register reward.

  • Bethany

    Hey, another free deal at CVS this week is the Crest Pro-Health toothpaste. It’s $2.99 with $2.00 in EB’s. That makes it $.99 after EB’s and I had $1.00 off and $.75 off coupons! And there’s a limit of 2 so you can do it twice! 😀